Philadelphia Eagles vs Atlanta Falcons
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Philadelphia Eagles and Atlanta Falcons will once again compete in the first week of the 2021 NFL regular season. These two teams’ matches are always been the most exciting event in NFL history. So, here we are to help you, you will pass you all the information you need about the game and guide you all the way to live stream the most breathtaking match Eagles vs Falcons.

In the past, they met with each other many times, and every time they brought enormous joy and heart full thrill to the fans. The NFL matchmaking decision brings that two rivalries once again under the same roof. Now the match will show us which one is the best NFL team.

When is Eagles vs Falcons?

Well, grab your pen and be ready to mark it on the calendar cause you don’t wanna miss the game night by any chance. The date isn’t far away from now, neither too close. So, you could take care of your work by now, and be ready for the big night.

The Eagles vs Falcons game is scheduled to play on September 12, 2021. It will start at 1.00 PM (USA Time).

Where is Eagles vs Falcons?

The match will host by the Falcons’ motherland Atlanta. If you think this will help Falcons to understand the field and it gives them advantages then you are wrong. Cause Eagles isn’t some newbie team that you call to your home and beat them up. And also Eagles have a reputation to defeat opponents in the opponent’s motherland.

The match is arranged and will be played in the Mercedes-Benz stadium located in Atlanta Georgia. It has the capacity to hold 71,000+ people.

How to Live Stream Philadelphia Eagles vs Atlanta Falcons Match?

Watching NFL regular seasons matches won’t be tough to watch for the fans. And if you are a newbie fan or it’s difficult for you to find the right channel, then don’t worry. After reading this section you will be a master of live streaming all the NFL matches.

There are plenty of options you can choose to live stream the whole event. All the methods can be divide into two groups. The traditional watching method or the modern online platform.

Let’s see what are some online platforms and traditional TV channels will offer you to watch NFL regular season matches.

Traditional methods usually refer to the TV cable line. There are some channels that will broadcast all the NFL matches. To watch the Eagles vs Falcons match the best channel would be NBC. Besides NBC, the match will also be shown on ESPN and CBC channel. For Atlantian, the match will available in WAGA-TV Fox 5 Atlanta.

And if you are thinking to watch the event online then you have multiple options. You could also watch them for free. The streaming platform for NFL is fuboTV (try it for free streaming). Besides fuboTV, you can try NFL Payoff, NFL Sports App, and some other apps.

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How to Buy Eagles vs Falcons Match Tickets:

Watching an NFL match from the stadium is the best way to enjoy the game. Nothing is comparable to the feeling of watching a game sitting in a stadium. And when the match is between the Eagles and Falcons then just imagine the fan’s craze and the thrill of the game. And it’s really fun to watch games with lots of fans.

If you are thinking about where to buy tickets then don’t worry about it, cause many sites sell the tickets. To but NFL check out Ticket Master, that’s the best site in my concerns. Other than that, we could visit Vivid Seats and Ticket City.

Philadelphia Eagles
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Eagles and Falcons both have a long history. They met before many times. And all the times both of the team gave their best to win the game. The rivalry between these two teams first started in 1966. Philly won the first game. And the last time Philly and Atlanta came face to face was in 2019. In that game, the Falcons made the highest score 24.

These two teams played with each other total of 36 times including four postseason matches. The Eagles won 20 of them and the Falcons won 15 times. They also once draw a match.


Well, prediction is always the most tricky part of a game. No one can possibly say the right answer here. Cause game can be changed in a second. The whole match situation may turn around in a moment. So, yes nothing is certain in here. But there is something we could use to understand the game situation and can tell which has the better chance to win the game.

The prediction depends on many things, the player’s conditions, previous matches history, the coach’s strategy even the weather plays an important role here.

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The match will be played on Atlanta’s field. So that’s a convenience for the Falcons team. On that day the weather seems good now. There are no injured players in both teams, so everyone will be at their best fit. But the Eagles will start the match with lesser Pts, -3.5. And Atlanta will play their first game under coach Arthur Smith. The eagles’ defense and attack are pretty good than the Falcons.

So, after calculating all the odds and facts you could say that the Eagles have a better chance to win the game over the Falcons.


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