Bermuda SailGP in 2022
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Sail Grand Prix is going to start their season three first event with the 2022 Bermuda SailGP. Just in a few hours, the sailboat will go into the sea to start the race. The ocean is calling the drivers to begin one of the most thrilling race events in the world.

Here we will talk about the schedule, how to live stream and how to watch on TV along with a preview.





TV Channel: CBS






The Bermuda SailGP 2022 season is ready to go underway. All the preparation for the race is complete. The boats are hearing the horns of the ocean. Soon the best sailing drivers in the world will start the most dangerous racing in the world.

This will be the third season of Sail Grand Prix. Just in three seasons, it became one of the most popular racing events in the whole world. This year could be the fourth season of the tournament but in 2020, the tournament postponed its race and rescheduled the events. Cause of the Covid-19 pandemic they had to change the racing planning. This year there will be 10 events. The first event is going to start with Bermuda SailGP.

At first, the board of the SailGP thought to bring some changes to the tournament. Among their decisions, one of the major changes was they decided to bring 10 boats for season three. But unfortunately in the final moments, they had to withdraw the decision.

9 boats are fully ready to sail. And one boat is still under construction. If it was completed then we could see an even more thrilling race.

Japan got unlucky in the third season of Sail Grand prix. They failed to participate in the race as the tenth boat is not prepared yet. There will be a new team in the tournament. Canada is going to make their first SailGP race with Bermuda events. And Australia is critics’ favourite choice in tournaments. They are ready to do anything to defend their title.

Bermuda SailGP 2022 Schedule:

The SailGP is scheduled to play from May 14 to May 15, 2022.

Tournament start time Saturday May 14, 4:30 p.m. ET | Sunday May 15, 9:30 p.m. ET.

There will be a total of six races in the event. The first day will host three races and on the second day, there will be two more races. And the last day is booked for the final race.

How to Watch Bermuda SailGP on TV and Online in 2022:

CBS has the broadcasting right of Bermuda SailGP in 2022. They will broadcast the event in the USA. And Sky Sports is the official broadcaster of the tournament in the UK.

There are so ways available to watch the event online from anywhere you want.

UK fans can live stream the Bermuda SailGP with Sky Sports’ online network platform. All the Sky Sports media will have full coverage of event.

And fans from the USA can stream the event with Fubo TV. Kayo Sports and Foxtel will broadcast the 2022 Bermuda Sail Grand Prix in Australia.

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