Top Best Sites Like To Download Online Videos

y2mate: Downloading videos from the internet can be challenging if you don’t know the proper resources and tools. While you can find everything in a single search, video downloaders and converters are still widely searched.

One website used and loved by everyone is y2mate, which offers every video downloading and converting feature one can request. If you have not used, give it a go; we are sure you will love it too.

This website offers many video-downloading features allowing you to download videos and audio files in the highest possible quality.


This post is about other sites like y2mate that offer the same features as this website. Since y2mate is available only as a website and a Google Chrome extension, many ISPs and governments have blocked access.

If you are not able to use y2mate or just looking for similar sites like y2mate, then you can find some other great alternatives to it in this post. These websites work perfectly on all devices and offer the same features as the official y2mate website.

You can try using these websites, and we are sure you will like them too, as we have tried each of them personally before listing them on this page.

What Is y2mate?

As we said above, y2mate is an online video downloader website that works with many websites and social networks. It doesn’t matter if you want to download videos from YouTube, Facebook, Dailymotion, etc.; you can use y2mate without issues. A simple copy-paste of the video URL will do the work.

Not only videos but you can also convert those videos into MP3 files using A search box on the y2mate website allows you to search for video and audio files directly from the website for downloading. Each file can be saved in different file formats, and that’s the best thing about y2mate.

Y2mate Alternatives | Top 10 Best Sites Like y2 mate


When discussing y2mate alternatives, the first website any other person would use is This website, like y2mate, is already popular and among the best online video downloaders. This website supports more networks than the y2mate, so you can consider using it if you are unsatisfied with the y2mate website.

If you want to know if SaveFrom supports any website or network, then you can simply add or before the video URL to download it directly using the website. Also, if you are downloading videos from YouTube, then simply add in place of to open the website with the video downloading options.

Offer YouTube Downloader

Offer might not be as popular as other websites mentioned on this page, but this website works pretty well when downloading YouTube videos. You must copy and paste the YouTube video URL in the given box and click Download. A list of all available video and audio formats will appear on your screen with the respective size.

Not only this, but you can also download YouTube playlists and all videos in one go using this website. It works on all types of devices, whether you are using a PC, Android, or iOS device. The only requirement for using this website is a web browser, and you are good to go with this free YouTube video downloader online.

As the name says, Download4 is a free video downloader website that works pretty well with many social media websites and video streaming platforms. Just the Offo and y2mate, you need to copy and paste the URL in the given box and click on the Download button to get a list of all available files with their file size.

This website supports more than 1000 platforms and can be used to convert videos too. If you are looking for YouTube to MP3 converter, even then, you can use this website without thinking twice. Recently, launched a service allowing users to download subtitles from a video without downloading the audio and video part.

Video Grabber

It supports a wide range of websites, and you can download videos in high-quality file formats for free. This website allows you to use its bookmark feature, where you just need to click on the bookmarklet from the bookmarks bar when you are on the video page to open the VideoGrabber website with the available download options.

While this website is very simple, many users are unaware of it. If you have not tried it yet, visit today to try it. Right now, the list of supported websites is small, but the developers are working on the website to increase the list of supported services for online video downloading needs.

Cover to

This free online YouTube to MP3 and YouTube to MP4 downloader and converter is used by millions of people every day. While it doesn’t offer a bookmarklet or short URLs feature, you can still use it as it offers downloading and converting videos from YouTube in many file formats that other websites listed on this page don’t.

Converto is completely free, and no signup or registration is needed to use this website, making downloading easier. The only downside of this website is that it works only with YouTube. So, if you are looking for a video downloading website to download videos from any other website or network, this is not what you are looking for.

Well, it is not KeepVid but Keepv. Id, so don’t get confused between the two. While KeepVid is another popular video downloader, it is available only as a tool. In place of that website using a name similar to that to provide video downloading features online as a website, and it supports many services too.

You can use the box to copy-paste the video URL or use it to search for videos. There is no limit to downloading video files via this website, so you can use it as long as you want. Also, it allows you to convert videos into audio formats, but the quality won’t be the same as it uses its own compression methods while converting the videos.

ClipConverter is an online video conversion application that allows you to convert and download videos from quite a lot of sources for free. The website is very popular among video downloaders, and you can download videos in 4K format. This file type is unavailable on many other sites, so it is an advantage of using this website.

Not only online video sites, but you can also upload your own video and audio files to convert them into a different file format. Once you have copied and pasted the video URL in the given box, click on the available file formats under the box to start the conversion process. A direct download link will be shown after the conversion for faster downloading.

YT1S YouTube Downloader

YT1s has a similar interface to y2mate, so we are listing it on this page. If you want to try some other video downloading websites like y2mate, you can try this website. This website was launched a few years back and has got a lot of popularity worldwide. Millions of people are using it daily for online video downloading.

You can use YT1s to download unlimited videos online or convert them into a different format like MP3, MOV, FLV, WEBM, etc. This is the only website on this list that supports Cloud Integration and allows you to save the converted files on online storage sites like DropBox and Google Drive in a single click.

Kapwing Video Downloader/Editor

Kapwing is another good online video downloader that doesn’t show any types of ads and that’s the best thing about this website. To use this website, you must visit the Kapwing editor and paste the video URL to download it. The website might take a minute or two to download and show the results, but it is worth the time.

The unique feature of this website is that it allows you to edit the downloaded videos directly in its Video Editor tool without any issues. If you are downloading videos for re-uploading, you can’t find anything better. Different effects, text boxes, images, buttons, etc., can be added to the video before saving it.

This website works just like its name. You can use it to download videos from many websites and services. A list of all supported services is available on the website, and you must check it before using it. Copy and paste the video URL to begin downloading, and a list of all available formats will be shown in no time.

You can select the video quality in which you want to save the video file, which will be saved to your device for offline viewing. While it downloads videos of all sizes and types, the website asks users not to use their service to download videos containing copyright-protected material as they must not be used for re-uploading and sharing.


So, these were some of the best alternatives to y2mate, and we hope you have liked them too. Numerous online websites and tools allow you to download videos from the internet, but the websites mentioned in this post work best of all. We have tried them all so that you can use them without worry.

We have concentrated only on online tools, but many of these services also offer apps that can be downloaded to download videos without a browser.

More online video-downloading websites will be added to this list as soon as we find them, so keep visiting this page to learn about them or recommend a service if you have used it.

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