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Hey Guys! So, we are done with NFL 2021- First week’s all matches. Now It’s time to check NFL Scores of first week. In this article we are going to provide you the list of NFL Score (First week). In addition, we are also including review of any particular match in 3/4 lines. Hope you get helped through it So, without any further discussion let’s jump into main process:




Thursday, September 9 Cowboys vs. Buccaneers 29 – 31
Sunday, September 12 Jaguars vs. Texans 21 – 37
Sunday, September 12 Chargers vs. Washington 20 – 16
Sunday, September 12 Seahawks vs. Colts 28 – 16
Sunday, September 12 Jets vs. Panthers 14 – 19
Sunday, September 12 Vikings vs. Bengals 24 – 27
Sunday, September 12 Cardinals vs. Titans 38- 13
Sunday, September 12 49ers vs. Lions 41 – 33
Sunday, September 12 Steelers vs. Bills 23 – 16
Sunday, September 12 Eagles vs. Falcons 32 – 6
Sunday, September 12 Browns vs. Chiefs 29 – 33
Sunday, September 12 Packers vs. Saints 3 – 38
Sunday, September 12 Broncos vs. Giants 27 – 13
Sunday, September 12 Dolphins vs. Patriots 17 – 16
Sunday, September 12 Bears vs. Rams 14 – 34
Monday , September 13 Ravens vs. Raiders 27-33

Week 1 Games Review:

As we know NFL is already done with its 1st week. In this section we are going to provide a review about all the match of NFL 1st week and their NFL Scores.

Cowboys vs. Buccaneers:

The Cowboys delivered a good fight but Buccaneers defend it well and become season’s first match winner. Both teams driving for TDs in first quarter. Missing a 3-point FG and an extra point Cowboys started a rough start. In second quarters multiple penalties were seen from both teams. In third quarter Cowboys dropped a lot of balls which drive them into loss.

Jaguars vs. Texans:

Jaguars had to face loss to Texans on season opening match. They weren’t able to get out of their own way which is having 12 players in the huddle during one sequence. Beside this, they were also penalized 10 times for 82 yards. Moreover receivers of Jaguars had several passes bounce off their hands which drug them into loss.

Chargers vs. Washington:

Washington’s hits and sacks on quarterback wasn’t enough during the Chargers’ comeback. On the other hand Chargers activated all nine offensive linemen on the 53-man roster and occasionally had backup offensive tackle on the field as an extra blocker. Moreover the running backs and tight ends also assisted the starting offensive line.

Seahawks vs. Colts:

Seahawks Win 28-16! Seahawks wins against Colts by defending hard. Adding up a 28-16 win over the Colts in which Seattle never led by fewer than 11 points in the second half. The Colts got 26 yards rushing on seven carries by running backs on their first drive. After then they had just 64 on 19 the rest of the game.

Jets vs. Panthers:

This game did not go as Jets fan were hopping. The second half was a lot better than the first. Jets start with the ball and pick up down but then quickly stall penalties would take them out of that drive so they would punt it away. The Jets offense did not do anything after going down 19 to 8 .

Vikings vs. Bengals:

Vikings could not get a win against Bengals in week 1. They lose by a field goal. They need an extra period of play to win. But unfortunately a controversial call and a blown defensive assignment allowed the Cincinnati kicker to close the door on Minnesota as time expired.

Cardinals vs. Titans:

The Titans didn’t make to win against Cardinals. It was one of the ugliest performance of Titans. Whether it was about offense, coaching, defense Titans failed to shine in every single section.

49ers vs. Lions:

Inspire of their 28 point lead reduced to just 8 during the final minutes of the game 49ers held on 41-33 win against Lions. San Francisco’s dominating offense and defense drug them into win.

Steelers vs. Bills:

In the open of the NFL 2021 season it was an amazing win for Steelers. The way Steelers play and the offense and defense skills are really praiseworthy. They provide offensive line problem and a lot of pressure which is the main key of their success.

Eagles vs. Falcons:

It was quite a bad day for Falcons. Calvin Ridley, Kyle Pitts or Matt Ryan these three players failed to surpass their projections. No one but Ridley and Mike Davis hit the double-digit mark during Sunday’s loss to the Eagles.

Browns vs. Chiefs:

Kanas City Chiefs the win after scoring 33-29 against Browns. And all these happened during the first half. Chiefs went 8-of-12 for 210 yards and also one touchdown on passes thrown 10 or more than 10 yards downfield. Also their quarterback was so swift.

Packers vs. Saints:

It was really a devastating loss for the Packers. On the other hand Saints able to begin a new era with 38-3 victory. Packers suffered a worst loss. Electric quarterback, dominating offense and defense drug them into win and packers to loss.

Broncos vs. Giants:

Broncos beat Giants in 27-13 in opening week of NFL 2021. Broncos had quite an impressive throws outside the pocket. Teddy threw 2 touchdowns in his very first start to Denver. And the domination defense and possession of Broncos defeat the Giants.

Dolphins vs. Patriots:

Since 2018 it was Dolphin’s first season to win in 17-16 against Patriots. 16 of 17 passing for 202 yards with total touchdown Dolphins build up a great offense. Their way of defense is also quite dominating. In last 4 minutes, Patriots offense to a game – winning score but they couldn’t cope with the time and Dolphins could able to secure 17-16 against them in exact time.

Bears vs. Rams:

Bears suffer a devastating loss against Rams in 14-34 on first week of NFL 2021 session. Bear’s defense was so disappointing and couldn’t cope up with Rams offense. Their coverage and tacking was also poor.

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Ravens vs. Raiders:

Raiders win the first week match of NFL 2021 session in 33-27 against Ravens. Los Angeles Raiders build up a great defense but the Raven’s performance was so disappointing. Ravens build up an elite defense in first half but unfortunately they couldn’t be able to carry it and got a lot of pressure.

All Upcoming Games Score Will Be Added Here. Please Check Back After The Game Ended.


So, with a quite good discussion we have reached at the end of our today’s discussion. Providing the First week’s NFL score with some review is our today’s purpose that we want to serve. So, hope we could be able to do it. We will soon let you know the NFL score of second week once after completing those match.


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