Rating the best Quarterback ahead of the 2021 NFL season
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On the basis of the plays made by some juggernauts quarterbacks in the NFL, SurpriseSports has made a listicle prior to the upcoming season.

Bear in mind that these rankings are done not particularly on the basis of last season’s results. Here is the prepared list of top QBs:

– Baker Mayfield

Cleveland Browns QB Baker Mayfield is a star performer in the NFL who has excelled under Coach of the Year Kevin Stefanski. Despite not turning up consistently at the start of the season in 2020, Mayfield delivered the goods at the death, being the second-highest-graded quarterback in the league from Week 7 through the playoffs.

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Mayfield is likely to continue his sublime run from last considering the offensive weapons Mayfield has around him. Mayfield’s offensive line’s league-leading registered a staggering 84.4 pass-blocking grade in the previous season.

– Matt Ryan

Matt Ryan could blossom in his new team just like he outperformed others when he was with Kyle Shanahan. His partnership with Atlanta Falcons boss Arthur Smith could elevate his performance with the play-action pass game. He could at least get to play on a weekly basis if not more to be as productive as Ryan Tannehill.

– Lamar Jackson

Baltimore Ravens superstar Lamar Regression ran riot in his MVP campaign where he showed the NFL fraternity how lethal his playmaking skills are. He was head and shoulders above others despite the Ravens’ evident struggle last season. All Jackson will need to up his game to the next level is a tad help with an effective pass game.

– Dak Prescott

Dallas Cowboys will hope that Dak Prescott regains his top form after he returns from a career-threatening injury. The Dallas Quarterback put on a subliminal performance in 2020 before he was ruled out of action due to an ankle injury in Week 5. His partnership with offensive coordinator Kellen Moore will prove to be fruitful for the team.

– Deshaun Watson

Deshaun Watson was surrounded by a mixture of controversy and applause last year. He was the best performing NFL in 2020, who later got involved in an issue with Houston Texans that become the talk of the town. But that doesn’t overshadow how exquisite he was throughout the competition. He registered 42 big-time throws to only 14 turnover-worthy plays. In 2019, he made 27 turnover-worthy plays.

– Tom Brady

Tom Brady is the backbone of the Tampa Bay Buccaneers, winning his seventh Super Bowl win with the legendary side in 2020. Even at the age of 43, the legendary QB is a major threat to the NFL franchises. He was the second-best QB last year when it comes down to passing yards on 20-plus-yard throws during the regular season.

– Patrick Mahomes

Patrick Mahomes is the definition of consistency. Despite being only 25, he is extremely well aware of the game and lets his talent speak for his mentality. He has been the highest-graded quarterback for the last three years. The Kansas City star is already rewriting the history books by pocketing an MVP award and a Super Bowl ring. He is likely to take the Chiefs to new heights under head coach Andy Reid.


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