Best Professional Foosball Tables For Ultimate Performance

Together with the advanced structure and durability factor, the best professional foosball tables are here for you. Every aspect regarding the parts of the format is properly connected with a balanced design. The legs have levelers and a supportive structure to hold the upper ground side.

Also, the placement of the rod on each side of the table comes with smooth finishing. The manufacturing of men players on the playing field also possesses multiplayer standards numbers of placements with a realistic exterior.

Best Professional Foosball Tables For Ultimate Performance

Moreover, the surface design comprises aligning the ground exterior throughout the length. The design of men is appealing with realistic manufacturing and striking impact on balls as well.

Best Professional Foosball Tables | Editorial Pick



Best Choice Products

Best Choice Products 48-Inch Foosball Table

  • 33-Inch Height
  • Chrome Finish
  • Better Coverage



Rally and Roar

Rally and Roar Foosball Table Game

  • Perfect Height
  • Flexible Leveler
  • Bead Scoring



Warrior Table Soccer Pro

Warrior Table Soccer Pro Foosball Table

  • Supports 4 Players
  • Sturdy Design
  • ITSF Approved

Best Professional Foosball Tables | Detailed Reviews

We have already reviewed some of the best folding foosball tables to try this year. But if you are looking for a professional approach, here are the tables to go for.


Best Choice Products 48-Inch Foosball Table

Best Choice Products 48-Inch Foosball Table


33-Inch Table Height

Chrome-Finished Rods


  • You’ll get 33 inches of table height which is medium-sized and easily reachable for all ages
  • The manufacturers have also included 2 soft quality soccer balls in the foosball table package
  • Chrome finished steel rods are also here on the handling structure for a better coverage
  • The construction of men players have a natural-looking visual appearance and striking impact

The best choice offers a composite body construction of a foosball table with precise measurements. The legs have a balanced formation with the proper structure given by the manufactures.

Moreover, the mid-sized gaming surface with the proper weight distribution of a total proportion makes it perfect for professionals. Without any doubt, it is one of the highest-quality foosball tables to try this year.


  • Dimensions: 48 x 24 x 33 inches
  • Weight: 52 lbs.
  • Color: brown
  • Material: MDF steel, Engineered Wood & Alloy Steel
  • Total Rods: 8
  • Assembly Required: Yes

Ergonomic Style Handling: The handles are smooth with proper covering sensation and a swift movement feature. Plus, the ergonomic style will ensure the rigidity of the handles while placing the players in different positions for striking.

Gaming Structure: 8 handling rows are featured on the foosball table featuring 4 rows for each player’s side. The swiftness of the rods is sustaining from top to bottom with the complete finishing of the body. Plus, there are 11 red players together with 11 white having standard placements.

Table Manufacturing: The body construction is an MDF steel structure along with the premium alignment of the exterior surface. Withal, you’ll experience a wooden frame structure foosball platform where the ball sliding is comparatively much smoother than the usual ones.

Firm Rods Connection: The finishing of the rods with chrome-plated layers to ensure the stability of the design. Further, the 48 inches of table length sustain the balancing placement on the ground due to the sturdy connections of each piece of equipment.


  • Durable wooden construction with balanced body
  • Realistic structured men on playing field with 2 teaming platform
  • Cup holders on both sides of tables
  • Chrome-plated finishing with ergonomic style handles are here
  • The price tag is low


  • A customer reported few missing parts
  • Not sturdy as mentioned

Our Take: This Best Choice foosball table has an ergonomic style handling grip rods, and MDF steel construction also introduced a wooden frame structure with a balanced format. It is considered one of the best foosball tables for professionals.


Rally and Roar Foosball Table Game

Rally and Roar Foosball Table Game


Chrome-Plated Finish

Ramped Boundaries


  • You’ll get comfortable gripping handles with chrome-plated finishing on the exterior
  • Oversized 5 inches flexible levelers are there to maintain stability on all type of floors
  • Ramped boundaries of the playfield offer a nonstop movement to the ball
  • The traditional bead scoring system adds more visuality to the gameplay

These best professional foosball tables are providing the best smooth playfield with more exciting features. Plus, these tables are engineered with sturdy wood, providing heavy-duty for a lifetime.

In addition to this, it offers easy and quick assembling and playing necessaries for a quick setup. Just have some high-quality foosball balls on your side to have real fun with your friends.


  • Weight: 74.8 lbs.
  • Color: brown & black
  • Material: wood & metal
  • Leg Levelers: 5 inches
  • Rod Thickness: 5/8 inches
  • Assembly Required: Yes

Immovable Game: This topmost table comes with four stout legs that have fixed levelers providing moving free gameplay. You can adjust these legs leveler according to your desire and following the sort of ground or floor. Moreover, these legs levelers are adjustable up to five inches offering the most stable game ever.

