NFL season 2021: Dallas Cowboys schedule, predictions

Surprise Sports has got predictions for the weekly schedule of Dallas Cowboys. The side can encounter predicaments because of the struggling defense and an offense that is needing depth.

Have a glance at the entire schedule for the organisation:

– Cowboys vs. Tampa Bay Buccaneers (Week 1)

The Dallas Cowboys’ secondary are likely to struggle against the rock-solid defense of Buccaneers and their top 3 offense. The greatest quarterback of all time, Tom Brady, will wrap up the game for his team.

 Cowboys vs. Los Angeles Chargers (Week 2)

In 2021, the Chargers have boasted up their defense, and their offense also does the talking. Brandon Staley will devise a solid defensive plant to contain Los Angeles.

 Cowboys vs. Philadelphia Eagles (Week 3)

Jalen Hurts will not be able to charge Cowboys’ secondary even he shows some skills. Rebuilding Eagles will fall short of making their way against Cowboys.

 Cowboys vs. Carolina Panthers (Week 4)

A high-scoring game will put on a thrilling matchup between Prescott and Sam Darnold.

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On the whole, Carolina’s secondary is still inexperienced that will benefit opponent star players.

Cowboys vs. New York Giants (Week 5)

Super Bowl contenders, New York, have a strong backfield defense. However, it is not winning Giants games as they struggled against the run. A fit Prescott brings enough power to Dallas to Clinch the game.

Cowboys vs. New England Patriots (Week 6)

After disappointing last season, New England will come stronger with a top-10 defense and explosive offensive. It will render Patriots a win against Dallas.

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There’s no game (BYE) for the Cowboys in the seventh game week.

 Cowboys vs. Minnesota Vikings (Week 8)

Dallas should be walking out triumphant against Minnesota because their front seven can spur problems for the opponents.

Cowboys vs. Denver Broncos (Week 9)

There should not be the denial of offense talent Cowboys possess in the shape of Elliott, Michael Gallup, CeeDee Lamb, and Amari Cooper. But, the Broncos have one of the most profound secondaries to check Kellen Moore.

 Cowboys vs. Atlanta Falcons (Week 10)

Falcons have one of the fragile depth charts. Therefore, Dallas will need a few hold fourth-quarter dimes from someone at No. 4 to secure victory.

 Cowboys vs. Kansas City Chiefs (Week 11)

Patrick Mahomes carving Dallas’ defense may not allow the game to cross halftime before it ends in favor of City Cheifs.

 Cowboys vs. Las Vegas Raiders (Week 12)

Even Dallas are not at their best doing the Raiders are doing worse than they did in the 2020 season. Ezekiel Elliott can outperform the Raiders’ defense. Therefore, this game should be wrapped up by the third quarter.

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 Cowboys vs. New Orlean Saints (Week 13)

Orlean Saints have made multiple changes to their defense this offseason. So, considering that, Dallas can earn a double-digit victory over Saints.

 Cowboys vs. Washington Football Team (Week 14)

Secondary of Washington Football team will stir up trailblazing turnover, playing a substantial role in deciding the winner.

Cowboys vs. New York Giants (Week 15)

Even Giants have an edge of performing at Homefield, this matchup will come to a nail-biting end because of Dallas’ solid defense.

Cowboys vs. Washington Football Team (Week 16)

Washington will come up with a more explosive offense and a better secondary this season. So, they can take advantage of the Cowboys Shortcomings.

Cowboys vs. Arizona Cardinals (Week 17)

Prescott is healthy contrary to the last year’s match between the two teams. Therefore, this time, Cowboys star performers will create a far more thrilling scenario.

Cowboys vs. Philadelphia Eagles (Week 18)

The Cowboys are way too talented and have the deepest secondaries for Philadelphia to handle.



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