Washington Football Team
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NFC East champions Washington Football Team have a great edge rusher in Chase Young and an equally great attack led by veteran quarterback Ryan Fitzpatrick.

Here are the schedule and predictions for Washington Football Team:

Week 1 — Washington Football Team vs. Los Angeles Chargers

We will give this one to Washington considering they will have a big advantage playing the season opener at home.

Week 2 — vs. New York Giants

Although. the Giants and Washington are evenly matched sides, but we will give the edge to the Redskins considering the Giant’s poor run in road games.

Week 3 — vs. Buffalo Bills

Josh Allen and co will hand over an easy win to the Bills.

Week 4 — vs. Atlanta Falcons

There’s no question about the quality of Matt Ryan as Falcons’ QB, but the Redskins will be just too much for Atlanta.

Week 5 — vs. New Orleans Saints

We feel that the Saints will lose a thriller against the Football Team.

Week 6 — vs. Kansas City Chiefs

The Chiefs are a formidable unit and last year’s Super Bowl runners-up seem to be winning this one quite easily.

Week 7 — vs. Green Bay Packers

With a star player like Aaron Rodgers in the team, the Packers should get a win easily.

Week 8 — vs. Denver Broncos

As well-rounded as they may seem, the Redskins don’t seem to have enough to stop the offensive unit of the Denver Broncos.

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The Football Team will not have any game in Week 9.

Week 10 — vs. Tampa Bay Buccaneers

No question about this matchup. You and we both know how Tampa Bay will stroll past Washington Football Team.

Week 11 — vs. Carolina Panthers

We can foresee a low-scoring contest and Carolina ultimately winning the game.

Week 12 — vs. Seattle Seahawks

Apart from Jamal Adams, Seattle doesn’t have other reliable players in their defence. This is why the Redskins should fetch another win.

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Week 13 — vs. Las Vegas Raiders

Derek Carr and co are likely to withstand the Football Team and pull off a narrow win.

Week 14 — vs. Dallas Cowboys

Redskins did not have the best home record a season ago. Washington ended up with a 3-5 record. But things are likely to change for them under Ron River.

Week 15 — vs Philadelphia Eagles

Philadelphia Eagles are lacking not one, not two, but multiple loopholes. They need to elevate their overall game to really have a competition with juggernauts of the league. Hence, this one should be an easy victory for Washington.

Week 16 — vs. Dallas Cowboys

Considering the home advantage, we will give this one to the Cowboys.

Week 17 — vs. Philadelphia Eagles

Persistent defensive woes are likely to let down the Eagles’ fans once again in Week 17.

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Not just the Redskins, but the Eagles can face a lot of defeats in the coming season if they don’t stop the runs of opponents at crucial stages.

Week 18 — vs. New York Giants

Since 2011, the Football Team has won only twice in Jersey against New York Giants. They are likely to suffer another defeat in the last game of the season.


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