New York Giants
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Fans are eager to see the New York Giants walk out on the field once again and show how improved they are as a unit after roping in No. 1 receiver Kenny Golladay and Kadarius Toney.

Here are Surprise Sports’ predictions for the Giants over their weekly schedule:

Week 1 – vs. Denver Broncos

Denver Broncos are likely to take some help from former Giants GM Pat Shurmur, who now serves as Denver’s offensive coordinator.

Week 2 – vs. Washington Football Team

Washinton and Denver are likely to put up a great competition, but Ron Rivera‘s sublime defense is likely to outfox the Giants.

Week 3 – vs. Atlanta Falcons

Quarterback Matt Ryan will be a major threat to the Giants as he can change the game in a matter of minutes.

Week 4 – vs. New Orleans Saints

The Saints have not been lately as good as they were in the past few years. This is mainly because of their financial constraints. They are likely to lose this matchup.

Week 5 – vs. Dallas Cowboys

Since the Dallas Cowboys have a solid offensive unit, this contest is likely to have a point-scoring spree.

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Week 6 – vs. Los Angeles Rams

The Rams don’t have the star-studded side that they had before, but they still have enough firepower to overwhelm the Giants.

Week 7 – vs. Carolina Panthers

We have to give an edge to the Panthers on this one as Carolina will rely on an in-experienced Sam Donald, who was an underperformer with the Jets.

Week 8 – vs. Kansas City Chiefs

Kansas City Chiefs seems too good to be beaten at Arrowhead Stadium by the Giants.

Week 9 – vs. Las Vegas Raiders

The Raiders have a lot of work due on their defence and that is likely to hurt them against New York Giants.

There won’t be any game for New York Giants in Week 10.

Week 11 – vs. Tampa Bay Buccaneers

The Buccaneers would be brimming with the confidence not because they won the Super Bowl last year, but also beat the Giants 25-23 in Week 8.

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Week 12 – vs. Philadelphia Eagles

The Giants are likely to clinch a close victory against the Eagles.

Week 13 – vs. Miami Dolphins

A tough contest is expected between the two highly competitive teams, but the Dolphins are the favourites.

Week 14 – vs. Los Angeles Chargers

The Chargers are a superior side since Justin Herbert is whom they are relying on. The Giants have Jones to lean on, but he hasn’t evolved into someone as good as Herbert yet.

Week 15 – vs. Dallas Cowboys

We’ll give this one to the Cowboys. Sorry, Giants fans!

Week 16 – vs. Philadelphia Eagles

The Eagles have been blessed to have DeVonta Smith in the receiving corps and the addition of a great offence only helps the side in every season. The Eagles are the probable winners in this clash.

Week 17 – vs. Chicago Bears

The Giants are likely to grab a win if Justin Fields doesn’t come in for the Bears.

Week 18 – vs. Washington Football Team

Chase Young has benefitted the Football Team with his scintillating pass rushes and he is going to do the same against New York.


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