NFL Preseason Schedule 2022
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The most popular sport in America, the NFL is less than a month away. Meanwhile, fans are already excited about the preseason games. The coaches will take their backup players for a ride and test their strategic gameplay before the NFL Season 2022 starts on Thursday, September 8. Here you can follow the NFL preseason schedule 2022, date and time, TV coverage, and live streaming info.

Every team will play three preseason games, with the lone exceptions being the Jaguars and Raiders. Jacksonville Jaguars and Las Vegas Raiders will play four games that are including the Hall of Fame Game. The two sides already met in Canton, Ohio last Thursday to kick off the NFL preseason. The Raiders came out on top in both offense and defense to beat the Jaguars by 27-11 points.

Now, we have three weeks of the preseason-games left, starting from Thursday, August 11. Here we enlist the full NFL preseason schedule 2022 week-by-week with TV coverage.

NFL Preseason Schedule: Week 1

Week 1 will be played from 11-14 August.

Thursday, 11 August

Game Time (ET) TV
Giants @ Patriots  7:00 pm NFL Network
Titans @ Ravens 7:30 pm TBD

Friday, 12 August

Game Time (ET) TV
Falcons @ Lions 6:00 pm NFL Network
Browns @ Jaguars 7:00 pm TBD
Cardinals @ Bengals 7:30 pm TBD
Jets @ Eagles 7:30 pm TBD
Packers @ 49ers 8:30 pm NFL Network

Saturday, 13 August

Game Time (ET) TV
Panthers @ Commanders 1:00 pm TBD
Chiefs @ Bears 1:00 pm NFL Network
Colts @ Bills 4:00 pm NFL Network
Seahawks @ Steelers 7:00 pm NFL Network
Dolphins @ Buccaneers 7:30 pm TBD
Saints @ Texans 8:00 pm TBD 
Cowboys @ Broncos 9:00 pm NFL Network
Rams @ Chargers 10:00 pm TBD

Sunday, 14 August

Game Time (ET) TV
Vikings @ Raiders 4:25 pm NFL Network

Week 2

Week 2 will be played from 18-22 August.

Thursday, 18 August

Game Time (ET) TV
Bears @ Seahawks 8:00 pm ESPN

Friday, 19 August

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Game Time (ET) TV
Panthers @ Patriots 4:25 pm NFL Network
Saints @ Packers 8:00 pm TBD
Texans @ Rams 10:00 pm NFL Network

Saturday, 20 August

Game Time (ET) TV
Broncos @ Bills 1:00 pm NFL Network
Lions @ Colts 1:00 pm TBD
Commanders @ Chiefs 4:00 pm NFL Network
Steelers @ Jaguars 7:00 pm TBD
Raiders @ Dolphins 7:00 pm TBD
49ers @ Vikings 7:00 pm TBD
Buccaneers @ Titans 7:00 pm NFL Network
Cowboys @ Chargers 10:00 pm NFL Network

Sunday, 21 August

Game Time (ET) TV
Eagles @ Browns 1:00 pm NFL Network
Bengals @ Giants 7:00 pm NFL Network
Ravens @ Cardinals 8:00 pm fuboTV

Monday, 22 August

Game Time (ET) TV
Falcons @ Jets 8:00 pm ESPN

Week 3

Week 3 will be played from 25-28 August.

Thursday, 25 August

Game Time (ET) TV
Packers @ Chiefs 8:00 pm NFL Network
49ers @ Texans 8:00 pm Amazon Prime

Friday, 26 August

Game Time (ET) TV
Bills @ Panthers 7:00 pm TBD
Seahawks @ Cowboys 8:00 pm NFL Network
Chargers @ Saints 8:00 pm TBD
Patriots @ Raiders  8:15 pm TBD

Saturday, 27 August

Game Time (ET) TV
Jaguars @ Falcons 3:00 pm NFL Network 
Rams @ Bengals 6:00 pm NFL Network
Bears @ Browns 7:00 pm TBD
Commanders @ Ravens 7:00 pm TBD
Eagles @ Dolphins 7:00 pm TBD
Cardinals @ Titans 7:00 pm TBD
Buccaneers @ Colts 7:30 pm TBD
Vikings @ Broncos 9:00 pm NFL Network

Sunday, 28 August

Game Time (ET) TV
Giants @ Jets 1:00 pm NFL Network 
Lions @ Steelers 4:30 pm CBS

How to Watch NFL Preseason Games

The NFL preseason games will be available on different TV channels in the United States. NBC, CBS, ESPN, and Fox will provide live broadcasts of different games.

Fans can watch every NFL preseason game via live stream on NFL Game Pass. It costs $99.99. Moreover, the games will be available on fuboTV. You can also check out their free trial.

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