NFL Schedule 2021
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NFL break down the newly released NFL schedule for the upcoming 2021-22 NFL season. In this article we try to provide all the 18 week’s schedules in a form table for your better understanding:




2021 – January



TV Channel: NBC, ABC, FOX, CBS


12 – 8.20 


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Week 1 Schedule

In this table, we will show you all the matches from September 9 to Sep 13. In which 14 matches will be arranged on 12th September and the rest of it will be arranged consecutively on 9th and 13th September. Take a look:

DateGameTime (ET)VenueBroadcast
9th SeptemberCowboys vs. Buccaneers8:20 pmRaymond James StadiumNBC
12th SeptemberSeahawks vs. Colts1 pmLucas Oil StadiumFOX
12th SeptemberJaguars vs. Texans1 pmNRG StadiumCBS
12th SeptemberEagle vs. Falcons1 pmMercedes StadiumFOX
12th SeptemberChargers vs. Washington1 pmFedExFieldCBS
12th SeptemberSteelers vs. Bills1 pmBills StadiumCBS
12th September49ers vs. Lions1 pmFord FieldFOX
12th SeptemberVikings vs. Bengals1 pmPaul Brown StadiumFOX
12th SeptemberJets vs. Panthers1 pmBank of America StadiumCBS
12th SeptemberCardinals vs. Titans1 pmNissan StadiumCBS
12th SeptemberBrowns vs. Chiefs4:25 pmGEHA FieldCBS
12th SeptemberDolphins vs. Patriots4:25 pmGillette StadiumCBS
12th SeptemberBroncos vs. Giants4:25 PMMetLife StadiumFOX
12th SeptemberPackers vs. Saints4:25 PMMercedes-Benz SuperdomeFOX
12th SeptemberBears vs. Rams8:20 PMSoFi StadiumNBC

Week 2 Schedule

In this table, the NFL schedule of all matches for the 2nd week is arranged perfectly. Those who don’t check wait have a look:

DateGameTime (ET)VenueBroadcast
16th SeptemberGiants vs. Washington8:20 pmFedExFieldNFL Network
19th SeptemberPatriots vs. Jets1 pmMetlife StadiumCBS
19th SeptemberBroncos vs. Jaguars1 pmTIAA Bank FieldCBS
19th SeptemberBills vs. Dolphins1 pmHard Rock StadiumFOX
19th September49ers vs. Eagle1 pmLincoln Financial FieldFOX
19th SeptemberRams vs. Colts1 pmLucas Oil StadiumFOX
19th SeptemberRaiders vs. Steelers1 pmHeinz FieldCBS
19th SeptemberBengals vs. Bears1 pmSoldier FieldFOX
19th SeptemberTexans vs. Browns1 pmFirstEnergy StadiumCBS
19th SeptemberSaints vs. Panthers1 pmBank of America StadiumFOX
19th SeptemberVikings vs. Cardinals4:05 pmState Farm StadiumFOX
19th SeptemberFalcons vs. Buccaneers4:05 pmRaymond James StadiumFOX
19th SeptemberTitans vs. Seahawks4:25 pmLumen FieldCBS
19th SeptemberCowboys vs. Chargers4:25 pmSoFi StadiumCBS
19th SeptemberChiefs vs. Ravens8:20 pmM&T Bank StadiumNBC
20th SeptemberLions vs. Packers8:15 pmLambeau FieldESPN

Week 3 Schedule

NFL is really very close to our hearts. In this season all the matches are scheduled for 18 weeks. Here it is the 3rd week NFL schedule arranged for you with a table format:

