Seattle Seahawks: Schedule and chances for every matchup of new season
Photo: USA Today

Seattle Seahawks will enter the new season in August in full confidence. The reigning NFC West champions will be a tough side to play against.

Week 1 – Seahawks vs. Indianapolis Colts

Carson Wentz is good, but is he decent enough to give the Colts a major lead n the season opener? We don’t think so.

Week 2 – vs. Tennessee Titans

A high-scoring and nail-biting contest is likely to go down between the Titans and Seahawks, but Seattle will come out with a victory eventually.

Week 3 – vs. Minnesota Vikings

The Vikings don’t have the worst defence in the NFL, but what they have simply isn’t good enough to stop the Seahawks.

Week 4 – vs. San Francisco 49ers

San Francisco are going to have an edge over Seattle following a vicious Super Bowl hangover.

Seattle Seahawks schedule and 2021 season predictions
Photo: USA Today

Week 5 – vs. Los Angeles Rams

The offensive line of the Rams is just too much to handle for the Seahawks. LA will fly off to a great win in Week 5 courtesy of aerial attacks.

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Week 6 – vs. Pittsburgh Steelers

The Steelers are likely to lose this one at home in a nail-biting contest. The Seahawks are likely to clinch the game if it comes down to the last possession.

Week 7 – vs. New Orleans Saints

The situation between the Saints and QB Jameis Winston is likely to affect their offence. Given their current scenario, we are going to give the edge to the Seahawks.

Week 8 – vs. Jacksonville Jaguars

A lot of naive players are part of the Jaguars team and that is not going to help them trump a strong team of Seattle.

No game has been scheduled for Seattle Seahawks in Week 9.

Seattle Seahawks schedule
Photo: USA Today

Week 10 – vs. Green Bay Packers

With a player like Aaron Rodgers at their side, there’s no way the Packers are going to let the Seahawks grab a win before their eyes

Week 11 – vs. Arizona Cardinals

Cardinal quarterback Kyler Murray hasn’t really been tested in a pressure situation. While he is an extremely talented individual, it seems like this task will weigh heavy on him.

Week 12 – vs. Washington Football Team

The Football Team have one of the toughest defences in the league. They are not like to let the Seahawks’ offence run riot over them.

Week 13 – vs. San Francisco 49ers

The key to winning in this one will be grabbing early points since it is a high-pressure contest in Seattle’s backyard.

Week 14 – vs. Houston Texans

The Texans lack game-changing stars and this will hurt them throughout the coming season.

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Week 15 – vs. Los Angeles Rams

The Rams are a class apart. The likes of Robert Woods, Cooper Kupp and Van Jefferson will ensure that Los Angeles thumps the Seahawks with ease

Week 16 – vs. Chicago Bears

The Seahawks are different, dominant sides at home. It will be an easy task for the team to thrash the Bears.

Week 17 – vs. Detroit Lions

We will give this one to the Seahawks.

Week 18 – vs. Arizona Cardinals

The Cardinals are far superior when it comes to the comparison of both sides.

They are likely to grab a thrilling win over the Seahawks by making the most of their experienced campaigners.


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