Switch to Commuting with Electric Bikes

Electric bicycles are designed to provide a better quality of commuting than traditional types. The battery included in its primary build means you can store enough charge to use on your trips. An electric motor is also included to output the power necessary for propulsion and crushing hilly terrain. With these features and more, e-bikes are suitable for commuting through the busy streets of your city.

An electric bike is perfect if you intend to downsize your car or switch from public transit. Using one reduces your transportation and car expenses while getting you to work without the delay of traffic. The better part is you get to spend way less on monthly maintenance, so you can save some money. But how do you enjoy these benefits of commuting with an e-bike? Keep reading for more information.

Tips for Commuting by E-bike

Commuting with an electric bike can be quite different from exercising with one. Alertness and creativity are required to ensure you enjoy smooth rides to and from your destination. Some tips to keep you safe on the streets include the following:

Invest in Quality Locks

One thing you will be doing from time to time is park your e-bike, whether taking it to work or to shop for groceries. However, using it after parking can depend on how good you are at handling criminals. You don’t necessarily have to confront them. Get high-quality locks instead, and make sure you have more than one. The longer it will take a thief to break through your security, the less interested they are likely to be in your two-wheeler. Ensure to park in an exposed area where you can see what’s going on around your e-bike.

Perform Regular Checks

Regular checks are necessary if you intend to consistently enjoy smooth commutes on your e-bike. Examining it regularly will keep it in good working condition, prolong its lifespan, and extend its battery life. Ensure to check all the components before and after every riding session. Wipe it down with a piece of clothing and some water. Make sure the tires are properly inflated to the right PSI. Lubricate the chain to avoid friction that could break it. Squeeze the brake levers to see if they are working properly. Check the battery terminals for exposure to salt and water.

Charge Regularly

Your e-bike is equipped with a battery that stores all the charge necessary to use electric power on your ride. It must be charged regularly to avoid a situation where you are far from home and unable to pedal. Before every ride, ensure you have enough juice to travel. Make sure you charge up to at least 70% after every trip. Know your e-bike range and plan your route accordingly to avoid running out of power. Use an e-bike with a long-range battery, like the KBO Breeze, that can travel up to 55+ miles on a single charge.

Know your Local Traffic Laws

The traffic laws of the area you live in should be at the back of your head every time you are on the streets. Try educating yourself if you don’t know enough, and they are usually very simple. In some cities, there are specific regulations regarding the use of electric bikes on roads. You should familiarize yourself with those guiding traffic to avoid run-ins with the law. Treat your e-bike like any other vehicle on the road and ride carefully. Go with the flow of traffic. Remember to use appropriate hand signals when turning.

Aim to Travel Light

Electric bikes come with a payload capacity, which is the total weight it can support comfortably while still providing a smooth, stable ride. Ensure to get one with enough to carry you and your load. However, the aim is to travel light despite the payload capacity, not to be heavily laden. Don’t carry more than you need on every trip. Loading your handlebars or basket can affect the stability of the e-bike. To enjoy smoother trips, use a backpack or rear rack instead to carry your belongings on your commute.

Have your Helmet Always

Your helmet is the most important gear when you’re commuting on an e-bike. It is better to avoid riding without it than to embark on such a trip. Remember your body is the only protection for your electric bike and yourself, so ensure to get the necessary gear for improving your safety. Most head injuries sustained while riding can be life-threatening or fatal. To reduce your chances of falling victim to the unexpected, wear a helmet always. It is the only protection for your valuable member, so ensure you do your best. You can also add gloves to keep warm. Visit our online store to shop for a Bluetooth helmet and battery-heated gloves.

Invest in your Visibility

Another way to improve your safety while on your electric bicycle is to find creative ways to increase your visibility to other motorists. This is especially useful if you usually head out early at dawn for your daily commute or come back late in the evening from work. If they can’t see you, chances are they will hit you. Before setting out, check to see if your headlight and rear/brake light are in working condition. Use reflectors on your e-bike if you will be riding in low-light conditions. Consider wearing brightly colored jackets on your clothes to improve your visibility. You can also wear a reflective jacket.


As you prepare to commute with your electric bicycle, the tips provided in this article are enough to plan your ride around. If you charge your battery, travel light, and perform routine checks on your e-bike, you can enjoy the full battery range. Investing in quality locks and visibility will ensure you and your equipment are safer. Other tips include preparing for the weather and planning your route to use bike lanes and trails to avoid traffic.

Getting the right e-bike for the job is the key to enjoying these benefits and others. The KBO Breeze is an impressively built commuting beast with a 48V 16Ah battery for your electric power use. Its features are specially adapted for cruising through the city streets, so you can breeze through, as the name suggests.

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