5 Best Berner Foosball Tables

If you’re searching for the top Berner foosball table but don’t know how to turn, don’t worry, you’re not alone.

Thank you for your choice to purchase a foosball table! The game is at your home, and playing anytime you like will enhance your skill playing the game as well as your enjoyment. It’s the ideal opportunity to have fun with your friends or family and is the center of your gaming room.

Selecting the best foosball table to suit your needs is an important choice. There are a variety of models available with various prices and options. Check out these best Berner foosball tables and determine which is best for you and your needs.

Product Name Specifications Price
Berner Billiards The X-Treme 
  • Fast and smooth spin action
  • Large rubber handles
  • 1 Year Warrant
Berner Neon (Light Up) Foosball Table
  • Large rubber grips
  • Solid Hardwood Legs
  • Premium bearings for fast and smooth spin action
Berner 2 in 1 Foosball & Coffee Table
  • Sturdy
  • Excellent quality of hardware
Berner Billiards The Mission Foosball Table
  • Solid wood handles
  • Traditional bead style abacus scoring
  • Quickly and easily assembled
Berner Billiards The Florida Weatherproof 
  • Very sturdy solid wood construction
  • Stylish hand-painted players

1. Berner Billiards The X-Treme

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Berner Billiards The X-Treme 


Brand Berner Billiards
Sport Type Billiards, Foosball
Material Alloy Steel
Product Dimensions ‎56 x 30 x 34.5 inches
Item Weight ‎216 Pounds
Assembly Required Yes
Base Material Walnut Wood
Top Material Abs, Laminate, MDF, Walnut

Additional Features

On our list of the best 5 Berner foosball tables that we could locate is the top Berner Billiards X-Treme. The table has a more traditional design than our top table for foosball which could be a favorite for a lot of foosball players.

The first thing to notice with Berner Billiards Xtreme Foosball table is that it’s not solely a solid wood model. The table is made of wood laminates and walnut MDF, and It weighs 265 pounds and will be very durable and sturdy in the course of play.

The wall of the cabinet on The Berner Billiards X-Treme table is sturdy, 1-38 inches thick, and the playing surface is just 5/8 of an inch thick. It’s difficult to tell how this table is likely to flex or move around during intense foosball matches.


  • Quality build and durability
  • Three-man or one-man goalie setups
  • Laminate playing surface


  • Not the real thing

2. Berner Neon (Light Up) Foosball Table

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Berner Neon (Light Up) Foosball Table


Brand Berner Billiards
Color Blue
Material Wood, Alloy Steel, Glass
Product Dimensions 55″L x 30″W x 34″H
Item Weight 195 Pounds
Assembly Required No
Base Material Alloy Steel
Top Material Glass

Additional Features

Berner Billiards Neon foosball table is designed to be positioned in a striking game room that is styled in the disco-era groove. It’s a sturdy table that weighs in excess of 200 pounds, resting on square legs, which are finished in leg levels.

The Neon-Light Up Foosball Table is produced by Berner Billiards, an American firm that has been in operation since 1892! This table has a very modern look and will draw a lot of attention to your gaming room. The playing area is illuminated with a glowing neon to give you a truly unique playing experience.

The table has a robust black mica cabinet, as well as chrome-plated steel rods for playing. Premium bearings provide speedy and smooth rotation. It is built with solid legs and adjustable levelers and comes with a goalie with three players.


  • Very durable
  • Offers quick gameplay
  • Playing surfaces with lights provides a distinct experience
  • Leg levelers


  • Not the most budget-friendly
  • A light playing surface might not suit everyone’s tastes.

3. Berner 2 in1 Foosball & Coffee Table

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Berner 2 in 1 Foosball & Coffee Table


Brand Berner Billiards
Color Black
Material Wood
Product Dimensions ‎48 x 26.6 x 20 inches
Sport Type Foosball
Assembly Required Yes
Base Material Wood
Frame Material Wood

Additional Features

The small Berner Billiards 2-in-1 foosball table is an ideal addition to your stylish living room. It is constructed of solid wood, and it’s one of the best Berner foosball tables. Inside the tempered glass cover, there are great foosball accessories.

A thing to bear in mind is that Berner Billiards’ foosball table is not designed to be played with two players. It is a single rod on each side, yet it can provide many hours of enjoyment. These rods can be telescopic, which means there’s no chance of smacking your hand into the rod of your opponent.

