The FINA World Swimming Championships 2021 is going to be held from 16 to 21 December in Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates. This will be the 15th edition of the tournament.





Venue: Etihad Arena

TV Channel: NBC Sports, CBS




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Actually, this edition was scheduled to be held in 2020, but it was cancelled due to the COVID 19 situation. The best short Course swimmers in the world will be joining the tournament. Today, we will know when where and how to watch the tournament with full schedule here.

When is The 2021 FINA World Swimming Championships?

The 2021 FINA World Swimming Championship is going to start on Thursday, December 16, and will continue till Tuesday, 21 December. The schedules of the event finals are given  below: (All times are in ET)

Thursday, 16th December:

  • 09:00 am, Men 400m Freestyle Finals
  • 09:09 AM, Women 200m Freestyle Finals
  • 09:42 AM, Men 200m Butterfly Finals
  • 09:49 AM, Women 400m Medley Finals
  • 10:33 AM Men 200m Medley Finals
  • 10:47 AM Women 4x100m Freestyle Relay Finals
  • 10:56 AM Men 4x100m Freestyle Relay Finals

Friday, 17th December:

  • 09:00 AM Women 4x50m Medley Relay Finals
  • 09:07 AM Men 100m Backstroke Finals
  • 09:13 AM Women 200m Butterfly Finals
  • 09:28 AM Men 100m Breaststroke Finals
  • 09:42 AM Women 50m Breaststroke Finals
  • 09:55 AM Men 200m Freestyle Finals
  • 10:35 AM Women 100m Backstroke Finals
  • 10:49 AM Mixed 4x50m Freestyle Relay Finals

Saturday, 18th December:

  • 09:00 AM Men 200m Breaststroke Finals
  • 09:07 AM Women 100m Freestyle Finals
  • 09:23 AM Women 200m Backstroke Finals
  • 10:02 AM Men 100m Butterfly Finals
  • 10:41 AM Women 800m Freestyle Finals
  • 10:55 AM Mixed 4x50m Medley Relay Finals

Sunday, 19th December:

  • 09:00 AM Men 4x50m Freestyle Relay Finals
  • 09:06 AM Women 50m Butterfly Finals
  • 09:13 AM Men 100m Medley Finals
  • 09:19 AM Women 100m Medley Finals
  • 09:49 AM Women 400m Freestyle Finals
  • 10:06 AM Men 50m Freestyle Finals
  • 10:35 AM Men 50m Backstroke Final
  • 10:58 AM Men 4x200m Freestyle Relay Finals

Monday, 20th December:

  • 09:00 AM Men 4x50m Medley Relay Finals
  • 09:07 AM Women 200m Medley Finals
  • 09:41 AM Men 50m Butterfly Finals
  • 10:12 AM Women 50m Backstroke Finals
  • 10:25 AM Men 400m Medley Finals
  • 10:42 AM Women 100m Breaststroke Finals
  • 10:55 AM Women 4x200m Freestyle Relay Finals

Tuesday, 21st December:

  • 09:00 AM Women 4x50m Freestyle Relay Finals
  • 09:06AM Men 1500m Freestyle Finals
  • 09:35 AM Men 100m Freestyle Finals
  • 09:41 AM Women 200m Breaststroke Finals
  • 09:56 AM Men 200m Backstroke Finals
  • 10:10 AM Women 100m Butterfly Finals
  • 10:24 AM Men 50m Breaststroke Finals
  • 10:37 AM Women 50m Freestyle Finals
  • 10:50 AM Men 4x100m Medley Relay Finals
  • 11:06 AM Women 4x100m Medley Relay Finals

Where is the FINA Swimming Championships 2021 taking place?

The tournament is going to take place at Etihad Arena, Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates. You can watch the event directly from the arena if you are someone from there. The venue has a capacity of 18,000 spectators. The pricing of the tickets starts from 10 AED.

How to Watch FINA World Swimming Championships in 2021?

  • FINA Website
  • FINA Youtube Channel
  • CBC

You can watch the live stream of the  2021 FINA World Swimming Championships on the FINA website. They will show the events to the swimming fans. Some events will also be broadcast on the official youtube channel of FINA

If you are living in the USA, you can watch the event on In Canada, CBC will stream the event live.

How to watch the tournament on TV?

You will find plenty of options to watch the 2021 FINA World Swimming Championships. if you are living in the USA, you can watch the event on NBC Sports. CBC will show this amazing event in Canada. ESPN Latin America will show the match in the Caribbean & pan- South America.

Supersport has the right to broadcast the tournament in Latin America. CCTV will show the match in China. In Abu Dhabi, Abu Dhabi Sports Channel will show the match to the fans. You will need a cable TV connection to watch the match there. So, contact your cable TV provider if you are lacking the channels on your TV.


2021 FINA World Swimming Championships will be returning after a long time. As the last edition was postponed, fans are waiting eagerly for the tournament. So, if you are a swimming fan, call your friends, order some pizza and catch all the actions live.


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