The Shakehand Grip could be one of the most common table tennis grips out there. Almost all players naturally go with this grip even when they aren’t aware of significant grips in table tennis. Additionally, this is another grip style where players rely on power rather than wrist work.

So, players mostly hold tight on the paddle when they try the Shakehand Grip. There can be different holding scenarios when it comes to Shakehand Grip. Many players just keep the paddle with Shakehand style without going too deep.

Therefore, it’s on a player how they choose to hold with Shakehand style. They can limit their wrist movement if they go too deep/tight into the paddle. On the flip side, players can work through the wrist by losing the thumb on the grip. You can also check the effectiveness of this grip while having some high-quality ping pong paddle sets on your side.

This grip style works best for many scenarios in the game. Players can attack and play defensively when using this grip.

Deep Shakehand Grip: Players set to play attacking strikes when they use a deep Shakehand Grip. This grip is all about the power that a tight grip generates. There is less probability of developing spin when it comes to deep Shakehand Grip.

It can pull the opposition back by making a powerful impact. So, it is conducive when you need to dominate the opponent by healthy striking. Players have to be accurate when applying this grip style; otherwise, they’ll lose the plot.

Lose Shakehand Grip: This grip sets a great example of working with strength and spin simultaneously. You have to lose your thumb pointing towards the Shakehand style on the rubber surface of the paddle. This is going to lose your wrist for adding better movement.

Furthermore, this brings variety to your game by adding spin and strength at the same time. So, this grip is best when you want to work your way through the spin. Just have some high-quality spin paddles, and you are good to go.

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