Here's schedule of New England Patriots for next season
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New England Patriots will be battling to bounce back stronger after one of their awful seasons in 2020.

Following is their schedule and Surprise Sports’ predictions in weekly order:

Patriots vs. Miami Dolphins (Week 1)

The young Miami roster is making improvements to be on the rise. However, the Patriots will take full advantage of the inexperienced Miami to record their 11th win out of 12 home dates against the Dolphins.

Patriots vs. New York Jets (Week 2)

Rookie Zach Wilson will be pushing hard against Belichick to make him yearn that he had a strapping quarterback. Expect this matchup to produce multiple turnovers.

Patriots vs. New Orleans Saints (Week 3)

Sean Payton leading the offense for the Saints will make the Patriots be at the pains. But ascending Patriots will wrap it for the Saints with a battling effort of Stephon Gilmore shadowing Thomas.

Patriots vs. Tampa Bay Buccaneers (Week 4)

It will be one of the great games of the 2021 season where fans will be spending a lot of money to watch Tom Brady returning to Gillette Stadium. And Buccs have a way more talent to clamp the win.

Patriots vs. Houston Texans (Week 5)

Texans are likely to find themselves at the bottom of standings because of their present calamitous state. Patriots will be home without putting any serious effort against Houston Texans.

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Patriots vs. Dallas Cowboys (Week 6)

The Patriots, with a strong defense, especially the secondary, will come up against Dallas Cowboys, who lack the explosive offense.

Patriots vs. New York Jets (Week 7)

Patriots will be happy to face Zach Willson for the second time in the first two months of the 2021 season. And the rebuilding Jets will not be able to withstand New England’s defense.

Patriots vs. Los Angeles Chargers (Week 8)

Although the Chargers are a team that can become a strong contender for Super Bowl by improving at two pieces, Justin Herbert and the hosts’ crowd will be enough for closing the game against them.

Patriots vs. Carolina Panthers (Week 9)

The young quarterback, Sam Darnold, will not hold against the Patriots’ defense as a single-caller.

Patriots vs. Cleveland Browns (Week 10)

While the Patriots bettered the Browns 60-26 in their last two outings, Clevelands being one of the top teams this NFL season will secure a win. Nick Chubb, Myles Garrett, and Jadeveon Clowney shackle New England’s defense.

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Patriots vs. Atlanta Falcons (Week 11)

After Losing eight games last year, the Falcons are going to be competitive this season. However, a better Patriots defense will decide the winner.

Patriots vs. Tennessee Titans (Week 12)

Damien Harris and Belichick will strive to keep Derrick Henry at bay. The Patriots will close the game in their favour through a solid defense.

Patriots vs. Buffalo Bills (Week 13)

Bills are going to break the New England momentum and will set a great Monday Night Football show.

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The Patriots won’t have any game in Week 14.

Patriots vs. Indianapolis Colts (Week 15)

If Carson Wentz can remain the 2020 version of himself and reach the quarterback levels as he did in Philadelphia. Colts with the best front seven will make it hard for Patriots.

Patriots vs. Buffalo Bills (Week 16)

Bills should not be brushing off this game as they will be battling for a playoffs position this time. Under the aegis of their firepower, the Bills will end this game early for the Patriots.

Patriots vs. Jacksonville Jaguars (Week 17)

With an immense coaching advantage, New England will end this game against the promising moments of the Jaguars.

Patriots vs. Miami Dolphins (Week 18)

Dolphins will close the Patriots season in Miami by securing a win and finding their place in the playoffs.


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