Being a great sports enthusiast, I have been involved in many games since high school. Two of my best favorite sports are volleyball and basketball.

Now, most people get tired of buying different kits for different sports, and I tend not to get involved in spending a lot of money. As my father said, “Efficiency is the key to success!”

I conducted intensive research to get the best basketball shoes for volleyball. Is it cheap? Yes! But not only that! Basketball shoes would never let you down in grip, stability, comfort, and agility.

Therefore, it is time for me to pass this idea to the net generation, and that is why we have brought you the review of the 10 best basketball shoes that are an excellent alternative for volleyball.

Top 10 Basketball Shoes Compatible with Volleyball

Though most basketball shoes are suitable for playing volleyball, there can be some hassle while choosing the best basketball shoes for volleyball. So, we have narrowed down your options and brought some 10 models of shoes to make your choices more quickly.

I hope you enjoy our review!

1. Nike Sports Performance Basketball Shoe

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  • Dimensions: ‎ 11 x 4 x 7 inches; 3 Pounds
  • Color: Black/Metallic Silver-lapis

Nowadays, we all are big fans of retro style, aren’t we? Nike Sports Performance Basketball shoe brings you the most retro look any shoe company has ever brought.

The company’s name will be enough to advertise this shoe as Nike has produced such comfortable and durable shoes for decades. Let us point out the specifics!

The Shox technology consists of thick cushioning tips that absorb most energy from jumping or making quick turns. These energies are then passed to the surface through the cushions, thus ensuring no injuries or fatigue.

Therefore, Nike Sports Performance has excellent shock-absorbing capabilities to give players a smooth experience in basketball and volleyball.

When it comes to the outsole construction, the solid rubber composition makes it the perfect shoe for traction, ensuring perfect landing. If the level of traction is not purely developed, the player might slip, which will be a hassle for both the player and the team.

The shoe’s upper sole has a thick layer of fabric that further protects the player from damage. It also enhances durability and longevity, which can serve you for at least a year, depending on the usage.

What colors do you need? Nike Sports Performance comes in attractive designs and colors such as red, blue, silver, gold, and green.

Jumping and scoring for the team will never be this easy with this shoe model, as its lightweight property makes it easy to move at different court spots and jump when necessary.

This shoe also comes in variable sizes and is compatible with men and women. Therefore, with a reasonable budget, Nike Sports Performance can end on your shoe shelves.

Pros Cons
Thick cushioning tips for shock absorption The sizes available might be a tight fit for some feet
Rubber outsole for traction  
Lightweight design  
It comes in attractive color combinations  
The durable and flexible upper layer  

2. Under Armour Curry 3 Basketball Shoe

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Under Armour Curry 3 Basketball Shoe

  • Dimensions: ‎11 x 7 x 15 inches; 2.45 Pounds
  • Color: STL/ALU/BLK

If you want a pair of shoes with excellent traction and suitable for performing killer crossovers, then Under Armour Curry 3 basketball shoes will be perfect.

The excellent traction is provided by the thick rubber outsole, which also accounts for the shoe’s durability. The material type is Mesh which will not deteriorate even after frequent washing.

Cushioning technology in the shoes is well-built to provide great comfort to the players. They also help to absorb such impact and transfer it to the ground surface; hence the player will not feel any fracture after landing from a high jump.

The mesh fiber consists of carbon that accounts for further comfort to the heels and bones. So, you do not have to worry about losing balance during basketball and volleyball.

The weight of this model is given by 2.45 pounds which, during my research, some players complained that movement and dunking become a bit complicated to achieve.

Also, the traction level generally deteriorates with constant use. But there is a solution, if you wash it after every game, the traction in the sole respawns and helps to increase the confidence level of the players.

If you think about the budget, it does not cost much. Considering all the drawbacks, you can consider this shoe to make it your basketball and volleyball companion.

Pros Cons
Good traction support Shoes might be heavyweight
Most comfortable shoes Traction decreases over-usage, which needs frequent washing
Perfect ventilation to prevent the stinky smell  
Thick rubber outsole for perfect balance  
Affordable shoes  

3. Nike Mamba Rage Basketball Shoe

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Nike Mamba Rage Basketball Shoe
  • Dimensions: ‎ 13 x 8.2 x 4.5 inches; 1.85 Pounds
  • Color: Black/Dark Grey-m

I thrive on the black color, and most people suggest it is the classiest color for basketball and volleyball. Nike Black Mamba has many features that will attract your attention; it is in an affordable price range.

