NFL Predictions Week 2
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Week 2 of the 2021 NFL season is going to start very soon. All the teams are preparing themselves for the actions. Today you will know all the predictions of week 2 of NFL games here:

Washington vs. Giants (Friday, September 17)

The Giants saw the return of Saquon Barkley less than a year. He had been suffering from a serious knee injury. They were one of the worst teams in offense last year, averaging less than 300 yards. Washington also couldn’t do so much on offense because they didn’t get a chance. They ran 29 fewer offensive plays than the Chargers. Their defense allowed 3 scoring drives of 65 yards. They are in great rhythm this year.

  • Prediction: The Washington will win the match on 20-14.

Steelers vs. Raiders (Sunday, September 19)

Ben Roethlisberger is getting better behind the offensive line. He has sustained eight sacks and 12 hits in two games. He will be a key factor for the steelers. The Raiders have Darren McFadden who has figured to make them competitive this season, but he doesn’t look like the same player lately. The Raiders don’t have the strength to stop Ben Roethlisberger and the offense is leaving a lot to be desired now.

  • Prediction: The score may be Steelers 27, Raiders 13.

Eagles vs. 49ers (Sunday, September 19):

The Niners have won back-to-back games on the road, which is not an easy task, even for the best teams. There are many reasons to be concerned about the 49ers, both of Verret’s injury and their late fourth quarter is near to a collapse. Philadelphia has beat up the Atlanta squad, and it’s impossible to look at San Francisco to be anything but a pound for favorite over the Eagles at this point. The 49ers have far more weaponry on offense, particularly at the skill positions, and those will ultimately prove to be the primary difference.

  • Prediction: The Niners may get a 30-24 road win.

Browns vs. Texans (Sunday, September 19)

The Texans will look for their first 2-0 start since 2016. Taylor has been completing 63.6% of his passes for 291 yards, two touchdowns, and zero interceptions. Brandin and Pharaoh have also combined for 199 receiving yards. The Texans can’t repeat what they have done in their season opener, but there’s no doubt that they were impressive and there should be more confidence than before. On the other hand, The Cleveland Browns look to avoid their 0-2 start since 2017. Browns are also a talented team, but they are also under-achieve a lot and you can’t back them confidently in the big favorite role.

  • Prediction: Texans may beat Browns at  32-27.

Jaguars vs. Broncos (Sunday, September 19)

The Broncos may have managed to win in Week 1, but they lost Jerry Jeudy to a high-ankle sprain which will be a big blow for the offense going forward. Courtland Sutton will have to step in Jeudy’s absence, The rushing attack of Javonte Williams and Melvin Gordon dominated the Giants in Week 1. There will be growing pains for Lawrence, but he showed that how good he can be in the NFL. Bridgewater performed exactly the way Vic wanted him to, which was to keep the Broncos in the game and take care of the ball.

  • Prediction: In the week 2 game, Broncos may defeat Jaguars on 20-13.

Panthers vs. Saints (Sunday, September 19)

The New Orleans Saints will be out to build on their 38-3 romp over the Green Bay Packers in their opening game. Jameis Winston threw for 148 yards and 5 touchdowns on 14 of 20 passing. The Carolina Panthers will look to add to their 19-14 win over the New York Jets in their last game. This is considered to be an intriguing matchup as the teams have impressed their fans in week 1. I think the two offenses come to play again, and while these are two teams with one of the best defensive units, it will be one of the most anticipating matches of this week

  • Prediction: The score may be Saints 24, Panthers 20.

Colts vs. Rams (Sunday, September 19)

The Rams completely dominated the Chicago Bears by a score of 34-14 in the first game. Now, the key factor is that Stafford looked like he settled in after being traded in the offseason. The Colts’ opening game was a disappointment. The match didn’t go well. The Colts were unable to stop the Seahawks offense who managed a total of 28 points in the game. The Colts will have to make a plan about how to play better in this game if they want to win the game. The Rams also have a better offense than the Colts.

  • Prediction: The score may be Rams 28, Colts 20.

Dolphins vs Bills (Sunday, September 19)

The Buffalo Bills are hoping to avoid their first 0-2 start since 2018. Josh Allen has been completing 58.8 percent of his passes, with one touchdown and zero interceptions. The Miami Dolphins look for their first 2-0 start since the 2018 season. The Bills created a lot of hype before entering the season. and while it’s just one game, they didn’t look all that great in their season opener. The Dolphins haven’t played the prettiest game either, but their defense is currently in the best form. The Bills have also managed to win five straight games against the Dolphins

  • Prediction: The Bills may defeat Dolphins in 21-12.

