Best Garlando Foosball Tables

Selecting the best Garlando foosball table out of the models available isn’t easy because there’s an array of possibilities to choose from.

When looking through the most popular kinds of soccer tables, you’ll find that certain tables are of an ideal size, whereas others feature the most durable material. Also, some tables have legs that are flexible, and some Garlando soccer tables that offer the user a firm grip.

To top it all off, selecting the right table for your needs from the many top Garlando foosball tables isn’t an easy task at all. That’s why I’ve made this list of the top foosball tables produced by Garlando.

Here it is to follow the list of 5 best Garlando foosball tables, and feel free to explore the options to find the perfect selection for your needs.

Product Name Specifications Price Customer Rating
Garlando G-500 Indoor & Outdoor Foosball Table
  • All-wealth recreation 
  • Attractive style
  • Top-notch construction
$1,499 4/5
Garlando G5000 Wenge Foosball Table
  • Quality construction 
  • Built with health in mind
  • Fun indoor recreation
$2,087.99 3.6/5
Garlando Coin Operated Indoor Foosball Table
  • 4-Inch Heavy-duty
  • black nylon leg levelers
  • plastic handles reduce perspiration
$1,600.00 5/5
Garlando Open Air
  • Telescoping rods for safety
  • 10 white standard balls
  • Folding legs for easy storage
$1,749 5/5
Garlando F-100
  • Attractive table
  • Fairly simple to put together
  • Very sturdy table
$1,124 4/5

1. Garlando G-500 Indoor & Outdoor Foosball Table

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Garlando G-500 Indoor & Outdoor Foosball Table


Brand Garlando
Color Blue
Material Engineered Wood
Product Dimensions 43 x 34.5 x 56 inches
Item Weight 177 Pounds
Assembly Required Yes
Base Material Plastic, Alloy Steel
Frame Material Plastic

Additional Features

My very first Garlando foosball review focuses on the Garlando G500 foosball table, which is the ideal table for both outdoor and indoor sessions.

With the outdoor weatherproof Garlando foosball table, you will be able to take advantage of the perfect outdoor experience as you do indoors. It is able to withstand all temperatures.

This table is extremely sturdy, solid, and durable against wear and tear, which is why it’s guaranteed to last forever.

This great table is designed and constructed to stand up to every kind of weather, so you can always provide it with a permanent place for outdoor games. The table is equipped with a robust and sturdy vinyl cover that increases the degree of security.

The table comes with top-quality features to give you the most efficient performance to date. Each aspect of the Garlando foosball table is coated with waterproof and washable material. This helps to make maintenance and cleanup easier.


  • Safe
  • Well equipped
  • Quality
  • Attractive design


  • Comparatively higher price tag

2. Garlando G5000 Wenge Foosball Table

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Garlando G5000 Wenge Foosball Table


Brand Garlando
Color Grey
Material Wood
Product Dimensions 52 x 32 x 13 inches
Sport Type ‎Soccer
Item Weight ‎176 Pounds
Assembly Required Yes
Style G-5000 Wenge

Additional Features

The G5000 Garlando foosball table is a stunning product that combines its sophisticated design with stunning functionalities. If you’re looking to experience the ultimate Italian type of foosball, This table is going to be the ideal choice.

It is an Italian foosball table made using the highest quality materials. This superb soccer is equipped with coated wood legs that slant to offer more stability.

Leg levelers are durable and will give players the best experience on the perfect flat and large playing field. The handles made of plastic are professional grade, which gives you an ideal grip and improves speed and security.

Table soccer is accompanied by Premium safety rods that are completely stress-resistant and are also guaranteed to keep sweat at a minimum when playing. The wrists will not be strained during the most intense games. 


  • Materials that are durable and sturdy
  • Stability with legs that are angled for an angle
  • Comfortable grip
  • Telescopic safety rods
  • Adjustable leg levelers
  • Returns to the side
  • Noise reduction


  • No counterweighted players

3. Garlando Coin Operated Indoor Foosball Table

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Garlando Coin Operated Indoor Foosball Table


Brand Garlando
Color Green, White
Material Metal
Product Dimensions 60.25 x 30 x 36 inches
Sport Type Foosball
Item Weight 220 lbs
Assembly Required Yes
Base Material Plastic, Metal, Engineered Wood, Alloy Steel
Top Material Glass, MDF, Plywood

Additional Features

The Coin Garlando foosball table is not just the top game table, which has been approved by the International Table Soccer Federation (ITSF) and has also been designated as the official table for Garlando World Foosball Championship.

