How to Watch Super Bowl on Amazon Fire TV Stick

The Super Bowl is the biggest event that American football has to offer. This is one of the biggest events there right after the FIFA World Cup. People are looking for a platform to enjoy this event. Here we will discuss how to watch the Super Bowl 2023 on Amazon Fire TV Stick.

The ticket price for the game is pretty high. Not everyone can buy it. Many of us are looking for ways to watch this on a streaming platform. If you’re wondering how to watch it on your Amazon Fire TV stick, then this guide will help you in that matter.

Inside the USA
  • Peacock
  • Sling TV
  • YouTube TV
  • fuboTV
  • Hulu+ Live TV
Outside the USA
  • DAZN (Canada)
  • Sky Sports (United Kingdom)

How to Watch the Super Bowl 2023 on Amazon Fire TV Stick

Step 1 – On your television, navigate to the left side of the screen and pick the search icon.

Step 2: You have a wide variety of possibilities to choose from, and you can go with the one that best suits your needs. The following is a list that has been provided. When you search for the platform, you might see it pop up as a suggestion while you’re doing so.

Step 3: After that, click on the app to download it to your device.

Step 4: Congratulations, all of your hard work is finished, and you can now launch the app and start watching the show.

Can I Watch the Game on Amazon Fire Stick in the USA?


Peacock is an application that can be found on the Amazon Fire TV Stick. It is one of the most prominent outlets that will provide coverage of the Super Bowl event.

It provides access to all of NBC’s programming, which is convenient given that NBC is the official broadcaster of the Super Bowl. As a result, the game may be watched and enjoyed in its entirety.

You just need to download the app on your Amazon Fire TV stick, and you’re ready to watch the event. Remember, you need to buy a paid subscription to it. Peacock charges $4.99 a month. We suggest you use the free trial version first before you decide to purchase it.

Sling TV

Inside the USA, Sling TV is one of the streaming platforms that is considered to be the most dependable and popular. It should come as no surprise to anyone that it will cover the Super Bowl game.

The excellent news is that Sling TV can now be accessed through the Amazon Fire TV Stick. You will need to download the app if it has not already been installed on your TV.

You need to change the payment information before signing in to the account, so make sure you do that first. It gives a seven-day trial period for the new subscriber. If you decide after the game that you do not want to continue using the subscription, you can terminate it. You’ll not be charged if you do so.

YouTube TV

With YouTube TV, you can watch the Super Bowl as NBC is available on YouTube TV. YouTube is one of the best platforms to watch the game in the USA. It is available on Amazon Firestick. You need to download it from the store, and you can enjoy the game.

YouTube TV charges $64.99 a month. It is expensive, but it offers 85 channels, including NBC.


In Amazon Fire TV Stick, fuboTV has to be the most recommended platform. Here you can enjoy the Super Bowl most as it offers the event to be watched in 4k. fuboTV is compatible with all Amazon devices, including Amazon Fire TV Stick.

fuboTV offers 220 channels which will cover mostly all the shows you’re looking for, including the Super Bowl in 4K resolution. In the USA, you can easily watch the game without any problem with fuboTV. Download the app and sign up for fuboTV.

fuboTV offers seven day trial period so you can enjoy the Super Bowl and later cancel the subscription.

Hulu+ Live TV

Hulu+ Live TV is also a very good platform that is available on Amazon Firestick. The process is the same. You need to download it from the store and sign up with accurate information. After that, you can enjoy Super Bowl anywhere in the USA.

Can I Watch the Game on Amazon Fire Stick Outside the USA?

There is a significant amount of enthusiasm for the Super Bowl, even in countries other than the United States.

Therefore, it would not be shocking if there were streaming services available in countries other than the United States that would show the Super Bowl 2023 live. The following are some available platforms to watch the game.


DAZN is a Canada-based platform that will broadcast the Super Bowl there. It is free to watch platform which provides service inside Canada. It is available on Amazon Fire TV Stick. All you need to do is just to find it and then download it from the Amazon store.

Sky Sports

Sky Sports is one of the most well-known names in the field of sports broadcasting. Sky Sports provides users in the United Kingdom with the ability to watch the Super Bowl. It holds the official rights to broadcast sporting events through its platform.

Unfortunately, the Sky Sports Go app is not available through Amazon. It is an application that can live stream the game on your device.

However, the Sky Sports channel is available on Now TV. Before you can access any of the Sky Sports channels, however, you will need to be enrolled in their membership plan.


Amazon Fire TV Stick is one of the great options that you can count on to watch the game. In this article, we have described how to watch the Super Bowl on Amazon Fire TV Stick.

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