Online Blackjack

The online casino industry is experiencing a period of major technological disruptions. Innovation affects every online casino game, from slot machines to blackjack. In this article, we’ll focus on blackjack.

How has this card game changed in the last three decades? How did it work when online gambling started? And how much has it advanced due to technology?

Mobile Blackjack

In the early days of online blackjack, everyone played this game on a desktop computer. In 2023, three out of five blackjack players prefer to play the game on their smartphones.

Mobile devices are more convenient than desktop computers. You can carry your iPhone while on vacation. You can also use your smartphone conveniently while on the subway. But you can’t do the same with a desktop computer.

Another reason mobile blackjack is growing in popularity is that it runs smoothly on mobile devices. You don’t need an expensive smartphone or extra-fast Internet. Blackjack works smoothly on most mobile devices.

All you need is a reliable mobile casino. It might be an app installed on your Samsung phone. Or, it could be a mobile site. If it’s licensed and safe, you can use it to play online blackjack real money games smoothly.

Enhanced Visuals and Video Output

This is a no-brainer. Technology has improved how online blackjack games look. In the early 2000s, RNG blackjack had simple, dated graphics. The video simulations that acted as intros and outros were terrible. And the music soundtrack was irritating.

It took years for developers to get online blackjack’s visuals right. These days, the standard online blackjack game has 3D visuals and 4K video support. Some of these games also feature attractive animations.

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Great visuals attract players to a game. They make it look realistic. And when the cards in online blackjack look real, more people want to play the game.

Live Casino Support

Live casino gaming is arguably the best thing that happened to online blackjack. Without it, we would still be playing blackjack against computer software. There’s nothing intrinsically wrong with RNG games—they’re just boring.

Live casinos add oomph to online gaming. They link you to human dealers seated in rooms decorated to resemble real casinos. Dealers use real cards. The blackjack tables are beautiful while the lighting is splendid.

In other words, live casinos provide an experience that’s as close to playing blackjack in real life as possible. To be clear, you can play live blackjack with your friends. It’s a multiplayer game. However, everyone plays against the dealer.

Blockchain-based Blackjack

Unless you live under a rock, you probably know about Bitcoin. It’s the explosive cryptocurrency that rose to a valuation of $69,000 in 2021. It has since lost more than half of its value.

So, what does Bitcoin have to do with online blackjack? It started the blockchain industry. And the blockchain can be used as a platform for creating decentralized apps and casino games.

The blockchain is decentralized; meaning games created on this platform can’t be rigged. It also stores data permanently. If you win, you can always go back to the system to check your records.

Is blockchain-based blackjack better than traditional blackjack? It depends. If you place a premium on visuals—conventional blackjack wins. If you would love to play a 100% fair RNG blackjack game, consider blockchain-based blackjack.

Blackjack Bonuses

Some online casinos give you a welcome bonus for just creating a free account. Unfortunately, this bonus is usually assigned to playing slot machines. If you want a blackjack bonus, you need to deposit money.

Deposit-based bonuses tend to be huge. You can get a 100% bonus worth up to $500. You can use this deposit on a variety of games, including RNG blackjack. But if you have a bonus that works with live blackjack, look for live casino bonuses.

The Effects of Online Gambling On Mental Health and Well-Being

Live casino bonuses can only be used to play live dealer games—blackjack, poker, baccarat, roulette, or craps.

Live bonuses aside, some casinos use technology to personalize your experience. They monitor your favorite games. Then they give you customized bonuses—cashback, loyalty points, or free blackjack games.

Free to Play Blackjack

We live in an era of free-to-play games. Almost every mobile game on Google and Apple Store is free to play. You pay only if you want to access extra features. Nonetheless, free-to-play games can be entertaining.

That includes blackjack, which is available as free to play on both smartphones and desktop apps. Playing blackjack for the fun of it isn’t just a great way to kill time. It also helps you hone your skills.

Think about this. Why should you spend money on blackjack if you’re a beginner? There’s a strong chance you will lose. It makes more sense to practice your blackjack strategies using a free-to-play game. Then you can play real money games once you’re confident in your skills.

Streaming Blackjack Games

Remember when TVs used to broadcast live poker and blackjack games? You can still watch live casino games. You just need to find the right platform: Twitch and YouTube.

We know—Twitch is a streaming platform associated with video game players. Lately, it’s also an excellent place to stream online casino games. In the usual style, most streamers target slot machines.

However, you can also find channels that target blackjack fans. Depending on the channel, you can expect tutorials on how to improve your blackjack skills. Or, you can watch content about how to find great blackjack sites and bonuses.

Why should you watch blackjack live streams when you can play the game?  Simple: it is entertaining. Watching live streams is like watching a movie. Sure, you can play basketball. But you prefer to watch more talented players.

The Effects of Online Gambling On Mental Health and Well-Being

The Future of Online Blackjack

As technology advances, so will blackjack. Today, we’re celebrating mobile blackjack. In a few years, there might be an AI innovation that helps you win blackjack consistently. Better yet, VR tech will advance to the point that all casino sites will feature VR games.

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