How to Watch Super Bowl on Xbox

The Super Bowl championship game consistently ranks as one of the most watched programs in the United States. More than 95 million people watched the broadcast last year. However, as more people like myself cut the cord, more and more sports enthusiasts are looking to the internet to stream the big game.

I’ve come to provide some assistance, then. I assume you have already connected to the internet and learned how to utilize it. In such a case, let’s go on to the next phase.

How to Watch the Super Bowl Game on Xbox

Most players are familiar with Xbox as a popular gaming platform. Windows is a product developed and marketed by Microsoft with a global presence. However, the Xbox One isn’t just for playing games. You can also use it to enjoy movies and TV shows on your big screen.

If you want to watch the Super Bowl 2023 on your Xbox one, follow the following steps.

Step One: First, you need an Xbox live account to stream the Super Bowl game. If you don’t have an account, you must go to and open a live account.

Step Two: Secondly, you must open the Xbox app guide to watch the game. You’ll find it on your apple/Android/amazon tv. Then go to the “My games and apps” option where you’ve to select the “Watch Tv” option.

Step Three: Finally, To watch Super Bowl, scroll down and select the “Super Bowl LVII” option. After this, You’ll be able to enjoy the Superbowl game.

Some Facts about Watching the Super Bowl on Xbox

If you have a cable or satellite TV subscription and an Xbox, you may watch the game live from any place in the world. Those without Xbox consoles can still catch the game’s opening minutes in real-time, but they’ll need to record it if they want to see the rest (including the commercial breaks).

Follow these instructions to avoid missing any action during commercial breaks and continue viewing the game later on your Xbox.

When prompted for your location, select the United States option (by pressing the A button next to “USA”), and then select your city from the list that appears (this list will grow as we get closer to Super Bowl LIII). When you’ve settled on a city, hit A again to go to the “Watch TV” menu.

How to Watch the Game on Xbox Online

If You’re reluctant to pay cable subscriptions to avail of live streaming of super bowl games, then no need to worry about it. Still, there’s a way to enjoy Superbowl games Throughout online. Here are a few steps You’ll need to follow.

Step one: First, you have to install the latest update of your Xbox one.

Step Two: Then you must sign in to your Xbox live account with your username and password.

Step Three: Now You’re done enjoying your Super bowl game online.


If you’re looking ahead to 2023, you can mark your calendars for Super Bowl 2023, the thirteenth in the Super Bowl title game series. We have detailed the steps and required apps to stream Super Bowl LVII on Xbox One. If you’re interested in watching Superbowl on Xbox, this article will help you.


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