This show model offers a particular type of cushion, Lunarlon cushioning. It is generally situated in the midsole and is much thicker and lighter than standard cushions in other models of shoes.

The Lunarlon cushion provides excellent comfort and support to the players. As most of the impact goes through the middle part of the foot, Nike Mamba installed this thick sole in the middle to ensure the least injury.

Furthermore, the outsole of the shoe consists of either rubber or gum. But most of the traction results from its multi-directional pattern. So, no matter what direction your balance is, the traction pattern ensures that your feet have a good grip on the court surface.

Regarding ventilation, the upper portion of these shoes has numerous small holes, which come in handy to circulate air inside and also count as an attractive design.

Though some players claim that this shoe model is a bit expensive to afford, I would say with all the fantastic features; it will not be the end of the world to spend a bit more on such shoes.

Pros Cons
Lunarlon mid-level cushioning ensures comfort and durability The price is a bit too much
Small pores for breathability  
Lightweight design  
It comes in classy black color  


4. Nike Air Force Basketball Shoe

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Nike Air Force Basketball Shoe

  • Dimensions: ‎ 14 x 10 x 6 inches; 2 Pounds
  • Color: Black/White

Nike Air Force is the most popular basketball shoe for volleyball because it has provided customer service for over three decades.

If a shoe model has been servicing the players for that long without any significant complaints, you have to be sure that it is a must-consider model for your choice.

The upper layer of this shoe consists of full leather, which provides complete stability and support to the players. As the leather quality does not deteriorate with frequent washing, you can wash Nike AIR Force and make it look good as new anytime you want.

Another excellent feature is its cushioning property; it offers a thick midsole known as Air Technology that provides extreme comfort. The whole shoe has a thick covering to protect players from injury.

The outsole has constant elasticity to absorb impact while jumping, running, and taking narrow turns. This energy absorption is transferred through the sole to the surface keeping the players safe.

Despite shoelaces, it has additional straps that you can set according to your fitting choice. The straps also help to circulate air into the shoe. The shoe’s overall construction is leather and thick rubber, which in combination, provides maximum durability.

The color choices of this shoe come in three categories- black, white, and a combination of black and white. You do not have to worry about not finding the right shoe for your sizes because Nike AIR Force offers a wide size option at affordable prices.

Pros Cons
The leather covering provides support and makes it washable It can be heavy for some players
Air Technology midsole for impact absorption  
Lightweight model  
Additional strap for perfect fit and ventilation  
It comes in variable sizes  

5. Adidas Dame 5 Basketball Shoe

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Nike Air Force Basketball Shoe

  • Dimensions: ‎12.5 x 10 x 4.8 inches; 2.45 Pounds
  • Color: Various, Please visit the product!

Adidas also came into the competition. Their model Dame 5 is primarily designed for hooping but proved to be the best basketball shoes for volleyball. If you seek to purchase a pair of shoes that has some unique design, you can consider Dame 5.

Various color gradients are printed on this shoe model, attracting many volleyball players. Additionally, the fabric of this shoe is quite soft, which feels comfortable during the footwear. The soft material allows air to enter the shoe, keeping your feet firm and dry.

The Dame 5 cushioning technology comes with an excellent thick sole with a perfect response time. The elasticity level of this cushion is so good that it also helps to jump higher. Additionally, it absorbs all the impact while landing, ensuring you do not end up with any fracture on your knee.

When it comes to traction, they are multi-directional, which means that you can complete friction with the surface from any direction and establish a good balance.

If you are not an expert in tying shoelaces, the Dame 5 comes with a shoelace closure that can efficiently take care of loose ends. Though the rumor about traction came to be false when the surface is full of sand or dust, we recommend this shoe might not be suitable for beach volleyball.

