Step Up Your Game with the Best Clay Court Tennis Shoes

Clay-court tennis is famous all around the world, and players are becoming champions in this game. For their best performance, they have to focus on their movement and balance. For winning the game, the best clay court tennis shoes are highly required. 

Clay court tennis shoes are designed with a durable and high-contoured outsole. It penetrates the ground more deeply and gives you a necessary grip. These shoes give the player the best balance and maximum comfort to face the most challenging surface. 

Are you a clay court table tennis player and trying to buy a pair of clay court table tennis shoes? Then this article is going to help you to choose which type of shoes you need to buy for the best performance.

What Are the Benefits of Using Clay Court Tennis Shoes?

There are so many benefits of using clay court tennis shoes. Playing tennis on a clay court is a tough thing. If you want to master playing on a clay court, then you have to become a master of how to move on a clay court. This shoe helps to make a pro player and aids you to win the game.

Besides, Clay Court tennis shoes help to maintain a proper balance. These shoes are designed in a different way to aid you move on a tennis court and get the most from your game.

Similarly, this shoe also gives you the durability, stability, support, and grip that you need to move on a tennis court. If you are a regular player, then it is worth it to buy a pair of clay-court tennis shoes because they are different from normal tennis shoes.

What Makes Clay Court Tennis Shoes Different From Other Tennis Shoes?

Properties of outsole:

Mainly the outsole of the clay court tennis shoe is different from other tennis shoes. Clay court tennis shoes have a herringbone tread pattern like the outside; It is also thinner, lighter, and more flexible than hard court shoes.

Made of a unique material:

Another difference is that many tennis shoes designed for clay courts feature uppers constructed of materials that act as barriers to keep dust and clay from entering the shoe. It is also different because it has stiff sides to prevent your shoe from damage when you slide for a ball.

Hardest outer surface:

It also has a tighter upper which keeps the foot secure and safe the foot from any muscular disorder. On the other hand, other tennis shoes are hard so that you can keep your balance nicely on hard courts without slipping down. And these are the differences between the clay court shoes from other tennis shoes.

What Are the Essential Features of Clay Court Tennis Shoes?

Herringbone outsole:

The herringbone outsole is the most essential feature of a clay court tennis shoe. This outsole is like a fishbone having a thread-like pattern in the rubber of the outsole. Here, the herringbone pattern works well for side-to-side movement because it enables the player to slide smoothly.


Both forward and backward motions are quite traction-friendly because of the fishbone threading pattern existing in the rubber of the outsole. It also doesn’t keep any kind of shoe mark on the clay, which means clay doesn’t get stuck on your shoes and also gives you the most flexible movement.

Properties of clay court:

The rallies on a clay court tend to be longer because the ball bounces more slowly than on other surfaces, so you’ll want shoes that let you move with confidence.

What Are the Best Clay Court Tennis Shoes Available on the Market?

Even if you don’t play on clay courts often if you’re a competitive or intermediate to advanced player and winning is essential to you, I’d advise you to at least take into account purchasing a pair of clay court shoes to enhance your performance on this court surface.

Clay court tennis shoes are different from other tennis shoes because clay courts are softer than other courts. Also, you have to keep a proper balance on a clay court, and at that time, if your shoe doesn’t support you, then your performance is going to be 0.

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There are so many clay court shoes available on the market. We have evaluated approximately nine clay court tennis shoes for your convenience. Among these, we have isolated the top five shoes having the best features and gaming power.

One of the 5 best clay court tennis shoes are described below:

1. Babolat Men’s Jet Mach 3 All-Court Tennis Shoes

Babolat Men's Jet Mach 3 All-Court Tennis Shoes

Babolat Men’s Jet Mach 3 All-Court Tennis Shoes is one of the best clay court tennis shoes on the market today. It is ultra-light weighted and provides you with the perfect torque and traction required to move your body to give a nice shot.

With the supportive KPRS-X cushioning in the Jet Mach’s midsole and heel, which absorbs shock from your movements, you’ll feel well-supported while leaping up and down in this shoe.

Rafael Nadal, Caroline Wozniacki, and Jo Wilfred-Tsonga are just a few of the tour professionals who put their faith in Babolat, a company that has been making award-winning tennis equipment for over 145 years. This shoe has an Ethylene Vinyl Acetate sole. The compact Jet Mach 3 is made to glide across the court.

This shoe is ultra-light and gives the proper support. The heel zone is protected by EVA foam so that your heel doesn’t get hurt while playing. To more efficiently satisfy the demands of the game, the sole has been changed.

The tread has changed, becoming wider and thicker where it is most needed and thinner when less pressure is applied. Because the sole of the Jet Mach 3 is made using Michelin Premium technology, it is more resistant to wear and tear from specific tennis footwork. Wearing this shoe in the game, you will get more effective results.

