Pittsburgh Steelers: Schedule, Predictions for 2021 NFL season
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All eyes are on Pittsburgh Steelers as they gear up for the new regular season to begin in September. The Steelers have one of the strongest squads in the NFL.

Despite being a team laden with superstars, the Steelers disappointed their fans last season with a nosedive. They had won 11 games but then four of the final five games of the regular season to end on a low.

We have predicted the outcome of every game the Steelers will play in the upcoming season.

Week 1 – Pittsburgh Steelers vs. Buffalo Bills

The Steelers are likely to open their 2021 campaign with a loss when they tour the Buffalo Bills for Week 1 clash.

Week 2 – vs. Las Vegas Raiders

Raiders don’t seem to have what it takes to counter the contact pressure that the Steelers’ defense can create. The Pittsburgh side should grab a win in this one.

Week 3 – vs. Cincinnati Bengals

Experience plays a significant role in crucial games and that’s where the Cincinnati Bengals lack. This is why Black and Gold should win this contest.

Week 4 – vs. Green Bay Packers

Aaron Rodgers is likely to take an early exit and end his Packers stint. This leaves Green Bay with an unreliable QB and a naive offensive unit.

Week 5 – vs. Denver Broncos

Denver Broncos are poised to make an impact in 2021 under Vic Fangio. They should win this clash over the Steelers.

Week 6 –  vs. Seattle Seahawks

D.K. Metcalf and Tyler Lockett can play a match-winning role for the Seahawks since the Steelers lack elite cornerbacks that can contain them.

There’s no game scheduled for Week 7 for the Steelers.

Week 8 – vs. Cleveland Browns

Cleveland Browns have dominated the Stillers in recent matchups. With the kind of performances they’ve put up lately, the Browns are likely to win again with ease.

Week 9 – vs. Chicago Bears

A low-scoring thriller is expected to go down between the Bears and Blitzburgh, but the former can sweep away with a close victory.

Photo: AFP

Week 10 – vs. Detroit Lions

The Detroit Lions still need a lot of time to challenge aside like the Steelers. The Stillers are going to win this clash without much trouble.

Week 11 – vs. Los Angeles Chargers

Los Angeles Chargers QB Justin Herbert can thrash the Steelers’ defense quite easily with a great offensive line.

Week 12 – vs. Cincinnati Bengals

T.J. Watt and co will have a befitting plan to have a field day with the Bengals. Cincinnati are miles away from threatening the Steelers.

Week 13 – vs. Baltimore Ravens

This is not the same Ravens team that Pittsburgh beat easily in 2020. Baltimore has upped the ante prior to the new season and the outcome can be quite opposite this time around.

Week 14 – vs. Minnesota Vikings

The visitors – Pittsburgh Steelers –  are likely to win this contest.

Week 15 – vs. Tennessee Titans

Tennesse Titans should win this contest without a lot of resistance.

Week 16 – vs. Kansas City Chiefs

Do the Stillers stand a chance against Patrick Mahomes-led Kansas City Chiefs? Absolutely not.

Week 17 – vs. Cleveland Browns

The Browns have become a stronger unit with the help of free agents and drafts. They should win against the Steelers in Week 17.

Week 18 – vs. Baltimore Ravens

The Ravens are going to disappoint the Steelers fans, who were expecting their team to finish the season on a high note.


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