Top 10+ Best Free Online Alarm Clock With Snooze & Music

Whether cartoon shows or real life, alarm clocks play an important part in maintaining our punctuality.

Waking up on time is important for us to follow our decided schedule using the best road trip planner apps. Gone are the days when we woke up on the bell of those classic alarm clocks. Every phone comes with an inbuilt alarm clock.

However, suppose you wish to own a different machine style to wake you up instead of individually purchasing it.

In that case, you can select any of the online clocks available. These clocks are free, but their interface will give you a different experience.

Then there are plenty of options available online. It doesn’t matter if you need a device to remind yourself of your tasks or duties; free online alarm clocks will surely win your hearts.

These alarm clocks available on the internet have many advantages over traditional ones. The first advantage is that it will save you money, and you must be thinking of purchasing an extra alarm clock.

An online alarm clock will provide you with multiple features that you won’t get on those conventional alarm clocks. Even the inbuilt alarm clocks will fail to match some features with those alarm clocks.

Along with these advantages of online alarm clocks, there are some shortcomings. You have to adjust to the medium volume of the online alarm clocks.

The volume level of your alarm clock will be equivalent to the volume level of your speaker device or phone. Like old machines dedicated to waking you up, these online alarm clocks are not portable.

An additional online alarm clock will require additional energy. Hence it would be a burden on your device. As we have discussed the pros and cons of online alarm clocks, if you still wish to use one, here is a list of the best.

10+ Best Free Online Alarm Clock or Times Clock

1. KukuKlok

As the name goes on, is completely oriented to waking its users on time. Being one of the most popular alarm clocks, this clock is one of the most popular alarm clock options among its contenders.

If you are looking for a straightforward and plain option for your alarm clock, this must be the right choice. This clock is known for its easy-to-use interface and simple features.

This alarm clock contains four different options for tones. You are free to choose the most desirable ones. If you are a no-fancy person, then this is your perfect match.

2. Online Clock

Another option is This option is rather more famous among those who wish to get more features to customize. Going a step ahead, this clock has more options for selecting tones.

It will give you options from small, medium, large, and x-large clocks. Along with the alarm clock feature, it has other features like timers, countdown, stopwatch, and many more.

This online clock also comes with the feature of a round timer. For those who are more careful about the appearance and display of their new clocks, this one will provide them with multiple backgrounds and sound options.

You can select from backgrounds like rain, aquarium, fireplace, flowing water waves, etc. If you are more into the world of imagination, the clock has abstract backgrounds with sound effects. Along with being an alarm clock, comes with the option of playing games.

3. MetaClock

With its simple interface, is another good option for those looking for a simple option. The online clock will impress you with its easy setup and some unique features.

If you are an avid Facebook user, then there are chances that you will like this clock very much. This clock can be linked to your Facebook account as well.

By linking your FB account to this clock, a pre-decided message will be pinged to your Facebook when you are about to wake up. Along with this, you can download your own personal tone and set it as your own personal wake-up tone.

4. SetAlarmClock

If you wish to opt for a new and easy option to manage your reminders, you should look for this option. will provide you with an easy alarm setup. With a single click, you will be able to set up alarm timings as well as other reminders. The makers believe in precision.

Hence they give you the option to set the alarm with ‘n seconds, minutes, or hours from this time’ kind of alarm. Along with setting the alarm, you can use the feature of a counter, stopwatch, timer, and online clock on your device. In this online clock, you can also select preset values of the time.

5. OnlineAlarmKur

This one is a compact and handy service for your device. Along with the basic feature of an alarm clock, also provides you with access to a youtube video or your favorite radio station. With access to radio and youtube, you can select the alarm tone of your choice.

Not just being limited to the English version, this online clock also can be operated in other languages. With this feature, you can select the language of your own choice to make it more personalized.

6. Onlive Clock

If you want many different features from your alarm clock, you must check out This online alarm clock comes with ample amounts of features for its users. The alarm clock also gives you the widget option, which can stay embedded on your device’s screen on other sites.

Along with working as an alarm clock, this online option will bring options like a countdown, calendar, stopwatch, and options. Along with this, you will also get a metronome and Christmas countdown. You can easily focus on your work with these multiple and unique features on your online clock.

To unlock these features, all you have to do is copy a code and paste it on your site. With this, you can embed the widget section on any of your sites. With all these features, you will get an additional timer and kitchen timer feature in this online alarm clock.

7. Online Video Clock

If you wish to look for more options with multiple features, you can see the reviews of This alarm clock will provide you with its service with an option to choose your alarm tone from youtube. And not only tone, but you can also select a video from youtube that will be played on the set alarm time on your device.

For this, you have to open the official website of this online clock and select a youtube video of your choice. It will provide you with features like a clock showing time. The alarm is equipped with a youtube video tone. However, this online alarm tone doesn’t have any other feature in it.

8. Online Alarm Clock

Moving away from the multi-featured online alarm clocks, this option is for those looking for a plain alarm clock for their device. Onlinealarmclock. Ms will provide you with a plain and simple experience of operating an alarm clock.

It has no high-level features and will suit the need of those who want a conventional alarm clock in their devices. The online alarm clock comes with an inbuilt green theme. At times, this theme resembles that of a printed circuit board.

9. vClock

With the mere name of the online clock, it is easy to guess that the clock comes with some interesting features for its users. This online alarm clock will provide features like connecting with social media accounts. You can integrate this alarm clock with your Facebook account.

There is also an option to link your account with Twitter also. By linking this clock to your social media accounts, you can invite your friends to select wake-up tones. In this feature of a selection of tones by friends, the clock will provide your friends with three youtube video options. Your friends can choose any of the three and set an alarm tone for you.

10. Online-Clock Alarm will provide you with its basic service. Along with this, the online clock will also provide you with other features like a timer, chronometer, and other things.

However, this alarm clock site doesn’t show a ticking clock on its site. But it also has the option of selecting your alarm tone from youtube. You can also upload your mp3 audio and select it as your alarm tone.


With all these options for online alarm clocks, you can easily select the most appropriate one for yourself.

Hence, research the internet and use online alarm clocks on your devices instead of buying a conventional ringing machine. Using online clocks is always better than buying a hardware machine.

We will keep adding more online alarm clocks with a snooze option in this post, so keep visiting CV to learn about them.

If you are using other free online alarm clocks with music, let us know via the comments below so we can add them. If you have any questions, feel free to ask us for help.

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