Minnesota Vikings: Team preview, schedule for 2021 NFL season
Photo: USA Today

The schedule for the 2021 NFL season has been released and the Minnesota Vikings have an exciting program lined up for them when the season starts on August 6.

The Vikings haven’t been at their best and the 7-9 record speaks volumes of it. There’s a lot of room for improvement in the defence.

Here is the schedule for the Vikings:

– Minnesota Vikings vs Bengals (Week 1)

It will be Cincinnati Bengals who will test Minnesota Vikings on August 14 in the first match-up of the season.

The Vikings are likely to set the tone of the competition by clinching a narrow win.

– Minnesota Vikings vs Cardinals (Week 2)

When it comes to being competitive, the Vikings are a tad better than the Cardinal’s line-up. Hence, the Vikings emerge as probable winners in the second contest too.

– Minnesota Vikings vs Seahawks (Week 3)

The Seahawks have thumped the Vikings with easy in primetime games in Seattle in the last three years.

– Minnesota Vikings vs Browns (Week 4)

Browns, being dark horses of the upcoming season, are likely to sweep the Vikings away in their second home game of the season in Week 4 clash.

The Vikings will rely on a great start to down a good-looking Lions team.

– Minnesota Vikings vs Panthers (Week 6)

Courtesy of Christian McCaffrey and Brian Burns, Panthers will be firm favourites entering the contest against Minnesota Vikings.

The Vikings vs Cowboys showdown is likely to go down to the wire as both teams have star-studded squads.

– Minnesota Vikings vs Ravens (Week 9)

Lamar Jackason and co seem to be too much against the Vikings who were below-par last year. Hence, Minnesota are likely to lose this away fixture.

– Minnesota Vikings vs Chargers (Week 10)

It will be entertaining to see how Justin Jefferson will prove why he deserved the Offensive Rookie of the Year award past season instead of Justin Herbert.

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– Vikings vs Packers (Week 11)

The Packers are likely to succumb to the pressure of the away fixture as the Vikings supporters would boo them off to a win.

In the 12th week of the season, the Vikings are likely to try out some fresh names from the bench against 49ers.

– Vikings vs Lions (Week 13)

While Brad Holmes, Dan Campbell and Penei Sewell are extremely talented, they will need more time to anchor the Lions to an easy win over the Vikings.

– Vikings vs Steelers (Week 14)

The Vikings vs Steelers showdown will be one to look out for in the Week 14.

– Vikings vs Bears (Week 15)

Minnesota are the probable winners in a highly-anticipated clash against the Cleveland side.

– Vikings vs Rams (Week 16)

It will be interesting to see Zimmer lock horns with Sean McVay, something that we last got to see in 2018.

– Vikings vs Packers (Week 17)

While not many fans are not looking forward to Packers taking on the Vikings at the end of season, the outcome of this game heaily depends whether Aaron Rodgers is still part of the Packers at the season’s end.

– Vikings vs Bears (Week 18)

This will be the second time Bears and Vikings will stand toe-to-toe. This is likely to be an action-packer game, more exciting than the first bout.


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