Bead Scorer: Don’t waste your time writing your scores on pages, and get this table to note your scores simply. This system is the rail fitted on both boundaries of the table for each player for quick access to their numbers. They just have to slide the number rail up and down to note the increase or decrease of points.

Cozy Grips: These grips of the steel rods are made of hardwood, providing a lifetime quality performance. Moreover, these wooden grips of rods have a sticky nature with hands that ensure you a firm and strong grip.

Ramp Playfield: Lamination-coated boundaries have a safe impact on the exterior body structure of the table. Withal, it provides extra movement to the ball and helps to prevent it from getting off the track.


  • A fifty-six inches spacious playfield for wide play
  • The complete range of playing accessories are available with package
  • Aprons of 1 inch are added to increase the durability
  • Perfect for indoor and outdoor gaming
  • Lightweight table and has a moderate price


  • Metal bar clips connection are not firm
  • A customer reported damages while assembling the table

Our Take: Play an immovable game with this foosball table that comes with the leg levelers elevating the stability to an end level. Further, this table is suitable for outdoor and indoor gaming that doubles your excitement level.


Warrior Table Soccer Pro Foosball Table

Warrior Table Soccer Pro Foosball Table


Multiplayer Compatible

ITSF Approved


  • A foosball table that has compatibility of four players
  • Guarding rods system help to distract the viewer or opponent from getting struck by fast-moving
  • The instability is under control, and leg levelers have extension flexibility of 5 inches
  • Split bearings are provided with the table, giving a bunch of quality features with the easy fixing of rods
  • USTSF or ITSF approved this table which ensures it is one of the best professional tables

All-new special and unique structural designed foosball table constructed with fine wood giving a smooth playing platform. This table is approved by international authorities and is recognized by the USTSF or ITSF organizations.

Subsequently, it adds exclusive classical features, including split bearings, leg levelers, and many more. Have one of the high-quality foosball table covers for this particular one to increase its longevity.


  • Dimensions: 56 x 30 x 36 inches
  • Weight: 195 lbs.
  • Color: black
  • Leg Levelers: 5 inches
  • Total Rods: 8
  • Assembly Required: Yes

Guarding Rods: As an accident, while playing fast and hard shots, you may hit the viewer or your opponent by the rods. That is why the manufacturers have installed a rod guarding security system for the viewers and players. Also, it supports distracting small children away from the table when the action is on.

Integrated Levelers: Playing on an unbalanced surface or ground may result in losing the stability of the table. Gets this table with up to 5 inches adjustable legs coming with top-quality levelers. Alongside, adjust the height of these levelers in accordance with the condition maintaining the table’s stability.

Split Bearings: Split bearing helps making fast and accurate shots with the rods. In addition, this bearing also works for easy assembling of the rods where you simply have to place the opening and fix it with the bearing.

Playing Compatibility: This table can support up to four players at a time, providing a tension-free and relaxed gaming experience. Additionally, eight steel rods are fixed in this table in which every player has to handle two rods for the best experience.


  • Tournament legal organizations have approved this gaming table
  • Solid steel rods improve the speed and pace of the hit ball
  • Ball returning system gives it an arcade look
  • Offers easy and quick assembling


  • There are some damages and scratches on the surface
  • The ball returner doesn’t work properly

Our Take: This easy assembling foosball table is renowned for its pace-creating feature, including stability, perfection, and substantiality. Further, it is approved by International Organizations to ensure performance.


EastPoint Sports Ellington 60″ Foosball Table Game

EastPoint Sports Ellington 60" Foosball Table Game


Bead-Style Scoring

Premium Leveler


  • Two bead scoring system on both sides of the table makes it more convenient and appealing
  • Get the table to have pre-assembled players on the rod to save your time on setting up
  • A ball returning system helps to keep your game on track without getting distracted
  • This table now comes with a legs leveler to adjust the stability according to unbalanced or steep surface

Enjoy the classical with this foosball table that ensures quality entertainment with a touch of smoothness. Particularly, the smooth surface has a balancing aspect from all corners providing your hit ball a seamless platform.

Plus, you’ll get a strong and sturdy metal construction body here with enhanced playability. And, of course, the regular height, length, and weight make it more appealing than ordinary tables.


  • Dimensions: 60 x 29.75 x 34 inches
  • Weight: 99.78 lbs.
  • Color: light brown
  • Material: wood, Alloy Steel
  • Total Rods: 8
  • Assembly Required: Yes

Legs Leveler: Legs levelers are adjustable according to the ground improvising the stability of your game. Even play on an unbalanced and uneven surface with just adjusting leg levelers. In addition, these leg levelers will give you the most satisfying gameplay you have ever had.