DateGameTime (ET)VenueBroadcast
23rd SeptemberPanthers vs. Texans8:20 pmNRG StadiumNFL Network
26th SeptemberColts vs. Titans1 pmNissan StadiumCBS
26th SeptemberFalcons vs. Giants1 pmMetLife StadiumFOX
26th SeptemberChargers vs. Chiefs1 pmGEHA Field at Arrowhead StadiumCBS
26th SeptemberBengals vs. Steelers1 pmHeinz FieldCBS
26th SeptemberBears vs. Browns1 pmFirstEnergy StadiumFOX
26th SeptemberRavens vs. Lions1 pmFord FieldCBS
26th SeptemberSaints vs. Patriots1 pmGillette StadiumFOX
26th SeptemberCardinals vs. Jaguars1 pmTIAA Bank FieldFOX
26th SeptemberWashington vs. Bills1 pmHighmark StadiumFOX
26th SeptemberJets vs. Broncos4:05 pmEmpower Field at Mile HighCBS
26th SeptemberDolphins vs. Raiders4:05 pmAllegiant StadiumCBS
26th SeptemberSeahawks vs. Vikings4:25 pmU.S. Bank StadiumFOX
26th SeptemberBuccaneers vs. Rams4:25 pmSoFi StadiumFOX
26th SeptemberPackers vs. 49ers8:20 pmLevi’s StadiumNBC
27th SeptemberEagles vs. Cowboys8:15 pmAT&T StadiumESPN

Week 4 Schedule

We are consecutively showing you all the schedules for all 18 weeks. And this is the 4th one. Without any further discussion let’s check this out:

DateGameTime (ET)VenueBroadcast
30th SeptemberJaguars vs. Bengals8:20 pmPaul Brown StadiumNFL Network
3rd OctoberTitans vs. Jets1 pmMetLife StadiumCBS
3rd OctoberChiefs vs. Eagles1 pmLincoln Financial FieldCBS
3rd OctoberPanthers vs. Cowboys1 pmAT&T StadiumFOX
3rd OctoberGiants vs. Saints1 pmCaesars SuperdomeFOX
3rd OctoberBrowns vs. Vikings1 pmU.S. Bank StadiumCBS
3rd OctoberLions vs. Bears1 pmSoldier FieldFOX
3rd OctoberTexans vs. Bills1 pmHighmark StadiumCBS
3rd OctoberColts vs. Dolphins1 pmHard Rock StadiumCBS
3rd OctoberWashington vs. Falcons1 pmMercedes-Benz StadiumFOX
3rd OctoberSeahawks vs. 49ers4:05 pmLevi’s StadiumFOX
3rd OctoberCardinals vs. Rams4:05 pmSoFi StadiumFOX
3rd OctoberSteelers vs. Packers4:25 pmLambeau FieldCBS
3rd OctoberRavens vs. Broncos4:25 pmEmpower Field at Mile HighCBS
3rd OctoberBuccaneers vs. Patriots8:20 pmGillette StadiumNBC
4th OctoberRaiders vs. Chargers8:15 pmSoFi StadiumESPN

Week 5 Schedule

Week 5 of NFL 2021 is going to see a battle between the Rams and Seahawks and also between the Jets and Falcons. Not only these 4. To know about the rest of the teams check it out on the given table:

DateGameTime (ET)VenueBroadcast
7th OctoberRams vs. Seahawks8:20 pmLumen FieldFOX, NFL NETWORK, AMAZON
10th OctoberJets vs. Falcons9:30 amTottenham Hotspur StadiumNFL Network
10th OctoberLions vs. Vikings1 pmU.S. Bank StadiumFOX
10th OctoberSaints vs. Washington1 pmFedExFieldCBS
10th OctoberPatriots vs. Texans1 pmNRG StadiumCBS
10th OctoberDolphins vs. Buccaneers1 pmRaymond James StadiumCBS
10th OctoberPackers vs. Bengals1 pmPaul Brown StadiumFOX
10th OctoberBroncos vs. Steelers1 pmHeinz FieldFOX
10th OctoberEagles vs. Panthers1 pmBank of America StadiumFOX
10th OctoberTitans vs. Jaguars1 pmTIAA Bank FieldCBS
10th OctoberBrowns vs. Chargers4:05 pmSoFi StadiumCBS
10th OctoberBears vs. Raiders4:05 pmAllegiant StadiumCBS
10th October49ers vs. Cardinals4:25 pmState Farm StadiumFOX
10th OctoberGiants vs. Cowboys4:25 pmAT&T StadiumFOX
10th OctoberBills vs. Chiefs8:20 pmGEHA Field at Arrowhead StadiumNBC
11th OctoberColts vs. Ravens8:15 pmM&T Bank StadiumESPN

Week 6 Schedule

We have been in the 6th week of the NFL scheduled table. This whole week is arranged from 14th October to 18th in which 17th October has the largest schedule.

