The Greatest Dallas Cowboys of All Time

The Dallas Cowboys are not only among the best NFL teams, but they are also the most valued franchise in the league. Why? The Cowboys have produced a good number of standout players since they joined the NFL in 1960.

In fact, the Cowboys have been among the most dominant teams in football, earning rings with Hall-of-Fame Cowboys players. Add to that the Cowboys’ propensity for drafting several of the game’s all-time superstar players.

It’s easy to see why so many are Cowboys supporters. Check the current and upcoming NFL games on The Sports Geek and find out more If you’re also an enthusiast. Learn about five of the greatest Cowboys players in this article.

1. Roger Staubach

Roger Staubach joined the Cowboys in 1995 and played in a starting position two years later following his service in the Navy from 1965 to 1969. Dallas finished 10-0 in his debut, and in 1971, he won a Super Bowl.

Captain Comeback” won his first of two NFL titles that season, amassing team records with 22,700 career yards and 153 touchdown passes. The Super Bowl VI MVP, Staubach, earned six Pro Bowl selections and was inducted into the Hall of Fame in 1985.

2. Emmit Smith

Emmitt Smith has nine of the 16 greatest single-season running totals in franchise history. He set a record of 1,773 yards in 1995, which remained until 2014. No Dallas runner ever came close to matching his season total of 25 touchdowns.

As a member of the 2002 Cowboys, he officially broke Walter Payton’s record before finishing his career with Arizona Cardinals. Smith racked up more than 20,000 yards with Dallas from scrimmage, scoring 75 times on the ground and 11 times through the air. Smith was a three-time Super Bowl champion. In 2010, he was inducted into the Hall of Fame on the first ballot.

3. Bob Lilly

Lilly was the initial choice and the first member of the Dallas Cowboys to be in the NFL Hall of Fame. He is also considered one of the best defensive tackles of all time. Lilly won one Super Bowl and has seven All-Pro nominations over his career.

Throughout his NFL career, Lilly unofficially had 95.5 sacks. As a defensive lineman, he was quick, aggressive, and adaptable. Lilly could effortlessly overpass chop blocks as he made his way to the backfield. He is known as “Mr. Cowboy.”

4. Randy White

Randy White was the No. 2 overall choice in the 1975 draft after a stellar collegiate career at Maryland. White was a seven-time first-team All-Pro defensive lineman who shared Super Bowl XII MVP honors with teammate Harvey Martin. Throughout his 14 years in Dallas, White had 1,104 tackles and 111 sacks. With the 1994 class, White, also a College Football Hall of Fame member, got his bust at Canton.

5. Troy Aikman

Aikman was the most effective quarterback in the league from 1991 and 1996. He was the league’s best quarterback in 1993 and 1995, with adjusted net yards per pass attempt of 69.1%. However, he wasn’t the center of the offense even though he was the quarterback of the Cowboys teams that won Super Bowls. Emmitt Smith was the man.

The Best of The Best

With ever-higher expectations for players and teams to meet, the NFL has long served as a tremendous showcase of individual potential. Talent scouts need to be on the lookout for opportunities to succeed in the league.

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