Ball Returning Cabinet: The ball returner will keep getting the scored ball out of the cabinet to the playing surface, saving you much time.

Assembled Players On Rods: To start the quickest game, buy this table that has foosball players attached with the rods. You don’t have to fix them on the rods because they are already attached to the steel rods by the manufacturing company. In addition, these foosball players have attached adhesively that are impossible to break.


  • Soccer style foosball adds an essence of soccer
  • A regular size table compatible for all age players
  • Hollow steel rods add more power to the shots
  • Budget-friendly foosball table


  • Difficult to assemble
  • Some rods have alignment issues

Our Take: An ultimate foosball table is introducing a ball returning feature with enhanced stability and smoothness available at an affordable price.


Hall of Games Foosball Table

Hall of Games Foosball Table


Completely Waterproof

Extra-Large Legs


  • Waterproof playfield increase the durability to lifetime for outdoor use
  • It has the extra-sized legs leveler enhancing the stability to an extreme level
  • Plastic handles of the rods provide the player an effortless and comfy carrying
  • High-quality metal bead scorer are fixed on the boundaries of the table for easy noting of scores
  • Four-layer aprons add additional support to the structure and playfield of the table

A supreme-class foosball table manufactured with the sturdiest aluminum. It has a smooth and level playing field giving extra quality attributes at a very affordable price tag.

Moreover, it helps in promoting stability, accuracy, pace, and durability with its features. It is surely among the best foosball tables under $500 to buy this year.


  • Dimensions: 55.75 x 29.63 x 35.5 inches
  • Weight: 165 lbs.
  • Color: black & silver
  • Base Material: Plastic, Metal, Aluminum, & Alloy Steel
  • Leg Levelers: 6 inches
  • Total Rods: 8
  • Assembly Required: Yes

Water-Resistance Composite Playfield: This table offers a six inches thick aluminum-made waterproof composite playing surface. In this case, The Hall of Game table is the best choice for outdoor use protected from rain or winds with introducing the same quality.

Extra Sized Levelers: These best professional foosball tables have brought you a lot of extra amazing features providing you stability at every step. Plus, the table has extra-sized levelers on each leg that can be adjustable up to a height of six-inch. So playing on an unbalanced surface is no more issue because these levelers won’t embarrass you with their reliability.

Metal Bead Scoring System: This is a very simple score counting system attached on the rail of the table for the player’s ease. Alongside, move the metal beads from right to left or left to right to count your increased and decreased score.

Handy Rods: 5/8 diameter chrome-plated aluminum-made rods help to carry on the intensity of the game to an ultimate level. These rods have very firm handles to carry them, making your shots more accurate and pacy.


  • Square steel legs escalate the durability of the table
  • Include two traditional sized foosballs
  • Rods are made anti-rust to double their life
  • It is easy to assemble


  • The playing surface is unstable
  • Dead spots are noticed on the table

Our Take: This securest foosball table comes with an air-resistant smooth surface having a bead scoring system making it more prominent. Further, it comes with oversized 6 inches leg levelers.


Atomic Gladiator 56″ Foosball Table

Atomic Gladiator 56" Foosball Table


Solid-Wood Construction

Ball-Returning System


  • Solid wood handles of rods provide a better and firm grip for the player
  • Ball returning internal features keeps your game fast and on track
  • Keep your cups and glasses secure on the integrated cups holders
  • Three and a half inches leg levelers proffers a tension-free stable game

A complete foosball table with extra features like stability, accuracy, smoothness, and many more. Secondly, the table has the most satisfying MDF apron playfield that increases the pace and timing of the ball.

And, it offers you to play on the steeper surface because of their levelers attached to the legs.


  • Dimensions: 26 x 31.25 x 34.76 inches
  • Weight: 53 kg
  • Color: black & brown
  • Material: Engineered Wood
  • Leg Levelers: 3.5 inches
  • Assembly Required: Yes

Level Sliding Surface: This foosball table has been providing extra smoothness and flow to the ball because of the MDF apron playfield it has. Furthermore, The top-notch playfield provides an extraordinary ball pace. Also, the MDF surface increases the durability of the table by protecting it against marks and scratches.

Grab Handles: To have a sturdy grip over the rods and to keep the viewer secure, the grips are designed with solid wood. In the meantime, these grab handles provide a strong grip to the player for extra adhesive carrying keeping your match on track.