DateGameTime (ET)VenueBroadcast
14th OctoberBuccaneers vs. Eagles8:20 pmLincoln Financial FieldFOX
17th OctoberDolphins vs. Jaguars9:30 amTottenham Hotspur StadiumCBS
17th OctoberChiefs vs. Washington1 pmFedExFieldCBS
17th OctoberRams vs. Giants1 pmMetLife StadiumFOX
17th OctoberTexans vs. Colts1 pmLucas Oil StadiumCBS
17th OctoberBengals vs. Lions1 pmFord FieldFOX
17th OctoberPackers vs. Bears1 pmSoldier FieldFOX
17th OctoberChargers vs. Ravens1 pmM&T Bank StadiumCBS
17th OctoberVikings vs. Panthers1 pmBank of America StadiumFOX
17th OctoberCardinals vs. Browns4:05 pmFirstEnergy StadiumFOX
17th OctoberRaiders vs. Broncos4:25 pmEmpower Field at Mile HighCBS
17th OctoberCowboys vs. Patriots4:25 pmGillette StadiumCBS
17th OctoberSeahawks vs. Steelers8:20 pmHeinz FieldNBC
18th OctoberBills vs. Titans8:15 pmNissan StadiumESPN

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Week 7 Schedule

Consecutively we are in week 7 now. Without mumbling let’s just look at the table directly:

DateGameTime (ET)VenueBroadcast
21st OctoberBroncos vs. Browns8:20 pmFirstEnergy StadiumFOX
24th OctoberPanthers vs. Giants1 pmMetLife StadiumFOX
24th OctoberJets vs. Patriots1 pmGillette StadiumCBS
24th OctoberChiefs vs. Titans1 pmNissan StadiumCBS
24th OctoberWashington vs. Packers1 pmLambeau FieldFOX
24th OctoberFalcons vs. Dolphins1 pmHard Rock StadiumFOX
24th OctoberBengals vs. Ravens1 pmM&T Bank StadiumCBS
24th OctoberLions vs. Rams4:05 pmSoFi StadiumFOX
24th OctoberEagles vs. Raiders4:05 pmAllegiant StadiumFOX
24th OctoberTexans vs Cardinals4:25 pmState Farm StadiumCBS
24th OctoberBears vs. Buccaneers4:25 pmRaymond James StadiumCBS
24th OctoberColts vs. 49ers8:20 pmLevi’s StadiumNBC
25th OctoberSaints vs. Seahawks8:15 pmLumen FieldESPN

Week 8 Schedule

Check here for the full NFL schedule of week 8 and see what games are on:

DateGameTime (ET)VenueBroadcast
28th OctoberPackers vs. Cardinals8:20 pmState Farm StadiumFOX, NFL NETWORK, AMAZON
31st OctoberBengals vs. Jets1 pmMetLife StadiumCBS
31st OctoberTitans vs. Colts1 pmLucas Oil StadiumCBS
31st OctoberRams vs. Texans1 pmNRG StadiumFOX
31st OctoberSteelers vs. Browns1 pmFirstEnergy StadiumCBS
31st OctoberEagles vs. Lions1 pmFord FieldFOX
31st October49ers vs. Bears1 pmSoldier FieldFOX
31st OctoberPanthers vs. Falcons1 pmMercedes-Benz StadiumFOX
31st OctoberDolphins vs. Bills1 pmHighmark StadiumCBS
31st OctoberPatriots vs. Chargers4:05 pmSoFi StadiumCBS
31st OctoberJaguars vs. Seahawks4:05 pmLumen FieldCBS
31st OctoberWashington vs. Broncos4:25 pmEmpower Field at Mile HighFOX
31st OctoberBuccaneers vs. Saints4:25 pmCaesars SuperdomeFOX
31st OctoberCowboys vs. Vikings8:20 pmU.S. Bank StadiumNBC
1st NovemberGiants vs. Chiefs8:15 pmGEHA Field at Arrowhead StadiumESPN

