Hamilton vs. Verstappen

The rival that emerged in 2021 with a titanic battle between Verstappen and Hamilton and the win going to Verstappen, is still continuing in 2023. Fans from all over the world are speculating who will take the big win this year with Verstappen about to set a record for 3 wins in a row. 

In 2022 we saw an amazing race between the two racers, with Verstappen claiming the cup again. This year is not sure what it will happen, fans are speculating that this year Hamilton will manage to claim his spot on the top again, other say that Verstappen will be able to set a new record and bring home another trophy for a 3rd year in a row. And the even more interesting is that in the betting world the rivals continues. Punters are making bets on which of the races is going to win the championship. We took a look at the odds at Sports Interaction online sportsbook and for now according to punters and bookmakers Verstappen is taking the cup home.

Bookmakers like SIAare always a good place to see what opinions people share, and who are fans supporting. After such immaculate wins we are not surprised to see that fans are supporting Verstappen.

Even though the rival on the race track is brutal, last year Hamilton gave Verstappen huge credits, admitting that Verstappen is a pure talent and a worthy opponent.

To the 2022 event Hamilton had to say that his team from Mercedes had to deal with some struggles, and from a long time Hamilton had more losses and then wins. However, Verstappen said that he is expecting his rival to be back on track in the 2023 season and he would like to rice him again.

In 2023 fans are expecting the rival between Hamilton and Verstapen to continue. Both races have amazing teams that work hard to boost the racers cars and make them as fast as possible. In our opinion this year Hamilton will rice back to the top, as mercedes since last years losses have been in labs non stop and making a better car for Hamilton to participate with.

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Redbull has also been working hard and are coming out with a new car RB19 that is said to give Verstappen a sure win. The racers it self said in a interview that he hasn’t seen the car or tested it and only knows the facts about the new car from lab testing, he also added that he hasn’t even seen the car but it is not interested in the way the car looks. Verstappen said the most important thing for him is for the car to be fast and an improved version of his previous vehicle.

Even though Verstappen shared that the he isn’t about e third win in a roll just yet, we are sure that he has been working hard so he can claim the cup one more time.

We can speculate about the event as much as we want, but we cannot know what the final outcome of the race will be just for now. Thecompetion is fierce and both racers have a lot to show. We can say for sure that none of them is ready to give up the championship cup, and that we might see another rival between the two racers. We can just hope that the bets we have placed on either Verstappen or Hamilton will come to a win, and we will manage to see either one of them on the top.

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