Steelers vs Lions Post game fight
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A video has been circulating on social media after the Pittsburgh Steelers vs Detroit Lions match in which a woman can be seen slapping a man.

Steelers vs Lions: Ugly fight breaks out in the stands as woman slaps man

There was an argument going on between them both. However, things got ugly after the fight turned physical. We have seen fights before in the stands between the spectators but it brings nothing but chaos.

Steelers vs Lions fan fight: How it all started?

It’s just the preseason of the NFL but the fans are just too over-pumped. The video has captured an argument between a man and a woman.

In the beginning, the woman was seen yelling, ‘Shut up and get the f*** out!”

The woman might have made contact with him while shouting as the man thwarted her hand away and said, “Don’t touch me.”

Just after this, the whole havoc began and was witnessed by the nearby onlookers. The woman slapped the man on his face. The man retaliated with fury, trying to reach the woman and punch her. 

That was when a guy who might have been someone she knew intervened and jumped to her defence. It made things worse, fists flying everywhere. 

People started shouting as things got serious. The guy who was slapped was now trying to punch both woman and the man who stepped in to save her.

One punch knocked out the man who was trying to fight for the woman. The entire mess broke up as two more people decided to step in and stop the feud.

Watch the full Steelers vs Lions fan fight here.

Steelers vs Lions match: Pittsburgh Steelers rookies stole the show

The match was held in Heinz field Pittsburgh. The Steelers finished the match in style and crushed the Detroit Lions in their third preseason contest by 26-20.

The lions got just a few opportunities to make the score reasonable for them. Otherwise, it was a straightforward win for the Black and Gold team for most of the first three quarters.

The Steelers have the advantage of playing a home game. Pittsburgh’s rookies stole the show and dominated the whole game.

Steelers quarterback, Ben Roethlisberger’s stellar performance

Vintage Big Ben was on full display in the match that helped Stillers blow away the Lions completely and get their third preseason victory.

Roethlisberger was seen trying his best to win the game for his team. He kept on smashing the tackles of his opponents with fierce efforts. It seemed that luck was favouring him when he was running to the other side of the field and finding open receivers.

In another desperate move, he pump-faked the entire Lion’s defence and moved forward. This might be Big Ben’s last season, so he is putting his best efforts on the field. The Stellars No 7 is performing well in this do-or-die situation.

Detroit’s AJ Parker outdid himself in the match

Parker made a strong statement through his performance in the third game. His moves might not have changed the result for his team but he did his best. 

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Parker was around the football for nearly every tackle. He managed to play a significant role in shutting down the Stellars run game. The 23-year old did a team-high eight tackles and a pass deflection.

Although the Lions struggled on Saturday night against the Steelers, especially in the first half, they finally did gain some momentum in the second half. But this brought no luck to them as they eventually fell short for 26-20 in the game.


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