Pros Cons
Providing a “stability arch” system Underfoot cushioning should be improved
Zero monofilaments providing high elasticity
Optimal balance
Used “Matryx Evo Technology”
Offers optimal heel protection
Herrington Bone

2. Nike Men’s Court Lite 2 Tennis Shoe

Nike Men's Court Lite 2 Tennis Shoe

Nike Men’s Court Lite 2 Tennis Shoe is going to be a perfect and specialized tennis shoe for men having exclusive characteristics.

Nike Mens Court Lite 2 Tennis Shoe is an air light weighted zooming shoe. Nike has created an incredibly light shoe with a breathable mesh top that supports your Achilles and ankles thanks to an integrated Zoom Air Unit. It also gives you the most support in your court.

It has a rubber sole which will provide you with the perfect grip on the ground. Leather and synthetic materials increase the durability of the shoe. The outsole design of this shoe is a herringbone double-layered pattern which doesn’t allow the clay to stick while playing. This type of shoe is better for playing in stubborn red clay.

Nike has created an incredibly light shoe with a breathable mesh top that supports your Achilles and ankles thanks to an integrated Zoom Air Unit.

Also, the padded foam around the heel protects your heel from damage. This shoe has a breathable inner sole which prevents feet from sweating. As it is lightweight, it doesn’t give weight to your feet, and for this reason, you can move freely, you can jump freely.

Also, you can slide freely. The Court Lite 2  of this shoe, protects your heel as you crash down on the clay court while assisting you in exploding from the baseline with padded cushioning and compressed air. If you are looking for a durable, comfortable, and air-lightweight shoe, then it is the best for your desire.

Pros Cons
Exclusive rubber sole Less variation
Leather and synthetic material possess durability Not elegant appearance
Providing comfort in your ankle
Cushions of the foam midsole
Durable traction
Having distinctive pattern

3. ASICS Men’s Gel-Dedicate 7 Tennis Shoes

ASICS Men's Gel-Dedicate 7 Tennis Shoes

The other men-specialised exclusive clay court tennis shoe is ASICS Men’s Gel-Dedicate 7 Tennis Shoe.

Asics Mens Gel-Dedicate shoe is made with modern features which reduce the strain on your lower body. Even though this shoe has only been available for a year, it is already regarded as one of the top tennis shoes for clay courts.

Running hard on a surface can seriously damage your knee and ankle, but this shoe helps to give you a comfortable move, and the modern features help to protect your feet from any kind of injury.

The sole of these trainers, which uses ASICS’ gel technology, considerably lessens the stress and strain on a player’s lower body as they go about the court, which is why we believe they are fantastic for lower body support.

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Durable synthetic leather toe overlays protect your toe. Gel technology performs incredibly in shock absorption, which will protect your skin from any kind of disease. This shoe helps to slide freely; also, wearing this, your feet will breathe freely.

The shoe is very cozy to slip on and take off thanks to the upper’s Mono-Sock fit technology, which also provides comfort. The outsole of this shoe prevents the shoe from twisting. The design of this shoe is also unique, so if you are looking for comfort with the best design, then you must try out this shoe.

Pros Cons
Synthetic leathers are so durable Not so exceptional as others
Possess “Trusstic Technology”
Best cushioning mechanism
Outstanding shock absorption
The outsole is a wrap-up
Offers high support to balance

4. Nike Women’s Tennis Zoom Cage 3 HC

Nike Women's Tennis Zoom Cage 3 HC

Nike Women’s Tennis Zoom Cage 3 HC is one of the perfect and exclusive shoes for women. It provides extra softness and comfort to the women’s feet.

For a clay court, you have to choose a shoe very carefully. The Nike Zoom Cage 3 sneakers are the very best tennis shoes you can get because they were created exclusively for clay tennis courts.

It gives the most responsiveness, great cushioning, and durability. The rubber sole of this shoe helps you to get the perfect move and also helps to maintain your balance.

This shoe will not create any obstacle for taking quick moves. Also, if you are a pro player, then this shoe is going to give you more confidence through its look and performance. While providing the necessary solidity and grip, the design also makes it more likely for the clay to break loose.

Clay may flow along the herringbone pattern, which makes it easier to regulate your movement when you’re sliding for a ball.

To keep clay out of the shoe, the upper is made of a densely woven synthetic mesh, and the inside and outer edges of the shoe have TPU foot frames for stability. Nike’s Dynamic Fit lacing system enables players to alter the shoe’s feel at different spots for individualized comfort.

You may move about the court easily and pleasantly with the help of the shoe’s comfortable fit and light rubber bottoms. These shoes will also provide you with the assurance you need to glide and transition from each shot without rolling your ankles if you play from the baseline.

So if you are a clay court player, then you should buy this shoe with a herringbone pattern outsole. I promise you that you won’t regret it.

Pros Cons
Eye-catchy appearance Warranty not applicable
Lace-up closure  
Offers dynamic support  
Serves high stability  
Impact protection  

5. ASICS Men’s Gel-Resolution 9 Tennis Shoes

ASICS Men's Gel-Resolution 9 Tennis Shoes

ASICS Men’s Gel-Resolution 9 Tennis Shoe is one of the most demanding and stylish tennis shoes, especially for men.