You also get counterweighted gamers as well as a playing surface that is also a fast anti-glare and abrasion-resistant laminate. Overall, this table is an excellent choice for a variety of players and configurations.

How to Set Up a Foosball Table – Assembling Guide


  • Very elegant
  • Sturdy
  • The hardware is of excellent quality and high-end


  • There are no leg levelers
  • Not suitable for 2 v 2 games.

4. Berner Billiards The Mission Foosball Table

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Berner Billiards The Mission Foosball Table


Brand Berner Billiards
Color Burgundy
Material Engineered Wood, Alloy Steel
Product Dimensions 56″L x 29″W x 34″H
Assembly Required Yes
Base Material Engineered Wood
Top Material Laminate, MDF, Veneer

Additional Features

The Mission is an example of an excellent all-around table. It’s a balanced product that will fit perfectly in any space. The cabinet’s style is butcher block and does not have any ornaments or designs that could draw attention to any interior.

They both ensure that the table will last for many years. The durability of the table has been guaranteed by the double bracing system, which has a neutral look. Since the table weighs only 120 pounds, bracings improve its durability and stability.

Although robot-style players aren’t weighted with counterweights, they are mounted on rods made of hollow, which are extremely lightweight and don’t cause fatigue.

The table’s biggest problem is the absence of leg levelers, which means it is necessary to set it on a flat and level surface to get the most enjoyable experience. This table is full-sized, which is not recommended for children who are younger than 12.


  • Top-quality construction
  • Neutral styling
  • High durability


  • There are no leg levelers

5. Berner Billiards The Florida Weatherproof

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Berner Billiards The Florida Weatherproof 


Brand Berner Billiards
Color White
Material Engineered Wood, Aluminum
Product Dimensions 55″L x 28.75″W x 34.5″H
Item Weight 150 Pounds
Assembly Required Yes
Base Material Plastic, Engineered Wood, Aluminum

Additional Features

While the two previous models were specifically designed for indoor use While the previous two models were designed for indoor use, Florida is designed to be used outdoors. In terms of the style of the table foosball, this one is not the most elegant in my selection.

You can find thousands of other tables that are almost identical to this. The difference is the fact that it has waterproof legs, which are protected by a specially formulated paint.

Remember that the majority part of the table’s structure is constructed of MDF, and there is a chance of water damage. However, if the leg paint isn’t damaged and you utilize the cabinet cover to shield it from rain, it could last for a long time.

The two previous models feature a three-man goalie rod; for building this model, you can select either one or a single goalie and also install ramps to the corners.


  • A good degree of waterproofing
  • Made as a 3 and single-man goalie-style


  • Waterproofing isn’t adequate

Buying Guide of  Foosball Table

When you’re caught in a rush for any reason, just don’t take our word for it, do not buy something until you’ve read this article! These aspects will assist you in making the right choice when purchasing an item. Here are a few aspects to think about before purchasing a product:

Durability: You should think about the length of time that the foosball table can last before purchasing it. Making a purchase that will last longer than one that breaks down after only a few times is always the best choice.

Price: If budget is not an issue, then pick the most expensive option. However, if you’re on an extremely tight budget, it is essential to select the one that is compatible with your requirements and budget.

Quality: It is the quality and durability of the table that is important to consider before purchasing it. The best table will be made of quality materials used for production and construction.

Brand Reputation: The brand name of a product is important as it will tell you how trustworthy they are and how much they back its products.

Final Words

Well, we have shown the 5 best Berner foosball tables that can add much more pleasure to your game.

Berner Billiards foosball table is a product that comes from a producer who makes incredibly elegant products. My recommendation will always go to Berner The Mission foosball tables. It is an amazing all-around product for indoor use.

But in case you are searching for a foosball table to sit flawlessly in a few particular fashions indoors, you must test different tables on the above listing.

Which foosball table do you prefer?


Is Maintenance Required for Foosball Tables?

No, maintenance is not required for Berner foosball tables. The right news for you is that a foosball desk does not require critical renovation. Except for lubricating the rods for easy rotation and play, there isn’t a ton you can do about it.

What is the Warranty on Foosball Tables?

Typically, most brands provide an assurance starting from a hundred and eighty days to 1 yr. However, some brands offer a lifetime guarantee and substitute. Contact the vendor or consumer services in case assurance facts are lacking on e-trade websites.

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