Eagles Schedule
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It’s time for Jalen Hurts to step up for Philadelphia Eagles in his sophomore NFL season and deliver the goods.

We have outlined the entire schedule for the upcoming season for the Eagles and also made predictions for every matchup.

Week 1 – Eagles vs. Atlanta Falcons

DeVonta Smith will have to bring his A-game against the Falcons to get the Eagles going from the beginning of the season.

With a winning momentum at the start, there’s nothing better for Smith and co.

Week 2 – vs. San Francisco 49ers

San Fransisco are a better unit when it comes to the defense, as compared to the Eagles. So we will give this one to 49ers.

Week 3 – vs. Dallas Cowboys

Cowboys were on a roll last season and they are most likely to defeat the Eagles with ease.

Week 4 – vs. Kansas City Chiefs

Kansas City Chiefs are one of the best sides in the NFL. Patrick Mahomes and co are unlikely to have any trouble overwhelming the Eagles in Week 4 clash.

Week 5 – vs. Carolina Panthers

Panthers’ offense is likely to run riot over Philadelphia. So we foresee Carolina winning this one.

Week 6 – vs. Tampa Bay Buccaneers

Are we really going to believe that Tom Brady-led Buccaneers will go down before the Eagle?

Week 7 – vs. Las Vegas Raiders

The Raiders are still not right up to the mark due to a bunch of inexperience players in their team. This will hurt them against a well-rounded Eagles team.

Week 8 – vs. Detroit Lions

We are going to give the Eagles the edge in this highly-anticipated matchup.

Week 9 – vs. Los Angeles Chargers

Justin Herbert has already wowed the football fans with his ability to take the game away form opposition in no time. He can lead the Chargers to a one-sided win.

Week 10 – vs. Denver Broncos

Denver are most likely to lose to the Eagles in a low-scoring clash.

Week 11 – vs. New Orleans Saints

Good news for the Eagles fans, we can see Philadelphia take this game home as well.

Week 12 – vs. New York Giants

New York Giants are yet to find the best combination for their defense. hence, the Eagles are likely to clinch this one.

Week 13 – vs New York Jets

The Jets are dealing with defensive woes too. They don’t seem to have enough firepower at the back to stop the marching offense of the Eagles.

There’s no game for Philadelphia Eagles in Week 14.

Week 15 – vs. Washington Football Team

Presence of Ryan Fitzpatrick in Washington means a lot for the side. If he delivers his typical NFL gameday performance, the Football Team are likely to grab an easy win.

Week 16 – vs. New York Giants

We are going to give an edge to the Eagles for the home game too.

Week 17 – vs. Washington Football Team

The reigning NFC East champion are going to let their top-notch defence take care of the business.

Week 18 – vs. Dallas Cowboys

For their second game against the Cowboys, we are going to give Philadelphia the win. The Eagles are likely to close the season on the back of a comprehensive win over the Dallas Cowboys.


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