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Baltimore Ravens and Los Angeles Raiders will have the honors to wrap up the Week 1 games. Read the full piece to see live stream options for Ravens vs Raiders.

When is Ravens vs Raiders?

The Ravens vs Raiders game has been scheduled for Monday (September 13). The game will kick off at 8:15 PM EDT.

Where is Ravens vs Raiders?

The Allegiant Stadium in Nevada’s Paradise will host the Ravens-Raiders clash.

How to watch the live stream of Ravens vs Raiders game?

Hulu and Sling TV is your go-to live streaming option for the Raiders vs Ravens game. Moreover, ESPN and ABC will also broadcast the season live.

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Match Prediction

Like it or not, Baltimore Ravens are likely to win this one with sheer ease. LA Raiders lack a quality defensive unit and Lamar Jackson can expose their woes in a jiffy.

Don’t forget that Jackson is no the lone threat.

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The likes of JK Dobbins, Mark Andrews, Marquise Brown, Sammy Watkins, and Rashod Bateman are also going to keep the Ravens in check.

Ravens’ Queen opens up about his ‘big year’

Ravens linebacker Patrick Queen is young but ready to make it big in the coming season. He is undergoing his second NFL training season and working with Rob Ryan is only going to make him huge improvements.

“I’m way more comfortable now. We just got to work. Since [minicamp], I feel like I’m going up, so it’s only up from here. I feel like I’m way more confident, I’m way more into the defense, so it’s going to be a good season,” the 21-year-old said.

Rob Ryan is also in awe of the youngster.

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“Not too often do you come into a place with such a great talent and a guy that’s just striving for more? He’s such a smart guy. People know he’s physical and he’s athletic, but you don’t realize how smart he is. He’s a big thinker.”

The reason everything Queen is adapting easily is, as he says, is because Ryan has been able to make everything simple for him. “He’s just making it way simpler than what it has to be, so everything that he’s telling me, I’m taking in,” the Ravens’ star said.

“And as you see, I can make plays out there in the pass-coverage game. So, I’m just going to keep trusting in him, keep trusting my eyes, keep trusting my instincts, and I’m going to make plays.

Update on Bozeman’s position change

Bradley Bozeman has given his everything in the offseason training to make his transition from guard to center smoother.

Speaking in a recent interview to the Ravens’ website, he said: “It’s great. It’s been so much fun getting back in that central role. Coach D’s done an amazing job helping me grow that way.

“It’s like I never left. Coach D kept me in the role of snapping in case something happened (last year). I’m just excited to be back.”


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