Week 9 Schedule

The Week 9 NFL Schedule marks the halfway mark of the 2021-22 season. Check here for the full schedule and to see what games are on:

DateGameTime (ET)VenueBroadcast
4th NovemberJets vs. Colts8:20 pmLucas Oil StadiumFOX, NFL NETWORK, AMAZON
7th NovemberFalcons vs. Saints1 pmCaesars SuperdomeFOX
7th NovemberBroncos vs. Cowboys1 pmAT&T StadiumFOX
7th NovemberPatriots vs. Panthers1 pmBank of America StadiumCBS
7th NovemberVikings vs. Ravens1 pmM&T Bank StadiumFOX
7th NovemberBrowns vs. Bengals1 pmPaul Brown StadiumCBS
7th NovemberBills vs. Jaguars1 pmTIAA Bank FieldCBS
7th NovemberTexans vs. Dolphins1 pmHard Rock StadiumFOX
7th NovemberRaiders vs. Giants1 pmMetLife StadiumCBS
7th NovemberChargers vs. Eagles4:05 pmLincoln Financial FieldCBS
7th NovemberPackers vs. Chiefs4:25 pmGEHA Field at Arrowhead StadiumFOX
7th NovemberCardinals vs. 49ers4:25 pmLevi’s StadiumFOX
7th NovemberTitans vs. Rams8:20 pmSoFi StadiumNBC
8th NovemberBears vs. Steelers8:15 pmHeinz FieldESPN

Week 10 Schedule

We are almost at the end of the season. But not fully. Here the table of week 10 is arranged for you guys:

DateGameTime (ET)VenueBroadcast
11th NovemberRavens vs. Dolphins8:20 pmHard Rock StadiumFOX
14th NovemberBills vs. Jets1:00pmMetLife StadiumCBS
14th NovemberBuccaneers vs. Washington1:00pmFedExFieldFOX
14th NovemberFalcons vs. Cowboys1:00pmAT&T StadiumFOX
14th NovemberSaints vs. Titans1:00pmNissan StadiumCBS
14th NovemberJaguars vs. Colts1:00pmLucas Oil StadiumCBS
14th NovemberLions vs. Steelers1:00pmHeinz FieldFOX
14th NovemberBrowns vs. Patriots1:00pmGillette StadiumCBS
14th NovemberVikings vs. Chargers4:05 pmSoFi StadiumFOX
14th NovemberPanthers vs. Cardinals4:05 pmState Farm StadiumFOX
14th NovemberEagles vs. Broncos4:25 pmEmpower Field at Mile HighCBS
14th NovemberSeahawks vs. Packers4:25 pmLambeau FieldCBS
14th NovemberChiefs vs. Raiders8:20 pmAllegiant StadiumNBC
15th NovemberRams vs. 49ers8:15 pmLevi’s StadiumESPN

Week 11 Schedule

November is all about 4 weeks. And 11th week is one of them. So, without further discussion let’s jump into the table of schedules:

