How to Watch the 2022 Puppy Bowl and Super Bowl Online

How to Watch Super Bowl and Puppy Bowl in 2022
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The 2022 Super Bowl will be held on Sunday, February 13. This year, the SoFi Stadium will host this amazing event. The league leaders on the NFC north Los Angeles Rams will play against the league leaders of the AFC North, Cincinnati Bengals.

Watch Puppy Bowl From Here

Besides the Super Bowl, the biggest show for the cutest puppies of the world, Puppy Bowl will be held on the same day, Super Bowl will take all the lights of the sports fans, where the Puppy Bowl will be there for entertaining the animal lovers of the world.

Here you will find all the possible ways to watch the Super Bowl and the Puppy Bowl 2022.

How to Watch the 2022 Super Bowl and Puppy Bowl Live Online?

Here are all the possible ways to watch Super Bowl 2022 online:

Super Bowl TV Broadcasting Info:

1. CBS (United States)

CBS has the right to broadcast the Super Bowl live to the fans of the USA. They have broadcasted most of the games of the NFL throughout the season. They will also broadcast the championship game on Sunday Night. With a cable TV subscription, you will be able to watch the game on CBS.

2. NBC Sports (United States)

NBC Sports is another place where the NFL games are broadcasted. They reserved the right to broadcast the Super Bowl this year to the football fans. With football, they also broadcast a various range of sports events around the year. This will be available with a cable subscription on your TV.

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3. Sky Sports (United Kingdom)

The most reliable place to watch the NFL in the United Kingdom is Sky Sports. Sky Sports show almost every match of the competition on their platform. They will broadcast the full event along with the halftime show on their TV channel. So, if you are excited to see this event on your television in the UK, you just need to subscribe to Sky Sports. Contact your operator if you are still out of the range.

4. TSN (Canada)

There is a huge fan of the NFL in Canada. To fulfill the need for the streaming of the NFL games, TSN has brought the right to broadcast them to the viewers. TSN is famous for broadcasting sports events in Canada. So, you can rely on TSN to watch the Super Bowl live.

Live Streaming Options:

1. Peacock:

The Super Bowl 2022 will be streamed live online by Peacock, NBC’s official platform. They offer all the CBS events including NFL on their platform. To view the game, you’ll need to pay $4.99 a month to subscribe to their channel. They offer a very high-quality stream in their channel.

2. CBS Sports APP:

CBS Sports APP will also show the event online. If you currently have a CBC subscription, you will not be charged any additional fees to view this event via the app. But if you are not, you will need to avail a subscription to watch the Super Bowl. It is supported in iPhone, iPad, Android phone and tablet, Roku, Apple TV, Xbox, and Amazon Fire TV, and all the streaming devices.

3. Fubo TV:

For $64.99, Fubo TV will stream the Super Bowl LVI online. Fubo TV is the best place to watch the NFL games online. They have a wide range of channels on their platform. you will be able to watch the game there via NBC. With this monthly membership, you will get access to a variety of exciting sporting events from across the world. Fubo will offer you a 7-day free subscription package.

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4. Sling TV:

Sling TV is a streaming television service that allows you to watch trending sports events live. NBC will be available on Sling TV, so as the Super Bowl. If you want to watch the game for less money, you’ll need to sign up with Sling. You will just have to pay $35 each month for your subscription. You will also get access to a free trial period.

5. DAZN:

If you are living in Canada, you’ll need to subscribe to DAZN for the Super Bowl stream. DAZN is the biggest OTT platform to watch all the trending sports. They broadcasted most of the NFL games on their channel. With only a monthly subscription of $19.99, you will get a wide range of sporting events on your streaming device. It is supported in almost all the streaming devices available.

Puppy Bowl Television Options:

The Puppy Bowl 2022 will be available on the Animal Planet TV channel. Animal Planet is a dedicated channel for animals. They broadcast adorable animals on their channel all over the day. They have reserved the right to show the cutest pets of the world on their channel.

Animal Planet will broadcast the full event from the beginning. You will simply need to log in to the channel. With the details of your cable provider, you will get access to this channel. For that, you will need a goof cable TV subscription. If you are out of the territory, take a new connection as fast as possible.

Live Streaming Options:

Discovery+ will live stream the Puppy Bowl 2022 on their OTT platform. So, if you want to watch the event there, you will need to subscribe to the channel. The monthly subscription will cost you $6.99. Discovery+ shows a lot of interesting sports events all over the year. This year, they will be showing the most adorable puppies on their online platform. It is supported in almost all streaming devices.

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