New York Jets Schedule 2021
Photo: The Jet Press

Considering all adjustments to the coaching staff and roster, the New York Jets will likely be an improved team this season.

Week 1 – vs. Carolina Panthers

New York Jets will be traveling to Carolina for a face-off against a familiar face, Sam Darnold, who will fight to prove their decision of trading him wrong.

Week 2 – vs. New England Patriots

In week 9, last season, New York almost dismantled the Patriots. But Nick Folk deciding field goal downed Jets. This year, fans expect the Patriots to be a lot improved team in their defense and secondary.

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Week 3 – Denver Broncos

Courtland Sutton’s return and addition of Williams and Bridgewater to the offense make the Broncos a better team. However, don’t be astounded if the Jets emerge as a winner.

Week 4 – vs. Tennessee Titans

It will be the biggest test for the Jets’ defense against the Titans. They will need to devise a perfect game plan against Derrick Henry.

Week 5 – vs. Atlanta Falcons (London)

While the Falcons are less likely to end on top against the Jets, still, they will put up points. It will be a big letdown for the hosts as they can struggle to confront the opponent’s solid defense.

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Week 7 – vs. New England Patriots

Even having a down season last year, the Patriots were comfortably home against the Jets. Wilson and Jone will strive to create nail-biting moments. However, the Patriots’ defense will leap over them.

Week 8 – vs. Cincinnati Bengals

Cincinnati added Trey Hendrickson and Mike Hilton as intriguing pieces on defense that will help Bengals clinch their consecutive win over the Jets.

Week 9 – vs. Indianapolis Colts

Wilson will make the game thrilling, but ultimately, Colts will prevail with the help of the quarterback, Carson Wentz.

Week 10 – vs. Buffalo Bills

Heading into the 2021 season, Buffalo Bills seem one of the best teams provided with Stefon Diggs and Josh Allen, who will dominate the Jets.

Week 11 – vs. Miami Dolphins

Dolphins have thrashed the Jets with complete domination on the scoring table in their last two games. However, the Jets got better, and Wilson and his playmaking skill can earn the Jets a win.

Week 12 – vs. Houston Texans

The Texans are in a hodge-podge, and the team seems to have no identity. While the Jets are also not doing their best, they still appear to have an assuring future. A close game between the two will ultimately declare the Jets as the victors.

Week 13 – vs. Philadelphia Eagles

Philadelphia’s offensive line is getting many crucial players back, and their defense is for real that can make the Jets succumb to the game.

Week 14 – vs. New Orleans Saints

New York Jets secondary will strive to check Alvin Kamara and Michael Thomas, and this game can be a cakewalk for the Saints.

Week 15 – vs. Miami Dolphins

The dolphins’ top-flight defense will most likely be too much for Wilson to manage, especially on the road.

Week 16 – vs. Jacksonville Jaguars

Trevor Lawrence and Zach Wilson will be putting up a top game for the fan to watch in which Lawernce will make the best of his meeting with Wilson.

Week 17 – vs. Tampa Bay Buccaneers

Tom Brady’s first confrontation with the New York in a Buccaneers pullover will be ending in favor of his team.

Week 18 – vs. Buffalo Bills

New York Jets will likely be willing to finish off their 18-match season with a win, but the Bills will secure a victory contending for a playoff spot.


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