How to Watch Super Bowl On Chromecast

Want to know how to stream the Super Bowl 2023 on Chromecast? And don’t know what your alternatives are? Do you not want to miss a single exciting moment?

Now there’s good news. Even if you don’t have cable, you can still watch the Super Bowl  2023 on Chromecast. Here, you’ll learn how to stream the Super Bowl on Chromecast and the various alternatives available. Learn more here, so you don’t miss the Big Game!

How to Watch the Super Bowl on Chromecast

Subscribers to YouTube TV can watch the game live by switching to CBS on the YouTube TV app or channel.

Those who subscribe to AT&T TV, Hulu with Live TV, or fuboTV will also get access to CBS.

Unfortunately, with Sling TV, that’s not the case. One option is to join up for a free trial of the service, use it for the game, and then cancel.

For those who prefer to watch the Super Bowl game live online, CBS’s official feed is available for free on and However, if you have Google TV and a Chromecast, you can still watch CBS Sports online and cast the video to your TV.

There will also be mobile app coverage, with CBS Sports, the NFL Network, and Yahoo Sports all offering live video on iOS and Android. The same holds true for “casting,” or sending content from a mobile app to a television set.

Viewers with a cable subscription can watch the game on ESPN Deportes in Spanish.

Options for Watching the Super Bowl on Chromecast

Hulu+ Live TV

You may watch the Super Bowl 2023 live and on-demand TV with Hulu+ Live TV. To watch live television on Hulu, you can choose between two different plans: one with advertisements and one without. Each plan costs $64.99 monthly or $70.99 monthly, respectively.

How to Watch Super Bowl 2023 in Singapore

The Super Bowl 2023 will be available on Hulu+ Live TV for PS4 subscribers who also have a CBS All Access subscription. A subscription to Hulu can be purchased from the PS5 Store.

Amazon Prime Video

Amazon Prime Video Stream live TV and thousands of hours of on-demand movies and TV shows. CBS All Access is a bonus channel available to Amazon Prime Video members.

Extra content on Amazon Prime Video is only available to Prime members. Amazon Prime subscribers pay $12.99 a month, and that includes access to Amazon Prime Video.

Amazon Prime members can purchase CBS All Access as a paid add-on for an additional $5.99 per month with minimal commercials or $9.99 per month with no commercials. Support for Amazon Prime has been added to the PlayStation Store.

YouTube TV

You may watch the Super Bowl on YouTube TV in 2023.

As two distinct offerings, YouTube TV and YouTube TV Premium do not share any content. There is no need to subscribe to YouTube TV Premium in order to watch the Super Bowl. That’s why people must only subscribe to YouTube TV.

In 2023, Fox will broadcast the Super Bowl, and YouTube TV will air the broadcast. YouTube TV’s several navigational choices all include links to the Fox channel. Before subscribing to YouTube TV on a PlayStation 4, users should make sure their local Fox station is included in the service’s channel lineup.

As soon as you’ve joined up, head over to Fox. Find all the details you need about the Super Bowl 2023 right here, or utilize the main menu to do so. With such a high-quality service, not even the most exciting moments will be missed.


The Chromecast offers access to the excellent CBS All Access program. The CBS Playstation app is easily accessible via download and installation. After that’s finished, you’re free to start playing Super Bowl on your Chromecast.

How to Watch Super Bowl 2023 in Argentina

Try CBS out for a whole week without spending a dime. If you just want to watch the game, there will be no fee.

BBC iPlayer

Internet Broadcasting System (iPlayer) from the British Broadcasting Corporation (BBC).

BBC iPlayer is the most widely used sports app in the world. There is a downloadable version for Chromecast. Add BBC iPlayer to the Chromecast’s video options. The BBC iPlayer app allows users to stream sporting events, including the Super Bowl, directly to their mobile devices in stunning 4K resolution.

Watch The Super Bowl  game on Chromecast for free

Since CBS will be airing the Super Bowl 2023 this year, the network’s website,, will be providing a free live video feed of the big event. While this does technically operate on mobile devices, it is best suited for PCs and laptops.

The CBS Sports app is essential if you want to watch the game live on your Android phone or tablet. Free of charge on the Google Play Store, the CBS Sports app will be streaming all day long of the Super Bowl coverage.

In addition to CBS’s official services, the Yahoo Sports app for Android devices will allow you to live stream Super Bowl 2023. The game will be available for streaming on Android and Android TV through the official NFL app.


Chromecast is a great choice for streaming this year’s Super Bowl game. Some of the aforementioned apps provide free trials and some regular charge payments. If you need a platform just for the weekend of the Super Bowl, then the trial version is worth a go. This post explains in detail how to stream the Super Bowl using Chromecast.

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