DateGameTime (ET)VenueBroadcast
18th NovemberPatriots vs. Falcon8:20 pmMercedes-Benz StadiumFOX, NFL NETWORK, AMAZON
21st NovemberSaints vs. Eagle1:00 pmLincoln Financial FieldFOX
21st NovemberDolphins vs. Jets1:00 pmMetLife StadiumCBS
21st NovemberWashington vs. Panthers1:00 pmBank of America StadiumFOX
21st NovemberColts vs. Bills1:00 pmHighmark StadiumCBS
21st NovemberLions vs. Browns1:00 pmFirstEnergy StadiumFOX
21st November49ers vs. Jaguars1:00 pmTIAA Bank FieldFOX
21st NovemberTexans vs. Titans1:00 pmNissan StadiumCBS
21st NovemberPackers vs. Vikings1:00 pmSoldier FieldCBS
21st NovemberRavens vs. Bears1:00 pmSoldier FieldCBS
21st NovemberBengals vs. Raiders4:05 pmAllegiant StadiumCBS
21st NovemberCardinals vs. Seahawks4:25 pmLumen FieldFOX
21st NovemberCowboys vs. Chiefs4:25 pmGEHA Field at Arrowhead StadiumFOX
21st NovemberSteelers vs. Chargers8:20 pmSoFi StadiumNBC
22nd NovemberGiants vs. Buccaneers8:15 pmRaymond James StadiumESPN

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Week 12 Schedule

Consecutively we have reached the 12th week of the NFL schedule. We have tried our best to provide you the exact information regarding this just like previous tables. Hope you are helped:

DateGameTime (ET)VenueBroadcast
25th NovemberBears vs. Lions12:30 pmFord FieldFox
25th NovemberRaiders vs. Cowboys4:30 pmAT&T StadiumCBS
25th NovemberBills vs. Saints8:20 pmCaesars SuperdomeNBC
28th NovemberBuccaneers vs. Colts1:00 pmLucas Oil StadiumFOX
28th NovemberJets vs. Texans1:00 pmNRG StadiumCBS
28th NovemberEagles vs. Giants1:00 pmMetLife StadiumFOX
28th NovemberPanthers vs. Dolphins1:00 pmHard Rock StadiumFOX
28th NovemberTitans vs. Patriots1:00 pmGillette StadiumCBS
28th NovemberSteelers vs. Bengals1:00 pmPaul Brown StadiumCBS
28th NovemberFalcons vs. Jaguars1:00 pmTIAA Bank FieldCBS
28th NovemberChargers vs. Broncos4:05 pmEmpower Field at Mile HighCBS
28th NovemberRams vs. Packers4:25 pmLambeau FieldFOX
28th NovemberVikings vs. 49ers4:25 pmLevi’s StadiumFOX
28th NovemberBrowns vs. Ravens8:20 pmM&T Bank StadiumNBC
29th NovemberSeahawks vs. Washington8:15 pmFedExFieldESPN

Week 13 Schedule

End of November. In this 13th week, all games will be played throughout the month of December. If you want to get all the information just take a look at below’s NFL schedule:

DateGameTime (ET)VenueBroadcast
2nd DecemberCowboys vs. Saints8:20 pmCaesars SuperdomeFOX, NFL NETWORK, AMAZON
5th DecemberGiants vs. Dolphins1:00 pmHard Rock StadiumFOX
5th DecemberColts vs. Texans1:00 pmNRG StadiumCBS
5th DecemberVikings vs. Lions1:00 pmFord FieldCBS
5th DecemberEagles vs. Jets1:00 pmMetLife StadiumCBS
5th DecemberBroncos vs. Chiefs1:00 pmGEHA Field at Arrowhead StadiumCBS
5th DecemberCardinals vs. Bears1:00 pmSoldier FieldFOX
5th DecemberChargers vs. Bengals1:00 pmPaul Brown StadiumFOX
5th DecemberBuccaneers vs. Falcons1:00 pmMercedes-Benz StadiumFOX
5th DecemberWashington vs. Raiders4:05 pmAllegiant StadiumFOX
5th DecemberJaguars vs. Rams4:25 pmSoFi StadiumCBS
5th DecemberRavens vs. Steelers4:25 pmHeinz FieldCBS
5th December49ers vs. Seahawks8:20 pmLumen FieldNBC
6th DecemberPatriots vs. Bills8:15 pmHighmark StadiumESPN