Pros Cons
Soft fabric does not require any break-in time It weighs about 2.45 pounds, which is heavyweight
Smooth circulation of air inside Traction might not work efficiently on the dusty surface
Multi-directional traction provides an outstanding balance  
It comes with a shoelaces enclosure  
Unique color gradient styles for outlook  

6. Adidas Harden Stepback Basketball Shoe

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Adidas Harden Stepback Basketball Shoe
  • Dimensions: ‎ 12.36 x 8.58 x 5.12 inches; 1.87 Pounds
  • Color: Various, Please visit the product!

Adidas comes with another pair of shoes, known as Harden Stepback. The upper construction comes with a toe cap and a very soft synthetic textile. There are fabric holes at the start of the fingers that help circulate the air and keep your feet fresh.

The ergonomic lacing system helps keep the tied shoelaces in one place and maintains the shoe’s perfect fit for an extended period. If you buy this shoe, you will have a lightweight model and tension-free wear for your basketball or volleyball matches.

The Harden Stepback ensures that you do not slip or feel discomfort during the matches regarding the grip and cushioning. If you look at the design, the top is narrower with a wider forefoot area that gives greater movement flexibility.

The front sole has a herringbone pattern that provides exceptional traction. The outsole heel features a distinctive design that provides a solid gripping effect. The broad rubber outsole is appropriate for both indoor and outdoor volleyball courts.

Unlike these shoes, most pairs might not be compatible with indoor and outdoor volleyballs. The right step is to purchase separate pairs and wash them regularly, ensuring the shoes’ longevity.

Pros Cons
Upper ventilation system It is difficult to clean
It feels lightweight and very comfortable to wear  
Ergonomic lacing system ensuring a perfect fit  
Thick cushion for safety  
Suitable for both indoor and outdoor volleyball  

7. Nike Jordan Basketball Shoe

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Nike Jordan Basketball Shoe
  • Dimensions: ‎ 12.4 x 9.1 x 4.7 inches; 4 Pounds
  • Color: Black/Grey

People usually keep their expectations low while buying basketball shoes for volleyball. Because the models do not turn the same as the review says. But we tend to break that tradition.

It is said that Nike Jordan broke all the expectations level and became the most comfortable basketball shoe suitable for volleyball. For starters, its construction is given by numerous pore fabric, which is soft and air penetrable. You will feel like the air is nurturing your shoes while making those quick saves in volleyball.

The review members wore this model of shoe and tested their fitness levels. As we did not hear any complaints, we assure you these shoes fit very well. They also concluded that the sidelining of this shoe provides excellent comfort, and the sole is very thick for safety protection.

Speaking of safety, the mechanical support of this shoe is top-quality. It has a heel counter, lateral outriggers, and an ankle collar that maintains fine support in multi-direction to provide excellent balance.

The upper portion of this shoe contains leather that accounts for stability and longevity. You can also wash it; the fabric and leather will not deteriorate over time.

Pros Cons
These pair of shoes fit perfectly 4 pounds weighted shoes might feel heavyweight for some players
The inner lining and the ankle support provide great comfort  
The combination of leather and fabric provides stability  
The soft material also maintains a constant flow of air for ventilation  
Thick outsole for safety  

8. Adidas Harden Basketball Shoe

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 Adidas Harden Basketball Shoe
  • Dimensions: ‎ 11 x 4 x 7 inches; 3 Pounds
  • Color: Black/Metallic Silver-lapis

Attention, all volleyball and basketball enthusiasts! You will fall in love with the Adidas Harden basketball shoe from the moment you see it. Why is that, you ask? Because of its unique design and color combination, it produces the greatest outlook in basketball shoes.

Learning from their past, the Adidas Harden series developed multiple layers of protection inside, which provides comfort. Adding layers and premium quality fabrics also provides stability and support.

We also discovered that the Mesh is almost absent in the first check. We were first concerned that this shoe might enhance the likelihood of injury because of this issue. Fortunately, the Mesh is buried behind a layer beneath the top. Plus, the sneaker kept the tester’s feet protected throughout high-intensity games.

Lastly, we sorted out that the midsole is wider than any other model of shoes manufactured by Adidas. The midsole also has a reasonable amount of elasticity for the players to jump higher and absorb the impact after landing.

As is already mentioned about the outlook, the weight of this model is given by 2.6 pounds which might be heavyweight. But some players stated that it provides excellent movement, and the weight is not an issue.