Garlando Coin-operated Indoor Foosball Table is designed to be used by professionals and players who compete in tournaments, and it’s equipped to handle lengthy and intense games.

To do it, this table comes with a handmade 1.25-inch high cabinet wall constructed from plywood and MDF and laminated with plastic. It also has four-inch square steel legs, heavy-duty with adjustable leg levelers 11.

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In contrast to the majority of foosball tables that have playing surfaces constructed of MDF wooden boards. This table includes a green playing surface constructed of sanded, tempered glass to create a surface that allows for a real ball roll.

The field is supported by two steel bars that can be adjusted to ensure stability and stress resistance. They can be taken apart to clean or repair.

The coin-operated mechanism is appreciated by owners to play for free or with a fee, and the solid grip of wooden inserts within the plastic handles.

The majority of customers think it is one of the best Garlando Foosball tables for professionals and worth every cent.


  • Approved by ITSF
  • Play for free or pay
  • Adjustable levelers
  • Playing field that can be detached
  • Cup holders with built-in ashtrays 
  • Bars of steel and rubber bumpers


  • Pricey

4. Garlando Open Air

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Garlando Open Air


Brand Garlando
Color Grey
Material Plastic
Product Dimensions ‎64 x 35 x 18 inches
Sport Type Foosball
Item Weight ‎200 Pounds
Assembly Required Yes
Base Material Maple Wood, Plastic
Top Material Laminate, Maple, Plywood

Additional Features

They are actually two types of Garlando foosball tables, both with the title Open Air, one for indoor use and another for outdoor use.

What makes them interesting in the first place is that they are able to fold them. It’s constructed from tough plastic and is simple to fold and put in.

One that is outdoors is made of weatherproof materials that can be used outdoors. The table has a cover that can be used for foosball tables that are outdoor; however, it’s sold separately.


  • Steel rods with telescopic bending
  • Fold Legs
  • For outdoor and indoor usage


  • The cover is available for foosball tables outdoors, but you must purchase it on its own

5. Garlando F-100

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Garlando F-100


Brand Garlando
Color Blue, Red
Material Plastic
Product Dimensions 57 x 29 x 34.25 inches
Sport Type Foosball
Item Weight 122 lbs
Assembly Required Yes
Base Material Plastic
Number of Players 4

Additional Features

The cabinet and the square metal legs have a fiberboard with medium density and Melamine coatings that have been used to construct the playing surface of the Garlando F-100. Melamine is an extremely durable waterproof material that is resistant to scrapes and scratches.

In addition to the table, the set also comes with eleven blue and 11 red plastic players, which are molded onto rods of steel to prevent players from becoming loose when the game gets frantic.

The telescopic rods that are stress-resistant and have dimensions of 2/3 inches are ideal for playing with or with children because they can slide inside the cabinet’s casing instead of stretching out to the other side.

The table is equipped with three white balls that are standard with nylon bushings that reduce wear and tear and abacus scorers for monitoring the progress of the game, slanted corners that ensure the ball is moving 360-degree rotating smoothly.

It’s a low-cost wood foosball table with a basic appearance, but it has enough features to let you start your journey into foosball or even play for fun. It is a well-built table with sturdy legs and rods that they believe are a security feature for children as well as adults.


  • Stress-resistant rods
  • Fast ball recovery
  • Abacus scorer
  • Slanted corners
  • Affordable
  • Durable and robust


  • The ball hits dead zones
  • No levelers

Why invest in a Garlando foosball table?

Garlando offers high-quality products with various prices and sizes that give you the best value for money and fit your budget and needs.

It is a reputable brand, which is endorsed by the International Table Soccer Federation (ITSF) and also hosts events like the World Foosball Championship, using Garlando Coin Operated Indoor Foosball Table as the official table for these tournaments.

The tables are made to be used by professionals, competitive players as well as tournaments.

They have a wide selection of foosball tables that can be played outdoors or indoors as well, as some models like those of the Garlando G-500 Indoor & Outdoor Foosball Table and Garlando Open Air Outdoor/Indoor Foosball Table are weatherproofed for both outdoor and indoor use.

The foosball tables use telescopic rods, which are safe for families with kids.

The tables come with a guarantee of a lifetime guarantee for players and three years for the table.

They are simple to put together and require only a few tools.

The tables for foosball include balls and players for instant playing.

Final shot!!!

Well, there are the 5 best Garlando foosball tables. Each Garlando foosball table is constructed of top-quality materials. A few of them are considered to be professional foosball tables.

So the price of the Garlando foosball tables cost quite high should not come as a shock. However, I believe they’re worth it since they are built with incredible quality.

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