Rotterdam Marathon 2021
Photo: NN Marathon Rotterdam

The Rotterdam Marathon 2021 is going to take place on taking place on 23 & 24th October 2021. It is a very significant sports event of the year which brings a lot of racers together.

The marathon is the largest event in Netherland where almost a million spectators come to watch the event. This event is sponsored by NN. The course is fast and flat and the temperature and weather condition is very friendly. So, a good number of elite athletes will be participating in the event. 

Today, we will know when, where, and how to watch NN Rotterdam Marathon live stream here.

When and Where is the Rotterdam Marathon 2021?

The event is scheduled for two days. On Saturday, 23 Oct, there will be a city-run, NN kids run, and Schools and Club Run; where the main event will be starting from October 24. It will get underway with 5 waves. They are:( All times are in ET).

  • 1st Wave: 4.00 am
  • 2nd Wave: 4.07 am
  • 3rd Wave:  4.14 am
  • 4th Wave:  4.21 am
  • 5th Wave: 4.28 am


The course of this marathon is flat and traffic-free, so this will be a very fast race. It will start at foot of the Erasmusbrug and finish at Coolsingel in front of the Town Hall. The course is a total of 43 km long.

How to Live Stream the Rotterdam Marathon 2021?

Rotterdam Marathon live stream is available on Eversport TV. They will provide full coverage of the marathon event.

You can live stream the NN Rotterdam Marathon 2021 on Open Rotterdam TV. It’s free. You will just have to go to their website to watch the event. 

NPO will also broadcast this event for the marathon fans. It’s also a free live streaming platform where you can watch many live tv shows. 

Elite Fields Of the Marathon Rotterdam:

Men Elite:

  1. Marius Kipserem  (KEN) Course Record Holder  2.04.11
  2. Bashir Abdi (BEL) Tokyo Olympic Bronze medalist 2:04:49
  3. Solomon Deksisa (ETH) 2.04.40
  4. Emmanuel Saina (KEN) (2.05.02)
  5. Gideon Kipketer (KEN) (2.05.51)
  6. Dawit Wolde  (ETH) (2.06.18), 
  7. Kebede Wami Tulu  (ETH) (2.06.32)
  8. Limenih Getachew Yizengaw  (ETH) (2.06.47)
  9. John Langat (KEN) (2.07.11)
  10. Asefa Tefera Mengisa (ETH) (2.07.47)
  11. Cyrus Mutai (KEN)  (2.10.28)
  12. Titus Kipruto (KEN)  (2.12.43)

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Women Elite:

  1. Bornes Kitur (KEN) (2.21.26)
  2. Stella Barsosio (KEN) (2.23.36)
  3. Nataliya Lehonkova (UKR) (2.28.58)
  4. Runa Skrove Falch (NOR) (2.33.52)
  5. Louise Wiker (SWE) (2.36.29)
  6. Marijke Visser (debut)
  7. Jacelyn Gruppen (2.52.17)


The Rotterdam Marathon is a historical event of Holland. People celebrate and enjoy this as a fest. So if you are a racing fan, you can go to the spot to cheer your favorite racer, or you can watch the live stream online.


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