Abacus Scoring: This table comes with a very interesting and exciting abacus score counting system attached on both sides of the table. It helps save your time where a player just has to move the beads left or right to note the score variations.

Best Stability: This table offers more stability with the well-built legs leveler; those are adjustable up to 3.5 inches keeping it fixed on the ground.


  • Made with the best quality engineered wood
  • It comes with four supreme class foosball
  • Balanced foosball players allow you to play without blocking
  • 4 balls come with the package


  • The rod hole has a drill on the center
  • Leg levelers are a bit small as compared to standard tables

Our Take: This Atomic Gladiator foosball table helps to increase the pace of the hit ball, adding up more accuracy made with the smoothest MDF apron sheet. Further, the leg levelers offer a stable and consistent game.


KICK Symphony 55″ Gray Foosball Table

KICK Symphony 55″ Gray Foosball Table


Stainless Steele Structure

Black ABS Handles


  • Foosball tables designed with stainless steel material
  • The gaming experience can be enhanced with ½ inches thick playing field
  • Leg levelers given with the tables provides a strong grip
  • 8 Semi-solid stainless steel rods enhance the durability of the materials
  • Black ABS handles with your package makes the men getting an easy grip
  • 28 pieces of uniform men containing red and blue colors are featured on the surface

KICK offers you the tables crafted with the best stainless steel material for an uninterrupted game experience for foosball lovers. Moreover, the smooth surface of these best professional foosball tables enhances your gaming experience while experiencing a balanced surface.

And most importantly, the exceptional weight of the table makes it more appealing.


  • Dimensions: 55 X 30 X 36 inches
  • Weight: 115 lbs.
  • Color: silver & black
  • Material: Stainless Steel
  • Leg Levelers: 5 inches
  • Assembly Required: Yes

Supportive Leg Levelers: You are provided with finely adjustable leg levelers up to five inches for a strong and smooth grip on the surface. Alongside, the rubber bottom of these leg levelers helps to place it anywhere with no hassle. Furthermore, the adopting gripped structure will let you place the table anywhere you desire.

Durable Rods: The manufacturers are introducing the everlasting Semi-solid stainless steel rods with the outer layer plated with chromium.

Strong Grip Handles: Black ABS handles given with the KICK foosball tables allow the player a smooth and strong grip impact. Additionally, the handles allow you to easily move the rod, which also enhances the quality of your game.

Area Of Structure: The KICK foosball table comes with a perfect length of 55 inches possessing a balanced surface throughout. On the other hand width of the table is 30 inches, and the height is 36 inches.


  • It comes with an unlimited warranty
  • Easy returning of the ball from both sides conveniently
  • Handles of the foosball tables have an easy and strong grip
  • Strong grip leg levelers
  • 2 Premium foosballs and 2 soccer balls are given with your package


  • No pre-drilled holes made for screw

Our Take: KICK offers football players an enhanced playing field of ½ inches along with highly developed stainless steel materials. Further, it offers a strong and comfortable grip.

FAQ Regarding Best Professional Foosball Tables

Q. What are the best professional foosball tables?

According to our research, the best foosball tables for professionals are the Hall of Games Foosball Table, Best Choice Products 48-Inch Competition Sized Foosball Table, and Rally and Roar Foosball Table Game.

Q. How much is a good foosball table?

The prices of the foosball tables vary from company to company. The price of the foosball tables depends on the style, material, and other features. Usually, on our list, the price ranges from $150 to $1500.

Q. What should I look for when buying a foosball table?

To buy the best foosball table, you have to look at the skill of the players, leg levelers, size, material, as well as the configuration of Goldie. Further, make sure the table you choose comes with an adjustable height.

Best Professional Foosball Tables | Quick Comparison

Best Professional Foosball Tables - Infographics
Infographics: Best Professional Foosball Tables

Our Recommendation:

Our 1st recommendation for the professional foosball tables is the Hall of Games Foosball Table as the most premium design foosball table. Aluminum design construction and octagonal handling grip also include leg levelers to sustain the stability of the playing field.

Furthermore, our 2nd recommendation is the Best Choice Products 48-Inch Competition Sized Foosball Table as the most durable gaming table. It has a wooden frame structure along with chrome-plated rods having ergonomic handling grips.


After noticing all the remarkable aspects, these products can be concluded as the best professional foosball tables. Plus, you’ll get a professional-based gaming table with measured alignments of each piece of equipment placed on the playing field.

Subsequently, the rods come with smooth moving angle alignments throughout the surface. Moreover, the extended length of the playing surface will also ensure a better scenario of a multiplayer foosball environment. In the meantime, the handles have a proper grip with sharp finishing on the exterior side.

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