WWE Elimination Chamber 2022 Results
Photo: Cageside Seats

After some exciting fights and events, the WWE Elimination chamber 2022 is finally over. In the men’s Elimination Chamber match, Brock Lesnar won the WWE championship after squashing all of the other opponents within.

The champion, Bobby Lashley, was unable to compete because he was in “concussion protocol” after being injured after Rollins hit Riddle with a Buckle Bomb through Lashley’s pod.

Today, we will get a detailed overview of all the matchups of the fight night.

Men’s Elimination Chamber Match Result:

The men’s bout began with Seth Rollins and Austin Theory. Rollins launched a Buckle Bomb into Lashley’s pod, injuring both Lashley and Theory. Riddle was the next to speak. Rollins and Riddle were fighting as Lashley was being examined. After then, Lashley was escorted from the Chamber.

Then came AJ Styles, who swept the board. Riddle gained the upper hand by delivering a Randy Orton-style middle-rope DDT. He was attempting an RKO but became sidetracked. It was now Lashley’s time, but he was nowhere to be found. Lesnar, fed up with waiting, shattered his pod and entered the fight. Rollins was trapped when he landed an F-5 on him.

It was a typical Brock Lesnar match. Once Lashley was out, there was no reason to believe the match would be any different or unusual. With a time of roughly 14 minutes, it was also one of the shortest Chamber bouts. The F-5 off the pod was the match’s lone bright spot.

  • Winner: Brock Lesnar

Women’s Elimination Chamber Match Result:

The women’s chamber had a diverse cast of personalities and plots. A swing in Alexa Bliss’ pod was a terrific highlight for the returning Alexa Bliss.

To begin, Nikki A.S.H. faced up against Liv Morgan. Doudrop was the next to emerge, and he immediately began cleaning the house. When Rhea Ripley emerged from her pod, the current group’s favorite to win (according to oddsmakers), things got interesting. She faced her competitor, Nikki, and swiftly dispatched her. After a back-and-forth that included a Code Red and rollups by Bliss, an attempted Sister Abigail was reversed, and Belair pinned Bliss to win the Chamber match.

  • Winner: Bianca Belair

Roman Reigns vs. Goldberg:

Before pushing Goldberg out of the ring, Roman had the early advantage and got some blows in. Before things moved back inside as Roman unloaded on the WWE Hall of Famer, Goldberg sent Reigns into the barriers.

Goldberg got a spear, but Roman responded with a Uranage and a Jackhammer for a near-fall. Before setting up for the finishing, Reigns hit a Superman Punch, but Goldberg cut him off with a Spear.

  • Winner: Roman Reigns via KO.

Becky Lynch vs Lita:

Lita began her first singles bout in years with a bang. Lynch trying for Lita’s neck was a recurring theme throughout the fight. While Lynch was trash-talking Lita and the fans, the audience was on her side.
Lynch rebounded from Lita’s takedown and began hammering her from the outside. The champion followed up with an exploder suplex. She had a Suplex City moment of her own. Lita used a traditional DDT to counter a suplex.
  • Winner: Becky Lynch

Drew McIntyre vs Madcap Moss:

It was essentially a squash match. To start things off, McIntyre annihilated Madcap Moss. After a time, Happy Corbin stepped in to help Moss gain an advantage. McIntyre then used his sword to fight off Corbin before hitting the Claymore (while still holding his sword). McInytre is still recovering from his injuries, so removing Corbin’s muscle could pave the way for larger things. Alternatively, there’s the possibility of another bout with Corbin. We’ll have to wait and see what happens.
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