San Francisco 49ers
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San Francisco 49ers are one of the most expensive organisations in the NFL and they’ve made the most of their money.

The team is laden with big names and that’s what makes 49ers a team to look out for in the coming regular season that is set to begin in September.

Week 1 — San Fransico 49ers vs. Detroit Lions

The Niners had to deal with a lot of injuries last season. Things are likely to improve for them in September, and they should not have trouble winning the league opener against Detroit Lions.

Week 2 — San Francisco 49ers vs. Philadelphia Eagles

Against a penetrable defence of the Eagles, San Fransico s likely to catch them off guard with a lot of points.

Week 3 — San Francisco 49ers vs. Green Bay Packers

The Packers are one of the juggernauts of the NFL, but their struggle against the Bay Bombers in recent years has been quite evident. Considering their form, we can foresee the Niners winning this contest.

Week 4 — vs. Seattle Seahawks

This clash might be a low-scoring one, but the Bay Bombers should pull off a narrow win against Seattle.

Seattle Seahawks' Russell Wilson
Photo: Kirby Lee / USA TODAY Sports

Week 5 — vs. Arizona Cardinals

The scores were 1-1 when the Cardinals and Niners locked horns past season. They have had a difficult time overcoming each other and similar scenes are expected in Week 5. Arizona might clinch a victory in a nail-biting game.

There’s no game scheduled for the Niners in Week 6.

Week 7 — vs. Indianapolis Colts

The Colts have just a better defence that is likely to hold off either Trey Lance or Jimmy Garoppolo.

Week 8 — vs. Chicago Bears

The Bears are going to struggle scoring points with a crippled offence. Hence, the Gold Rush should grab an easy win.

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Week 9 — vs. Arizona Cardinals

We will give this one to the Bay Bombers again.

Week 10 — vs. Los Angeles Rams

While the Niners are strong, the Rams seem like a stronger unit on paper. There’s a reason Los Angeles Rams are favourites in the NFC West heading in 2021.

Week 11 — vs. Jacksonville Jaguars

While Trevor Lawrence is there to strengthen the Jaguars’ offence, his presence alone is not going to solve their defensive woes. The Jaguars don’t seem to be thrashing the Niners in Week 11.

Week 12 — vs. Minnesota Vikings

The Vikings‘ reliance on Kirk Cousins could cost them a lot of games until they get hold of a veteran to replace him or support him in that position.

Week 13 — vs Seattle Seahawks

Recent clashes between the Seahawks and the Niners have been closer than ever, but we are going to give this one to Seattle.

Week 14 — vs. Cincinnati Bengals

The Bengals haven’t figured out what’s wrong with their defensive unit. This will easily be the place where the Nines can cash in and get an important win.

Week 15 — vs. Atlanta Falcons

Atalanta Falcons need to fill the void in their defence to have any chance of stopping a decent team like the 49ers.

Week 16 — vs. Tennessee Titans

The duo of Ryan Tannehill and Derrick Henry are going to have fun taking the game away from the Bay Bombers. They have proven time and again how lethal they could be in crucial games.

Week 17 — vs. Houston Texans

There’s no chance the Niners will let a sub-standard Texans side get a win.

Week 18 — vs. Los Angeles Rams

Apologies, Gold Rush fans. But the Rams will put a disappointing end to the 49ers’ season.


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