It is another important defensive stroke that most beginners would learn first. It is a push that is played by exposing the backside of your hand. Most backhand push strokes exhibit some backspin. So, it is highly important at many stages of table tennis matches.

The Stance: Positioning your body is highly crucial for a better-quality backhand push. Place your feet about shoulders width apart from each other. Make sure that you stand just straight to the table. Players must lean forward slightly with their knees bent.

That makes up for a ready position to strike the ball. You have to stay close to the table boundary to stay accessible to the incoming ball passage. The weight of the body is equally divided into both feet. Even if you want your kids to achieve a better stance, you can buy one of the best-selling table tennis training sets for kids this year.

The Backswing: Keep your paddle angle open as you are ready to strike the ball. Now you have to place your paddle backward at about your chest height. That will provide your arm to store the energy to be used at the time of the strike. You also have to keep your wrist straight, just as you did in a forehand push.

Time To Strike: Players have to make sure that they play right in front of the body. Now, as the ball bounces in your domain, you have to make a forward progression with the arm. Make sure that you keep your paddle angle open till the follow-through.

Now you have to specify the time when you are going to strike the ball. Most professionals strike the ball at the peak bounce. Contacting the ball underneath will specify the amount of backspin on the backhand push. You can even try brushing through different angles of the ball for more spin varieties.

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The Follow-Through: Now give a proper follow-through to your backhand push by pushing forward just above the net height. Your paddle must be directed in the direction of the strike. Play the ball downwards to keep it nice and low. Make sure that you get back to the ready position and resume.

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