Essential Home Gym Equipment for Football Players 

Tom Brady, Davante Adams, Jalen Carter, and all our favorite footballers have one thing in common. Every single one of them is in tip top physical condition. As much as they need mental and technical ability, footballers also cannot do without being in shape. So they don’t only train on the pitch, they go to the gym. And the best players don’t stop there, they continue even at home. This extra work is what sets the very best in the game apart.

So if you’re thinking of building yourself a home gym, you’re making the right choice. That said, it can be confusing to know exactly what equipment you need in your gym. That’s what I’m here to help you do. I have for you seven pieces of equipment and accessories that you absolutely must have in your gym. Let’s find out what they are…

Seven Home Gym Equipment

Resistance bands

As a footballer, overall agility is one of your prime fitness goals. You want to move faster, shoot harder, and be stronger. One of the most versatile training accessories to help you achieve that are resistance bands. You can exercise your arms for extra pump, your legs for extra stamina and speed, or your core for better overall strength. Resistance bands are also easy to carry around so not only do you get a home gym with these things, you get a mobile gym. When you add the affordability and how easy they go on your muscles, resistance bands become a no-brainer.

You can use resistance bands for workouts such as bicep curls, the lateral squat walk, back pedals, and several other resistance band workouts for football players.

Speed rope

Simple to use, easy to get, and perfect for carrying around, a speed rope is another must-have in your home gym. Speed rope exercises are great for toning your arms and legs, building muscle coordination and endurance, and increasing your speed and power. Athletes from different sports like boxing and CrossFit also use speed ropes because of the incredible benefits.

Some speed rope exercises you could do include double unders, bounce jumps, forward straddles, and other speed rope workouts for football players.


All too often, I see people in gym who are shredded but can’t last two minutes on the treadmill. As a footballer, you can’t afford to be like those people because there are few traits more essential to a footballer than endurance. The treadmill is a machine that lets you go for a run without leaving your house.

You can adjust the speed as you see fit to focus on speed, endurance, or both. It also helps you build muscle in your legs to increase stamina, shot power, and balance. Think of all your favorite midfielders and their ability to keep running for the whole game. The treadmill can help you get there too.

Plyo boxes

Do you need help with your jumping? Plyo boxes are the solution to your problem. As a football player, jumping is a huge part of your game. They’re easy to get and store, and you can practice a number of drills on them to improve your jump and landing.

Free weights

If there’s one thing a football player has to have, it’s strength. It’s non-negotiable. This means strength building workouts have to be part of your routine, even at home. To effectively build strength, you need free weights in your gym. There are three types of free weights, each with their specific application. Dumbbells allow you to target specific areas like your triceps and biceps, a barbell is more suited for heavy lifting workouts, and kettlebells are awesome for building explosive power.

There are a ton of free weight workouts that would be perfect for a footballer’s routine. My advice would be to get one barbell and as many plates as you can get, and an adjustable dumbbell and kettlebell.


If free weights are a must-have in your home gym, surely you must have a rack as well. You can use either a power rack or a half rack depending on your situation, but you need one to effectively use your barbell. You can use the rack to store your barbells and carry out a number of exercises too.

Power tower

Like the rack, a power tower is another magnificent piece of gym equipment. It’s a platform that allows you to perform all kinds of upper body exercises and helps work your abdominal muscles too. If you get one of the quality ones like these, it could easily grow into your favorite spot in your home gym.

Final Thoughts

Playing football is a ton of fun, but it’s also a full-time job. This means you must prepare yourself diligently as you would for any other task. So keep your body fit, get yourself a small gym at home, and push yourself to be the best.

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