Week 14 Schedule

The last 4 weeks are remaining. All the information regarding this week’s NFL schedule is gently and perfectly arranged for you in a table format. Check out the table :

DateGameTime (ET)VenueBroadcast
9th DecemberSteelers vs. Vikings8:20 pmU.S. Bank StadiumFOX, NFL NETWORK, AMAZON
12th DecemberCowboys vs. Washington1:00 pmFedExFieldFOX
12th December49ers vs. Bengals1:00 pmPaul Brown StadiumCBS
12th DecemberJaguars vs. Titans1:00 pmNissan StadiumCBS
12th DecemberSeahawks vs. Texans1:00 pmNRG StadiumFOX
12th DecemberRaiders vs. Chiefs1:00 pmGEHA Field at Arrowhead StadiumCBS
12th DecemberSaints vs. Jets1:00 pmMetLife StadiumFOX
12th DecemberFalcons vs. Panthers1:00 pmBank of America StadiumFOX
12th DecemberRavens vs. Browns1:00 pmFirstEnergy StadiumCBS
12th DecemberGiants vs. Chargers4:05 pmSoFi StadiumFOX
12th DecemberLions vs. Broncos4:05 pmEmpower Field at Mile HighFOX
12th DecemberBills vs. Buccaneers4:25 pmRaymond James StadiumCBS
12th DecemberBears vs. Packers8:20 pmLambeau FieldNBC
13th DecemberRams vs. Cardinals8:15 pmState Farm StadiumESPN

Week 15 Schedule

In this table (table of week 15) some matches are arranged gently but some of the matches are not described fully because of a lack of information. NFL itself hasn’t published it yet.

DateGameTime (ET)VenueBroadcast
16th DecemberChiefs vs. Chargers8:20 pmSoFi StadiumFOX, NFL NETWORK, AMAZON
19th DecemberCowboys vs. Giants1:00 pmMetLife StadiumFOX
19th DecemberTexans vs. Jaguars1:00 pmTIAA Bank FieldCBS
19th DecemberTitans vs. Steelers1:00 pmHeinz FieldCBS
19th DecemberPackers vs. Ravens1:00 pmM&T Bank StadiumFOX
19th DecemberCardinals vs. Lions1:00 pmFord FieldFOX
19th DecemberBengals vs. Broncos4:05 pmEmpower Field at Mile HighCBS
19th DecemberFalcons vs. 49ers4:05 pmLevi’s StadiumCBS
19th DecemberSeahawks vs. Rams4:25 pmSoFi StadiumFOX
19th DecemberSaints vs Buccaneers8:20 pmRaymond James StadiumNBC
20th DecemberVikings vs Bears8:15 pmSoldier FieldESPN

Week 16 Schedule

In this week all the respective matches are scheduled perfectly. So, don’t need to worry. Have a look:

DateGameTime (ET)VenueBroadcast
23rd December49ers vs. Titans8:20 pmNissan StadiumNFL
25th DecemberBrowns vs. Packers4:30 pmLambeau FieldFOX, NFL NETWORK, AMAZON
25th DecemberColts vs. Cardinals8:15 pmState Farm StadiumNFL
26th DecemberGiants vs. Eagles1:00 pmLincoln Financial FieldFOX
26th DecemberRams vs. Vikings1:00 pmU.S. Bank StadiumFOX
26th DecemberBills vs. Patriots1:00 pmGillette StadiumCBS
26th DecemberBuccaneers vs. Panthers1:00 pmBank of America StadiumFOX
26th DecemberJaguars vs. Jets1:00 pmMetLife StadiumCBS
26th DecemberLions vs. Falcons1:00 pmMercedes-Benz StadiumFOX
26th DecemberChargers vs. Texans1:00 pmNRG StadiumCBS
26th DecemberRavens vs. Bengals1:00 pmPaul Brown StadiumCBS
26th DecemberBears vs. Seahawks4:05 pmLumen FieldFOX
26th DecemberSteelers vs. Chiefs4:25 pmGEHA Field at Arrowhead StadiumCBS
26th DecemberBroncos vs. Raiders4:25 pmAllegiant StadiumCBS
26th DecemberWashington vs. Cowboys8:20 pmAT&T StadiumNBC
27th DecemberDolphins vs Saints8:15 pmCaesars SuperdomeESPN