Jets vs. Patriots (Sunday, September 19)

The Jets passing attack isn’t exactly scaring anyone. They have lost their match in week 1. Sanchez is averaging just 6.36 yards per attempt this season, which is not great news. It didn’t work out for the Patriots against the Seahawks defense last week, it was through the air or the ground. It is not expected that the Jets will score a lot against the Patriots. The jets’ passing game hasn’t built enough confidence, even against the Patriots’ pass defense, and the Patriots have been in a better run this season.

  • Prediction: The score may be Patriots 27, Jets 17.

Beers vs. Bengals (Sunday, September 19)

There’s no question that the Bengals have the better quarterback situation with Burrow. The Bengals have also passed an impressive Week 1 win in overtime. The Bears were defeated on Sunday Night Football by the Rams. But things are not as good or bad as it seems. The bears also have a good defense and have an X-factor at QB in Justin Fields. Both teams have some clear strengths, but the offensive line for both teams is a significant concern going forward.

  • Prediction: But this time, the Bengals may defeat the Beers at 27-21.

Buccaneers vs. Falcons (Monday, September 20)

The Buccaneers played better in their week one game against the Cowboys last Thursday, but the game was very tense. Tom Brady had posted 379 yards, four touchdowns, and two interceptions in the win. The Falcons couldn’t manage to win their week one game. Their quarterback Matt Ryan put up 164 yards. There is not much to like about the Falcon’s last match. They will not be able to stand against the defending champions.

  • Prediction: The score may be Buccaneers 27, Falcons 23.

Cardinals vs. Vikings (Monday, September 20)

The Vikings couldn’t manage to win their first match against Cincinnati, lost at 27-24. Cousins have thrown for 351 yards, 2 touchdowns on 36 of 49 passing. Dalvin Cook also rushed for 61 yards. The Cardinals defeated the Titans at 38-13 in their last game. They will like to maintain their winning streak. Murray had thrown for 289 yards, two touchdowns, and 1 interception on 21 of 32 passing. He also rushed for a TD as well.

  • Prediction: The score may be Cardinals 30, Vikings 17.

Seahawks vs. Titans (Monday, September 20)

The Titans will try to recover from 38-13 loss to the Cardinals last time. Ryan Tannehill has thrown for 212 yards, a touchdown, and an INT. The Seahawks will try to build on their 28-16 win over the Colts from the last game. Russell Wilson has thrown for 254 yards. It’ll be amazing to see how the teams size up this game after week 1 matchups. It doesn’t seem that either side’s going to sit back and wait for the other to make the first move.

  • Prediction: The score may be Seahawks 31, Titans 27.

Chargers vs. Cowboys (Monday, September 20)

The Dallas Cowboys are hoping to avoid their first 0-2 start since 2010. The Cowboys played a great match on Thursday night at the defending champ Tampa Bay Buccaneers, But unfortunately, they lost a 31-29 thriller. Dak Prescott has thrown for 403 yards and also three touchdowns.  On the other hand, the Chargers will look for their first 2-0 start since 2012. Justin Herbert has completed 66 percent of his passes. The Cowboys are in netter form, they almost defeated the Bucs in the first match

  • Prediction: The score will be Cowboys 33, Chargers 30.

Ravens vs. Chiefs (Monday, September 20)

The chiefs hadn’t a great first half versus the Browns in their opening game and lost 22-10 at the break. Patrick Mahomes, Chiefs quarterback put up 337 yards. Ravens also lost in their last match at 33-27. QB Jackson put up 235 yards and a score on 19-of-30 passing. The game will probably go on the Chiefs’ side. Kansas City certainly has issues addressing their opening week win, but they have also managed to do a lot of things well.

  • Prediction: Cheifs may defeat Ravens on 24-14.

Packers vs. Lions (Tuesday, September 21)

The Packers lost seven regular-season games under coach Matt LaFleur. They have never lost two straight games. The team is 6-0 since the start of 2019, securing five wins of at least 10 points. The Packers have won all four games against the Lions since the arrival of LaFleur. The numbers unfortunately don’t lie for the Lions, as they are one of the league’s most dismal of football squads. Sure, the Lions managed to become more competitive than the previous, but the fact remains that Green Bay will dominate them on Tuesday.

  • Prediction: The scoreline maybe Packers 28-12 Lions.


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