Revenge games to keep an eye on for the 2021 NFL season
Photo: Syracuse

The fans can’t wait for the upcoming 2021 NFL season to kick off and see their favourite stars in action soon.

The season’s schedule has been released recently and this means that it’s time to mark your calendars for some blockbuster clashes in the competition.

There are some heated match-ups on the cards that will have a great opportunity for top NFL stars to get revenge on the teams or players they share bad blood with.

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Sam Darnold vs Jets

Carolina Panthers recently got Sam Darnold and the USC star will be looking to make it big when the Panthers take on his former team New York Jets in the first week of the season.

Darnold’s reputation in the league declined since he got with the Jets. He had a good relationship with the Jets at the start, but that did not remain for long due to catastrophic decisions made by the franchise.

He was supposed to replace Joe Namath but ended up as one of the worst starters since the offensive line was repeatedly being ignored by the Jets’ board.

Jameis Winston vs Buccaneers

New Orleans superstar Jameis Winston has a match to look forward to in the upcoming NFL season. During his time with Tampa Bay Buccaneers, Winston did well throughout the season, but the errors in the last weeks of the 2019 season forced the side to look for other options. The Buccaneers then had to pivot to Tom Brady.

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Making Tom Brady their priority worked out extremely well for Tampa, but Winston will be determined to prove his worth when the Orleans take on Brady-led Tampa.

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Tom Brady vs New England Patriots

There’s no surprise here. Tom Brady and the Patriots did not part ways on the best of ways.

After his departure from the side last year, Brady told Jim Gray: “There are not many happy endings in sports, and you know that’s just the way it is. You always wish for everything to go, you know, like a fairy tale, but it doesn’t. Michael Jordan played for the Washington Wizards. I mean who would have ever believed that? And that’s just pro sports.”

Most NFL fans had no clue that Brady would be this successful after leaving Bill Belichick, but he had a surprise for everyone. He defied age, redeemed himself as one of the best quarterbacks in the league, and grabbed another Super Bowl ring in 2020.

Cam Newton vs Panthers

Cam Newton, 32, may have struggled in his debut season for New England Patriots, but he will try to give his best shot in the coming fixture against his former side – Caroline Panthers.

The football star had been with the Panthers since 2011 when got him in the first overall draft pick. But things changed when David Tepper became the new owner of the club in early 2020.


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