Pros Cons
Great outlook for basketball and volleyball shoes The comfort level keeps on decreasing with the usage.
Premium quality fabrics provide the best support  
Mesh hidden inside the top layer ensures safety  
Wider midsole for making a high jump  
This model has been stated lightweight by many players  

9. Nike Kobe Mamba Focus Basketball Shoe

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Nike Kobe Mamba Focus Basketball Shoe

  • Color: Various, Please visit the product!

We have seen many shoes that produced high-class ventilation, support, durability, and safety protection until now. But most of the model seems to be heavyweight.

Though other features compensate for that, Nike Kobe Mamba Focus focuses on lightweight design and durable construction that might account for efficient basketball and volleyball.

Let us begin with the type of material. The top cover of Nike Mamba Focus comes with a combination of Mesh and Knit that accounts for air comfort, ventilation, and durability to provide intense support to the players.

Furthermore, the cushion consists of stiff material absorbing and dissipating landing shocks faster than any other shoe model. Therefore, you will feel any pain in your knees or back after the landing.

The sole is thick and solid, ensuring the product’s stability. The heel counter on the back has a wider area that lets you keep your feet in one place while taking short turns.

Pros Cons
Combination of Mesh and Knit to account for comfort and breathability It comes with a smaller toe box, which decreases comfort.
Stiff cushion for impact absorption  
A thick sole ensures stability in movements  
Lightweight model  

10. Nike Kyrie 7 Basketball Shoe

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Nike Kyrie 7 Basketball Shoe

  • Dimensions: ‎ 112.05 x 8.78 x 4.41 inches; 1.54 Pounds
  • Color: Black

When Kyrie 7 was introduced for basketball and volleyball, many players tended to get their hands on this shoe. Truth be told, many of them are stunned by the footwear performance of this shoe.

Let us start with the traction pattern first. The Kyrie 7 comes with a tech traction pattern which helps monitor the player in the area that needs the maximum support for efficient tactics in a game.

Many volleyball players demand a unique rubber outsole. With Kyrie 7’s outsole, you will recognize the exact area to put down all the weight to improve balance and stability.

Now it is time to talk about the perfect fitting feature of this shoe. The variable sizes fit perfectly for all players. Furthermore, it has a removable heel pad and strap installed on top of the shoelaces zone to fit further if anybody’s feet are running loose.

The material used in the construction provides excellent comfort and breathability for the players to make quick turns and movements during the game. However, our research found that the older version of Kyrie 5 and 6 provides similar comfort levels.

If you have purchased those models before, you will notice the similarity. Also, 1.54 pounds has been reduced drastically from previous models. Therefore, you will not face any difficulties in terms of weight while wearing Nike Kyrie 7.

Pros Cons
It comes with a tech-based traction pattern The comfort level seems to remain the same compared to the older models.
Lightweight model  
Premium materials giving support and durability  
A solid rubber outsole accounts for modification in support and stability  
The premium material also leads to efficient ventilation  

Factors To Consider Before Buying Basketball Shoes for Volleyball

Up to this point of review, you must have had a general idea that most basketball shoes are also manufactured to provide support in volleyball games.

But there are some key factors that you should look at before buying your favorite basketball shoes for volleyball. Well, down goes our buying guide; read, and keep these key factors in your mind.

Best Basketball Shoes for Volleyball


Those who play volleyball a lot can feel the amount of movement all volleyball players go through. Therefore, if a pair of shoes is not stable, wrong movement or a wrong step in the field can break your ankle.

So, it would help if you are looking for shoes with excellent stability. Research suggests that you must buy basketball shoes with wider soles which comes in great help during volleyball as well.

Cushion Structure

The structure of the cushion depends on two significant factors: comfort and impact absorption. You will want a pair of shoes that can withstand your whole weight while landing. If you are a failure in landing, you might end up with a broken back or knee.

Additionally, volleyball shoes should be soft, providing the player with maximum comfort. More delicate shoes contain more elasticity in the fabric, which helps to absorb more impact during the game.

Therefore, always check the cushioning of your basketball shoes if you have planned to use them in weekend volleyball matches.


Volleyball is a game that requires many surprising twists and turns from the players to score. Making quick turns will increase your agility and recover many balls from falling on your courtside

To establish such phenomena, your shoes must form firm friction with the ground surface. Therefore, look for shoes with thick soles or multiple-direction traction patterns.