Week 17 Schedule

End of the month, end of the year. The year 2022 has come according to this NFL schedule and the last two weeks 17 and 18 are a part of this year. Let’s have a look:

DateGameTime (ET)VenueBroadcast
2nd January (2022)Eagles vs. Washington1:00 pmFedExFieldFOX
2nd January (2022)Panthers vs. Saints1:00 pmCaesars SuperdomeFOX
2nd January (2022)Buccaneers vs. Jets1:00 pmMetLife StadiumFOX
2nd January (2022)Dolphins vs. Titans1:00 pmNissan StadiumCBS
2nd January (2022)Jaguars vs. Patriots1:00 pmGillette StadiumCBS
2nd January (2022)Raiders vs. Colts1:00 pmLucas Oil StadiumCBS
2nd January (2022)Chiefs vs. Bengals1:00 pmPaul Brown StadiumCBS
2nd January (2022)Giants vs. Bears1:00 pmSoldier FieldCBS
2nd January (2022)Falcons vs. Bills1:00 pmHighmark StadiumFOX
2nd January (2022)Cardinals vs. Cowboys1:00 pmAT&T StadiumFOX
2nd January (2022)Texans vs. 49ers4:05 pmLevi’s StadiumCBS
2nd January (2022)Broncos vs. Chargers4:05 pmSoFi StadiumCBS
2nd January (2022)Rams vs. Ravens4:25 pmM&T Bank StadiumFOX
2nd January (2022)Lions vs. Seahawks4:25 pmLumen FieldFOX
2nd January (2022)Vikings vs. Packers8:20 pmLambeau FieldNBC
3rd January (2022)Browns vs. Steelers8:15 pmHeinz FieldESPN

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Week 18 Schedule

So, we have successfully come to our last week which is week 18. This is the final week scheduled and published by NFL and we provide it to you through this table. So, let’s check this out:

DateGameTime (ET)VenueBroadcast
9th JanuaryCowboys vs. Eagles1:00 pmLincoln Financial FieldFOX
9th JanuaryPackers vs. Lions1:00 pmFord FieldFOX
9th JanuaryColts vs. Jaguars1:00 pmTIAA Bank FieldCBS
9th JanuaryWashington vs. Giants1:00 pmMetLife StadiumFOX
9th JanuaryBears vs. Vikings1:00 pmU.S. Bank StadiumFOX
9th JanuaryPanthers vs. Buccaneers1:00 pmRaymond James StadiumFOX
9th JanuaryPatriots vs. Dolphins1:00 pmHard Rock StadiumCBS
9th JanuarySaints vs. Falcon1:00 pmMercedes-Benz StadiumFOX
9th JanuaryTitans vs. Texans1:00 pmNRG StadiumCBS
9th JanuarySteelers vs. Ravens1:00 pmM&T Bank StadiumCBS
9th JanuaryJets vs. Bills1:00 pmHighmark StadiumCBS
9th JanuaryBengals vs. Browns1:00 pmFirstEnergy StadiumCBS
9th JanuaryChargers vs. Raiders4:25 pmAllegiant StadiumCBS
9th January49ers vs. Rams4:25 pmSoFi StadiumFOX
9th JanuaryChiefs vs. Broncos4:25 pmEmpower Field at Mile HighCBS
9th JanuarySeahawks vs. Cardinals4:25 pmState Farm StadiumFOX


End of our today’s article about NFL Schedule 2021. This is all for today. We tried our best to provide you this NFL 2021-22 Season’s all scheduled update through our article. We can ensure that the information that we collect is all authentic and correct. This is exactly the same schedule that NFL has published. So, do not worry about that.


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