Most watched sports events worldwide are based on their worldwide viewership and audience. What are the most watched sports in your country? It depends on where you live.

Sports are now one of the vital parts of our lives. It won’t be wrong if I say it is now one of the biggest industries in the world. Millions of people worldwide are attached professionally to different sports.

Professional sportspersons earn a high standard of living from their profession. Even some of the richest athletes have billions of dollars in net worth.

Men have been interested in sports and games since ancient history. Some modern sports have their roots in ancient history.

We have written an article about the world’s most popular sports, indicating that there are billions of sports fans worldwide.

Top 10 Most Watched Sports Events in the World 2022

In every sport, some big rivalries are watched worldwide by fans who are not regular viewers. They just watch and enjoy these classes of big rivalries, which is why sports advertisers notice a huge spike in the graph of viewers during such matches.

In the modern era, it is very easy to identify which is the most watched event in the world. The views of any event tell about the popularity of the event.

Here we have ranked ten of the most-watched sports events based on their media presence and the number of viewers of that event. These famous sports events are:

Rank Sports Event Viewers
1 FIFA World Cup 4 billion
2 Cricket World Cup 2.8 billion
3 Tour de France 2.4 billion
4 Summer Olympics 2 billion
5 Winter Olympics 2 billion
6 UEFA Champions League (Finals) 1.7 billion
7 El Classico 1.3 billion
8 FIFA Women’s World Cup 1.3 billion
9 Boxing 900 million
10 Super Bowl 100 million

The shocking number of viewers of these sports clearly says how viewers of sports are emerging worldwide. Let’s have some details about all these popular events.

10. Super Bowl

 Super Bowl

NFL is the most popular sport in America. It is watched mostly in North America, especially in the United States. Super Bowl is the final playoff game of the NFL that is played manually to determine the League’s champion of every season.

As NFL is the most watched league in the United States, its final gets more views from the country and other countries. The previous viewership history reaches near about a hundred million viewers.

An increase in the number of viewers is expected in the next super bowl because of its fame which is increasing daily.

9. Boxing



Boxing is one of the oldest sports on the planet. It has millions of fans all over the world. It is ranked one of the most popular sports worldwide because some fights are watched by millions of viewers worldwide.

Floyd Mayweather V Manny Pacquiao in 2015 was the most watched ever match that has been watched by more than 900 million people worldwide.

More viewers mean more revenue; boxing is a high revenue-generating sport paying very high to professionals. Some boxers are listed among the richest athletes in the world.

8. FIFA Women’s World Cup

FIFA Women’s World Cup

A significant increase in the viewership of women’s sports events was recorded last year. The FIFA world cup is the biggest and most popular women’s sports event globally.

Soccer is the most watched and played sport in the world. Millions of professionals are attached to the incredible sport. It has more professional leagues than any other sport.

The last women’s world cup was watched by more than 1.3 billion people worldwide. It is a 32-team tournament initially played by teams dividing into groups and knockouts in the next stage.

7. El Classico

El Classico

Another soccer-related event on the list, El classic, is a term that is used for a match between two of the biggest football rivals, FC Barcelona and Real Madrid of the Spanish La Liga.

Because football has billions of fans on the planet, so every big event is watched by billions. El Classico’s history tells 1.2 billion people have watched it.

After the departure of the two big football rivals, Cristiano Ronaldo and Lionel Messi, football fans somehow lost their interest in El Classico. This was why there was a significant decrease in the viewers of the event after Ronaldo and Messi’s departure from La Liga.

6. UEFA Champions League Finals

UEFA Champions League Finals

UEFA Champions League is the biggest football league in the world. It has fans from every football league because of its nature and structure.

Football teams from different world leagues play a qualifying round before their regular Champions League appearance. Different teams from different football leagues qualify for the UCL and get drawn into different groups.

After passing the knockout stages, two of the 32 teams reach the final, becoming the most exciting moment for football fans. A 1.7 billion viewership has been recorded in the UEFA Champions League finals.

5. Winter Olympics

Winter Olympics

Winter and Summer Olympics are the two big sports events. As the name suggests, the winter Olympics is a multi-sport event held every four years for sports played on ice or snow.

Athletes from all over the world take part in the mega sports event. Some popular winter sports are alpine skiing, ice hockey, Speed skating, etc.

4. Summer Olympics

Summer Olympics

Like the winter Olympics, the summer Olympics is a multi-sport event held once every four years. Summer Olympics is the biggest multi-sport event in the world in terms of participants and sports.

The last viewership history shows the mega event has more than 2 billion viewers on the planet. It includes some of the most popular sports in the world, such as basketball, boxing, and football.

3. Tour de France

Tour de France

We have been researching and suffering on the internet before including the name of Tour de France on the list of most watched sports events. Finally, some sources indicate that it has more than 2.4 billion views.

The Tour de France is a men’s multiple-stage bicycle race held annually. The tour is primarily held in France but also passes through other countries. The tour consists of different stages.

2. Cricket World Cup

 Cricket World Cup

Let’s move towards the 2nd most watched sports event in the world. If you are a reader from Asia, you might have predicted it before, but it can be surprising for readers from other parts of the world where cricket is not as famous as in Asia.

Cricket is a team sport with a bat and a ball like a baseball. It has billions of fans across the planet. The Cricket world cup is the sport’s biggest event and is held once every four years in the ODI division and every year in the T20 division.

Cricket is the most popular sport in Asia, the world’s biggest continent. This can be one of the reasons for its billions of views.

1. FIFA World Cup

 FIFA World Cup

You might have predicted which sport can be at the top of the list earlier. Soccer is the most popular sport in the world, and its big events have views for billions.

The FIFA world cup is not only the biggest football event but also the biggest sports event in the world right now. It has more than four billion views before the FIFA World Cup 2022.

A chance of a significant increase in the number of viewers is predicted for the FIFA world cup 2022 in Qatar. The event is considered the most profitable sports event in the world.

Which is the Watched Sports Event in the World?

Without any near competitor, the FIFA World Cup is the most-watched sports event in the world. It has more than 4 billion viewers on the planet.


Every sport has its fanbase; none of the sports is bad for its fans and professionals. Some sports attract fans more and are easy to understand; that is why kids start playing them in the streets, which is how it gets fame.

The FIFA world cup is the biggest sports event in the world that is held once every four years.

Golam Muktadir is a passionate sports fan and a dedicated movie buff. He has been writing about both topics for over a decade and has a wealth of knowledge and experience to share with his readers. Muktadir has a degree in journalism and has written for several well-known publications, including Surprise Sports and Surprise Movies.


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