This is the most flexible clay court shoe on the market. It blends and flexes the way you move but doesn’t think that this shoe is not going to support you, then you are wrong. The shoe contains a rubber Dynawall midsole that supports your foot’s arch as you lateral transition around the court. It also uses gel cushioning to lessen shock impact at the front and back of your foot.

It gives you the most support you need and assists you to keep a proper balance. PGUARD Technology of this shoe increases the durability of the outsoles, toe, and heel area.

The rubber sole helps to get a perfect grip. The midsole of the Asics Gel Resolution 9 blends FlyteFoam, which is more comfortable than regular EVA foam, with Gel cushioning in the heel and forefoot for shock absorption.

Flexion Fit technology’s form-fitting comfort for the upper, along with an additional tough PU cover for abrasion protection, increases the stability of the shoe.

This shoe also makes your movement fast and steady. If you try to practice your game in different styles, then you can try different styles by wearing these shoes. That’s why if you are finding a flexible Clay Court tennis shoe, then it is the best option for you.

Pros Cons
Imported and manmade sole Costly
Dynawrap technology
Improves flexibility
During play, provides a softer feeling
Improve impact absorption

What to consider when choosing the right clay court tennis shoe?

The sole material having a herringbone pattern, overall performance, and flexibility should be considered during choosing the right clay court tennis shoe for you. Also, you can consider the lightweight, perfect size and advanced technology used to make the surface of the shoes.

Modern problems need modern solutions. If you wanna give your best performance on a clay court, then you have to choose your shoe wisely. The most important thing you have to keep in mind is that you need an outstanding outsole that will give you a perfect grip on the court.

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For this, you have to choose a herringbone pattern that allows the player to slide naturally and control their body balance. Also, you have to check that the heel area is padded with foam because it will protect your heels.

Besides, check that it is comfortable and flexible and try to get a light weighted air shoe because this type of shoe is best for clay courts. You should also check that your shoe has a tight-knit upper which is common to carb clay and dust from entering the outer surface of the shoe during play. You have to buy lightweight shoes for moving fastly.

How to Maintain and Care for Your Clay Court Tennis Shoes?

Your new tennis shoes will be unexpectedly dirty after your first few games because clay may be messy, especially if you’re playing on red clay, especially when compared to playing on hard courts. So you must clean your shoes.

Here, we are adhering to some quick tips for maintaining and caring for your shoes. Let’s follow:

1. Get an old toothbrush and wash your shoe with detergent powder shampoo or with any mild soap.

2. You should wipe the upper part with wet cloths and clean the midsole with a sponge removing all the grumpy and strain. If you don’t clean your shoes properly, then you may have fungal diseases.

3. keep one thing in mind: don’t leave the shoes in the sun or extreme temperatures, as sensitive damping materials and upper materials will be damaged, especially after playing on clay. 

4. You can also clean the surface of your shoe by constantly watering the surface. While you can do this step, please take consideration into the compact and consistent playing surface.

5. You can clean the midsole of your shoe by wiping it with a wet sponge. It helps to remove stains and debris.

How Do I Choose the Right Size and Type of Clay Court Tennis Shoes?

It is better to buy a clay court tennis shoe one size bigger than your normal shoe size because, due to intense games, your feet will swell, and you don’t want to feel cramped inside your shoe.

So if you buy tennis shoes of your exact size, then there is a high risk of getting stuck on your shoes, and in a tight shoe, if your feet can’t breathe, then you can harm your feet, and you can also get skin disease so it’s better to buy tennis shoes one size bigger than your exact shoe size.

Can I Wear Regular Tennis Shoes on Clay Courts?

No, you can not wear regular tennis shoes on clay courts. Clay court tennis is a very challenging type of tennis game, as it is played in sticky & muddy conditions. So, regular tennis shoes are not perfect to face these challenging conditions.

It is not recommended to wear hard-counted tennis shoes on clay courts because their outsole is so different, and the clay court outsole is specially made for clay courts which will help you to move freely and comfortably on a clay court and will save you from any kind of injury.

On the other hand, hard court shoes are made of hard soles for keeping balance properly in a hard court. If you use this kind of hard court shoes on clay court, then there is a high chance of falling and getting injured. We advise buying a pair of clay court shoes and a pair of hard court shoes if you play a lot of tennis on both surfaces.


If you are a regular Clay Court tennis player, then you should buy a clay court shoe because the outsole of this shoe will help to give you the best performance in the field. As clay courts are softer than hard courts, for this reason, the shoes of clay courts are thinner and lighter than other shoes.

Pro players know how to play in different styles; to play these different styles, you have to make sure you have the proper gear for each court. At a glance, you might think to wear the hardest clay court tennis shoe but don’t do this because if you do this, you might fail to give the best performance in your competition for your shoe. Hope that this guide helped you to purchase the best shoe for your competition.

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