A.U. Lacrosse 2022
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We are down to Week 2 of the A.U. Lacrosse 2022 season 2. It will go underway on Thursday afternoon at the US Lacrosse Headquarters. Here we have everything about the A.U. Lacrosse 2022, week 2 preview, schedule, teams, and watching guide.

The Athletes Unlimited professional Lacrosse season 2 has gone underway from 21st July. Week 1 is done and dusted and we are all set for week 2. Caylee Waters, Sam Apuzzo, Kady Glynn, and Britt Read were the 4 captains of 4 teams in the opening week.

The top 4 scorers from the first week have been selected as the captains and four teams have been drafted from scratch for Week 2. Only Sam Apuzzo retains captaincy, scoring 467 points in Week 1. All the other three leading scorers were from Apuzzo’s team, Taylor Moreno 581, Amanda Johansen 576, and Dempsey Arsenault 451 points. The leading scorer after week 4 will be the champion of the A.U. Lacrosse 2022 season 2.

A.U. Lacrosse 2022 Week 2 Teams

Taylor Moreno, Amanda Johansen, Sam Apuzzo, and Dempsey Arsenault have been assigned captains for the four teams built from scratch. Here are the 4 teams and a full list of players.

Team Moreno

  • Taylor Moreno (Captain), Goalkeeper
  • Lindsey McKone, Midfielder
  • Jamie Ortega, Attacker
  • Kelly McPartland, Midfielder
  • Emma Trenchard, Defender
  • Jill Girardi, Midfielder
  • Cortney Fortunato, Attacker
  • Kristen Carr, Defender
  • Scottie Rose Growney, Attacker
  • Mollie Stevens, Attacker
  • Kyra Pelton, Defender
  • Taylor VanThof, Midfielder
  • Molly Little, Defender
  • Molly Dougherty, Goalkeeper

Team Johansen

  • Amanda Johansen (Captain), Midfielder
  • Haley Warden, Midfielder
  • Lauren Gilbert, Attacker
  • Becca Block, Defender
  • Britt Read, Goalkeeper
  • Alyssa Parrella, Midfielder
  • Caroline Wakefield, Defender
  • Grace Griffin, Midfielder
  • Nicole Levy, Attacker
  • Katrina Geiger, Defender
  • Sammy Jo Tracy, Attacker
  • Amber McKenzie, Defender
  • Molly Wolf, Goalkeeper
  • Izzy McMahon, Attacker

Team Apuzzo

  • Sam Apuzzo (Captain), Attacker
  • Ally Mastroianni, Midfielder
  • Charlotte North, Attacker
  • Kelsey Huff, Midfielder
  • Lizzie Colson, Defender
  • Katie O’Donnell, Midfielder
  • Kayla Wood, Defender
  • Sam Geiersbach, Attacker
  • Kady Glynn, Goalkeeper
  • Alex Aust Holman, Attacker
  • Ella Simkins, Defender
  • Kerrigan Miller, Midfielder
  • Mira Shane, Goalkeeper
  • Sydney Pirreca, Defender
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Team Arsenault

  • Dempsey Arsenault (Captain), Midfielder
  • Marie McCool, Midfielder
  • Kenzie Kent, Attacker
  • Ally Kennedy, Midfielder
  • Aurora Cordingley, Attacker
  • Courtney Taylor, Defender
  • Caylee Waters, Goalkeeper
  • Meg Douty, Defender
  • Halle Majorana, Attacker
  • Ally Palermo, Defender
  • Shayna Pirreca, Attacker
  • Sarah Cooper, Defender
  • Paulina DiFatta, Goalkeeper
  • Sydney Watson, Midfielder

A.U. Lacrosse 2022 Week 2 Schedule and Watching Guide

We have 6 games in Week 2, starting from 28th July to 31st July. The games will be available on ESPN Networks in the United States. Check out the game time and watching info right below.

All Times in ET

Game Teams Time TV/Live Stream
1 Team Apuzzo vs Team Johansen 28 July, at 5:00 pm ESPN 2
2 Team Moreno vs Team Arsenault 28 July, at 7:30 pm ESPN U
3 Team Arsenault vs Team Johansen 30 July, 1:30 pm ESPN+
4 Team Apuzzo vs Team Moreno 30  July, 4:00 pm ESPN2
5 Team Arsenault vs Team Apuzzo 31 July, at 1:00 pm ESPN+
6 Team Johansen vs Team Moreno 31, July, 3:30 pm ESPN+


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