AIHL in 2022
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Here we will talk about the AIHL 2022, how to live stream and how to watch on TV, teams and the schedule of the tournament.

AIHL is back with its season 2022. All the best ice hockey teams in Australia are gathered under the same roof. They are ready to begin the hockey’s biggest competition in AU and one of the most prestigious hockey tournaments. Fans are excited too. They will get to see their favourite team and players return on the court once after a while. AIHL tournament is ready to bring back the exciting traditional ice hockey tournament.

Tournament Preview:

AIHL is one of the most prominent hockey premier leagues in Australia. It has begun its journey 22 years ago. Since then the ice hockey championship is expanding its territory. It becoming a more popular and more honourable tournament in AU and the whole world.

This is gonna be one of the most important and exciting events in the all previous edition. For the last two years, AIHL was unable to host the event cause of the Covid-19 pandemic situation.

Both fans and players had a rough time cause of the Covid-19 situation. So, everyone is eagerly waiting to see the return of the Australia Ice Hockey League.

This returning to the AIHL in the premier league after two years gap will be a memorable event. The organisers and board members of the tournament decided to make a great returning occasion.

And not only this, in 2020, AIHL completed their 20 years of journey in the tournament. Back then they decided to celebrate the 20 years of the tournament. But they failed to organise that novel coronavirus. So, this time AIHL will celebrate their 20 years of journey.

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The 2022 AIHL started their tournament on April 30 and the final game will be played on September 2-4. There will be a total of 60 regular-season games. AIHL host two semifinal matches and a preliminary final and a grand final match for the Goodall Cup.

What is Goodall Cup?

The Goodall Cup is given to the winner of the AIHL tournament. The trophy is named after the Australian born famous John Edwin Goodall who originally donated the cup.

There are six main teams in the tournament. Two teams withdraw from the tournament and three teams in the exhibition sectors. (Below we will discuss more about the teams).

This year marks the first full 112 game season for the Goodall Cup since play was disrupted in 2020 by the COVID-19 pandemic and is set to be an action-packed return for Australia’s national men’s hockey league with the battle for the number one spot culminating in the AIHL Finals weekend on 3-4 September.

AIHL Schedule 2022:

The full schedule of this season is given below.

