Ice Hockey World Championship in 2022
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The 2022 IIHF World Championship is now underway today, May 13. All the best teams from all around the globe have gathered here to compete in the world’s most prestigious Ice Hockey championship. The defending champion Canada will start the game as one of the most favorites team. The hosting country Finland is also very critics’ favorite choice.

In our article, we will talk about when, where, schedule, how to live stream IIHF World Championship 2022, and how to watch on TV along with previews.


The IIHF Ice Hockey World Championship 2022 is fully prepared to start its new season. Just in a few hours competition for the world ice hockey will begin. Finland is playing a hosting part for the tournament.

It’s been a long time since no team has owned the Olympics ice hockey and World Ice Hockey championship at a time. But now Finland seems to have a great chance to win both tournaments. As they are the host of the tournament they get home advantage and that could help to rewrite the history once again.

The Ice Hockey World Championship used to hold with the winter Olympics. The two split in 1968 and started to host the individually. Since 1968 only Sweden was able to win both tournaments in the same year.

They made this record in 2006, and they are the only team to have such a record. In 2006, Sweden won the Turin Olympic Games and Riga Worlds Championship. Now Finland has a huge possibility to add there on the list. They got the opportunity and now they have to seize it.

There will be 16 teams competing in the Ice Hockey World Championship 2022. Finland qualified for the host team. At first Belarus and Russia were also included in the final 16 teams. But after Russia invades Ukraine, IIHF removed them from the game and banned Russia and Belarus from international hockey.

To fill the gaps of Russia and Belarus that were created after the banning, they bring two other teams. Now, instead of Russia and Belarus Austria and France get the chance of playing in the championship.

IIHF World Championship 2022 Schedule:

The Ice Hockey Championship is set to play from May 13 to May 29.

The Championship is set to take part in Finland. Tampere and Helsinki city will play the host of all the games of the tournament. The Nokia Arena stadium of Tampere is the main venue for the IIHF championship.

Here is the full schedule of IIHF Ice Hockey World Championship-

Friday 13 May

  • 16:20 – FRA vs. SVK, USA vs. LAT
  • 20:20 – GER vs. CAN, FIN vs. NOR

Saturday 14 May

  • 12:20 – DEN vs. KAZ, SWE vs. AUT
  • 16:20 – SUI vs. ITA, CZE vs. GBR
  • 20:20 – SVK vs. GER, LAT vs. FIN

Sunday 15 May

  • 12:20 – ITA vs. CAN, NOR vs. GBR
  • 16:20 – FRA vs. KAZ, AUT vs. USA
  • 20:20 – DEN vs. SUI, CZE vs. SWE

Monday 16 May

  • 16:20 – SVK vs. CAN, LAT vs. NOR
  • 20:20 – FRA vs. GER, FIN vs. USA

Tuesday 17 May

  • 16:20 – ITA vs. DEN, CZE vs. AUT
  • 20:20 – SUI vs. KAZ, SWE vs. GBR

Wednesday 18 May

  • 16:20 – FRA vs. ITA, NOR vs. AUT
  • 20:20 – SUI vs. SVK, FIN vs. SWE\

Thursday 19 May

  • 16:20 – GER vs. DEN, GBR vs. USA
  • 20:20 – CAN vs. KAZ, CZE vs. LAT

Friday 20 May

  • 16:20 – GER vs. ITA, GBR vs. FIN
  • 20:20 – KAZ vs. SVK, LAT vs. AUT

Saturday 21 May

  • 12:20 – DEN vs. FRA, USA vs. SWE
  • 16:20 – CAN vs. SUI, AUT vs. FIN
  • 20:20 – ITA vs. SVK, NOR vs. CZE

Sunday 22 May

  • 16:20 – KAZ vs. GER, GBR vs. LAT
  • 20:20 – SUI vs. FRA, SWE vs. NOR

Monday 23 May

  • 16:20 – KAZ vs. ITA, USA vs. CZE
  • 20:20 – CAN vs. DEN, AUT vs. GBR

Tuesday 24 May

  • 12:20 – GER vs. SUI, SWE vs. LAT
  • 16:20 – SVK vs. DEN, USA vs. NOR
  • 20:20 – CAN vs. FRA, FIN vs. CZE

Wednesday 25 May

  • No games scheduled

Thursday 26 May

  • 16:20 – Quarter-final games (2)
  • 20:20 – Quarter-final games (2)

Friday 27 May

  • No games scheduled

Saturday 28 May

  • 14:20 – Semi-final 1
  • 18:20 – Semi-final 2

Sunday 29 May

  • 15:20 – Bronze-medal game
  • 20:20 – Gold-medal game

How to Watch 2022 IIHF Ice Hockey World Championship Online and on TV?

There are several ways to live stream the IIHF World Championship. It will be broadcast all around the globe. Here is the TV channels name where you can watch the Ice Hockey World Championship in 2022.

  • Bosnia & Herzegovina: Arena Sport
  • Croatia: Arena Sport
  • Estonia: ERR
  • Great Britain: Premier Sport
  • Ireland: Premier Sport
  • Kosovo: Arena Sport
  • Montenegro: Arena Sport
  • North Macedonia: Arena Sport
  • Norway: Nent Norway
  • Poland: TVP Poland
  • Serbia: Arena Sport
  • Slovenia: RTV Slovenia, Sport TV
  • Ukraine: Poverkhnost

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