The Most Popular Sports Among GamStop Users

With the growth of the online betting industry, sports betting is in its phase of growth. This is turning the heads of punters who are interested in sports. Sportsbook has always been a favourable option for UK punters, but now there are various other games apart from just football and horse racing that is gaining popularity in the sports betting industry. The sports season invites pictures from all over the country to wager at different betting sites, casinos, and local sports book shops.

Brits prefer bookmakers that are not on GamStop, because they can offer more bonuses, options, etc. You can check here and discover which type of betting operators UK punters choose. At the current moment, there are five most popular sports that people in the UK prefer betting on. Those are as follows.


Football is considered the most popular spectator sport all over the world. From a sports betting point of view, it is the most favourable sport to place bets on. This is for the straightforwardness, ease, and popularity of the sport by itself. Betting on football only depends upon the prediction of the win or even the final result. There are advanced levels to it too.

Well-experienced punters with knowledge of football can play upon predictions made on corner kicks, throw-ins, and the duration of the game. Moreover, bets can be placed on the number of red cards and yellow cards issued and even who will receive one. Total research and knowledge about the game are essential before diving into sports betting, especially in the case of football.


Mostly preferred by newbies for ease, tennis is also attracting the eyes of experienced punters since there is no question of draws like in football. The types of bets placed are very simple and easy to understand, making them suitable for everyone to take part in. Prediction of the winner gets easier for this reason.

Total research on players’ backgrounds, rankings, and performances is indispensable before placing bets. Also, one can take the help of match predictions and analysis to get a clearer picture.

American Football 

The National Football League is the hub for attracting betting wealth in the US. Americans from the states that allow sports betting spend a fortune on wagering purposes. The annual Super Bowl is the climax point where bets worth millions and billions are put on one final game.

Horse Racing 

Betting on horse racing goes back to the date when it emerged as a sport. The popularity among UK punters is huge for horse racing. It has gained a high level of popularity among online bettors.

Knowledge about the factors determining the chances of a horse winning the race is important. Bettors should have insights into the effects of weather changes, mood, footing, and so on. Going through the statistical analysis before stepping forward for wagering is advised.


Studies show that current days basketball is the fastest to become popular. Among the leagues, the NBA is considered the most famous among other leagues, like the Collegiate League of the US and the European Basketball League. These leagues are not lagging in accumulating betting wealth all across the globe. The format of betting engaged in basketball is known as spread betting.

Spread betting requires a punter to predict the win of one team over the other involving a certain margin which is necessary for this type of betting. Prediction of the margin by which wanting to beat the other in a match where a strong team is playing with an underdog makes the process of getting even more thrilling for punters.


This list might come in handy for people who are trying to make their way into sports betting since it lists the top priorities of UK punters. It is always advised to do research before indulging in activities like this. Although there is no replacement for experience, one can take away a few tidbits of information that might help him choose what to select and what not to when placing their first bet.

While casinos operating under the license of the United Kingdom Gambling Commission (UKGC) need to abide by the principles of Gamstop, Gamcare, and Gamban, punters can avail of casino sites registered under offshore licensing authorities to avoid the stipulated ban for up to one year. Most of these casino sites offer an amazing blend of sports betting options along with traditional casino games such as Slots, Table Games, Bingo, Keno, and Live dealers. 

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