Date Home Team Away Team Location
30 Apr – Sat North Stars Mustangs Newcastle
Adrenaline Dogs Adelaide
Ice CBR Brave Melbourne
1 May – Sun Ice CBR Brave Melbourne
Adrenaline Dogs Adelaide
Bears Mustangs Macquarie
7 May – Sat Thunder Bears Perth
Mustangs North Stars Melbourne
CBR Brave Dogs Canberra
8 May – Sun Ice North Stars Melbourne
Thunder Bears Perth
Dogs CBR Brave Macquarie
14 May – Sat North Stars Bears Newcastle
Adrenaline Mustangs Adelaide
Dogs Thunder Macquarie
CBR Brave Ice Canberra
15 May – Sun Adrenaline Mustangs Adelaide
Bears Thunder Macquarie
CBR Brave Ice Canberra
20 May – Fri Ice Mustangs Melbourne
21 May – Sat Thunder CBR Brave Perth
Dogs North Stars Macquarie
Mustangs Bears Melbourne
22 May – Sun Ice Bears Melbourne
North Stars Dogs Newcastle
Thunder CBR Brave Perth
28 May – Sat North Stars Thunder Newcastle
Bears Ice Macquarie
Mustangs Adrenaline Melbourne
29 May – Sun Mustangs Adrenaline Melbourne
North Stars Thunder Newcastle
Dogs Ice Macquarie
CBR Brave Bears Canberra
3 Jun – Fri Bears Dogs Macquarie
4 Jun – Sat Adrenaline North Stars Adelaide
Dogs CBR Brave Macquarie
Ice Mustangs Melbourne
5 Jun – Sun Adrenaline North Stars Adelaide
Bears CBR Brave Macquarie
11 Jun – Sat North Stars Mustangs Newcastle
Thunder Adrenaline Perth
Dogs Ice Macquarie
CBR Brave Bears Canberra
12 Jun – Sun North Stars Ice Newcastle
Thunder Adrenaline Perth
Dogs Mustangs Macquarie
17 Jun – Fri Mustangs Ice Melbourne
18 Jun – Sat North Stars CBR Brave Newcastle
Dogs Bears Macquarie
Ice Thunder Melbourne
19 Jun – Sun Mustangs Thunder Melbourne
North Stars CBR Brave Newcastle
25 Jun – Sat Thunder North Stars Perth
Ice Bears Melbourne
CBR Brave Adrenaline Canberra
26 Jun – Sun Mustangs Bears Melbourne
Thunder North Stars Perth
CBR Brave Adrenaline Canberra
2 Jul – Sat North Stars Ice Newcastle
Adrenaline Thunder Adelaide
Bears Dogs Macquarie
Mustangs CBR Brave Melbourne
3 Jul – Sun Mustangs CBR Brave Melbourne
Adrenaline Thunder Adelaide
Bears Ice Macquarie
  9 Jul – Sat Thunder Mustangs Perth
Dogs North Stars Macquarie
Ice Adrenaline Melbourne
 10 Jul – Sun Ice Adrenaline Melbourne
Thunder Mustangs Perth
Bears CBR Brave Macquarie
16 Jul – Sat Adrenaline Ice Adelaide
Bears Thunder Macquarie
CBR Brave Mustangs Canberra
 17 Jul – Sun Adrenaline Ice Adelaide
North Stars Bears Newcastle
Dogs Thunder Macquarie
CBR Brave Mustangs Canberra
23 Jul – Sat Thunder Dogs Perth
Adrenaline Bears Adelaide
Mustangs Ice Melbourne
CBR Brave North Stars Canberra
 24 Jul – Sun Adrenaline Bears Adelaide
Thunder Dogs Perth
CBR Brave North Stars Canberra
30 Jul – Sat North Stars Dogs Newcastle
Bears Adrenaline Macquarie
Mustangs Thunder Melbourne
 31 Jul – Sun Ice Thunder Melbourne
Dogs Adrenaline Macquarie
  6 Aug – Sat Bears North Stars Macquarie
Ice Dogs Melbourne
   7 Aug – Sun Mustangs Dogs Melbourne
13 Aug – Sat North Stars Adrenaline Newcastle
Thunder Ice Perth
Bears Mustangs Macquarie
CBR Brave Dogs Canberra
 14 Aug – Sun North Stars Adrenaline Newcastle
Thunder Ice Perth
Dogs Mustangs Macquarie
19 Aug – Fri Dogs Bears Macquarie
20 Aug – Sat Dogs Adrenaline Macquarie
Ice North Stars Melbourne
CBR Brave Thunder Canberra
 21 Aug – Sun Mustangs North Stars Melbourne
Bears Adrenaline Macquarie
CBR Brave Thunder Canberra
27 Aug – Sat Adrenaline CBR Brave Adelaide
Bears North Stars Macquarie
Mustangs Dogs Melbourne
 28 Aug – Sun Ice Dogs Melbourne
Adrenaline CBR Brave Adelaide
  3 Sep – Sat Team 1 Team 4 Melbourne
Team 2 Team 3 Melbourne
  4 Sep – Sun Melbourne
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AIHL Teams in 2022:

At the beginning of the tournament, AIHL announced that 8 teams will compete in the final round of the tournament. But Perth Thunder had no option but to withdraw as they are having travel restrictions. And Adelaide Adrenaline was withdrawn from the tournament too.

Particapiting Teams

  1. CBR Brave
  2. Melbourne Ice
  3. Melbourne Mustang
  4. Newcastle Northstar
  5. Sydney Bears
  6. Sydney Ice Dogs

Exhibition Teams:

  1. Brisbane Lightning
  2. Central Coast Rhinos
  3. Perth Thunder

How to Watch AIHL on TV and Online in 2022?

AIHL has had a contract with Kayo Sports since the season of 2019. All the matches will be broadcast by Kayo Sports.

Fans can use different media to live stream the AIHL. They can use Fox Sports, AIHL TV or youtube to watch.

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