Luckily, the above models form reasonable friction with the ground to provide players with great confidence. So, take your pick!


Scoring in volleyball depends on the players’ high jump so they can embrace pressure on the ball. Owning a pair of lightweight shoes is the only way to do that.

Find a shoe that can provide you with all the fantastic features while still becoming lightweight. Heavier shoes will slow down your strategy, eventually becoming a burden for the team.

Proper Ventilation

After complete domination in a volleyball match, you do not want the whole locker room to stink in the smell coming from your feet. To avoid such an embarrassing situation, purchase shoes with an efficient ventilation system.

A constant airflow inside and outside the shoe will keep your feet dry and healthy. If there is no sweat, there will be no unpleasant smell.

Frequently Asked Questions

Are basketball shoes suitable for volleyball?

Yes! There are certain features in basketball shoes that seem to synchronize with the requirements of volleyball. Furthermore, both sports come with a tremendous amount of mechanical. Hence the authorities allow basketball shoes in volleyball tournaments and vice versa.

Are running shoes applicable for entering a volleyball tournament?

Continuous running is more stressful, so a sprinter’s shoes have more weight and stability than volleyball shoes. More stability has a positive impact on volleyball. But, as running shoes have more weight, it will be considered a disadvantage for volleyball players.

Can we use basketball shoes to jump higher in volleyball?

A basketball game requires a high jump during the moment of the dunk. On the other hand, volleyball also requires a high jump to create pressure on the ball and send it to the opponent’s courtside.

Therefore, basketball shoes are manufactured to produce such high jumps and can also be used in volleyball games.

Can we use badminton shoes for volleyball?

Badminton shoes contain a thinner rubber outsole, which accounts for durability but has more minor safety issues in volleyball. Therefore, badminton shoes are not suitable for playing volleyball.

What is so particular about volleyball shoes?

Volleyball shoes come with greater durability, strong traction, and the least weight to give the players a good amount of agility. Other sports may also contain such features, but volleyball shoes’ outsoles are a lot thinner than any other shoes involved in other sports.

Why is it necessary for volleyball players to wipe their shoes?

Whether the game is basketball or volleyball, the players need to make quick turns during the game. To do that, players wipe their shoes to generate more friction with the surface. This also helps to reduce sudden ankle or back injury.

What are the differences between volleyball and basketball shoes?

Though the difference will not convince someone not to use basketball shoes in volleyball, it is a good practice to know what differentiates them.

The construction of basketball shoes shows that it is meant for the players to march forward. On the other hand, volleyball shoes are made to make frequent lateral movements.

Moreover, volleyball shoes are more lightweight than basketball shoes which help the player make vertical and lateral movements.

Is it viable to wear basketball shoes to an indoor volleyball game?

Most basketball shoes are suitable for playing volleyball as long as the shoes provide excellent grip on the surface. Some basketball shoes have a grip in one direction that shows more stability, perfect for volleyball.

Is it possible for girls to wear basketball shoes to volleyball?

As we know that the rules and tactics are the same for volleyball; whether girls or boys play the game, a female player can wear basketball shoes to a volleyball game.

Are gym shoes suitable for volleyball?

No! As you heavy lift during your gym, the gym shoes are designed to withstand more weight. Gym shoes are also not lightweight, making them unsuitable to wear during a volleyball game.


Among all the suitable shoes for both basketball and volleyball, I tend to prefer Adidas Harden Stepback as the best basketball shoe for volleyball.

Apart from all the durability, support, lightweight, and comfort level, this basketball shoe model provides a different lacing system that keeps the shoelaces in place and does not get loose.

Though the model can be challenging to clean, compromise is the key to achieving more significant things. You will not make decisions based on my opinions.

Read the article again, along with the buying guide, and choose your favorite basketball shoe, depending on your preferences. is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for us to earn commissions by linking to and affiliated sites. See full affiliate disclosure here.

Golam Muktadir is a passionate sports fan and a dedicated movie buff. He has been writing about both topics for over a decade and has a wealth of knowledge and experience to share with his readers. Muktadir has a degree in journalism and has written for several well-known publications, including Surprise Sports and Surprise Movies.


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