10 Best Golf Cart Bluetooth Speakers For Your Tailgate Rides

People of so many different choices gathered on the golf course. In the past, golfers used to consider traditional games as an opportunity to play in absolute silence, accompanied only by the therapeutic sounds of nature such as chirping birds and rustling leaves. However, that does not necessarily have to be the only option. Golfers are now bringing music to the course.

Portable, waterproof, dust resistant, high sound quality Bluetooth speakers make golf more enjoyable and improve golfers’ performance. Though, among the vast maker, it’s hard to choose the right Bluetooth speaker.

So, here I am going to discuss the 10 Best Golf Cart Bluetooth Speakers for your tailgate rides.

Product Name  Specification  Price  Customer Review 
1. Ultimate Ears Wonderboom 2
  • 360 Degrees Sound
  • New Outdoor Boost
$92 4.8
2. JBL Charge 4
  • JBL Bass Radiator
  • JBLCONNECT plus Amplify
  • 20 Hours Playtime
$99.95 4.8
3. Bushnell Wingman Golf GPS Speaker
  • Audible GPS
  • 36 Holes of Playtime
  • Charged other devices
$118.19 4.7
4. JBL Clip 3
  • Unique Ultra-Portable
  • Noise and Echo-cancelling Speakerphone
  • Integrated Metal Carabiner
$49.75 4.7
5. Rokform G-rok Golf Speaker
  • SD Card Slot
  • Waterproof and Shockproof
  • Up to 24 hours charge
$99.99 4.6
6. AmpCaddy Version 3 Pro
  • 15 Watts with Bass Boost 2″ Resonator
  • 180° Directional Audio Swivel
  • Extended Bluetooth Range
$79.97 4.6
7. AmpCaddy Version 3 Pro
  • Ability to pair 2 Speakers
  • Up to 35 hours of Battery life
  • 2 sound modes
$59.97 4.3
8. Upside Golf SUPERX7 PRO
  • 200+ Foot Bluetooth Range
  • Can Survive in any adverse environment
$68.99 4.6
9. Bose SoundLink Micro
  • Ultra Portable
  • Crisp and Balanced Sound Quality
  • Built with mic
$89 4.5
10. Sonos Roam
  • Automatic Smart Features
  • Pair with other Sonos Technology
$169 4.2

1. Ultimate Ears Wonderboom 2

Ultimate Ears Wonderboom 2

Brand  Ultimate Ears
Color Black 
Model  Wonderboom 2
Item Dimensions  ‎3.68 x 3.68 x 4.02 inches
Speaker Type  Outdoor 
Cover  360 Degrees 100 foot

Ultimate Ears Wonderboom 2 is my first choice among the 10 Best Golf Cart Bluetooth Speakers for your tailgate rides list. The Bluetooth speaker comes with so many features. One of its biggest advantages is the speaker can automatically raise its volume.

It also develops overall sound clarity. That may come in very handy when your playing partner starts bragging about the birdie he just made, and you don’t want to listen to that boast.

The battery life of the Ultimate Ears Wonderboom 2 last more than 13 hours. That’s excellent support, indeed. You can wander around the course without worrying about the charge.

Besides the high charging facilities, things that made the Ultimate Ears Wonderboom Bluetooth speaker best for golf cart tailgate rides are the speaker is dust resistant and waterproof. So, when the annoying thunderstorm hits the course, you won’t have to worry about the UE Wonderboom speaker.

The Bluetooth speaker is mainly designed for outdoors. It can take small bumps and scrapes very easily, so the tailgate rides won’t reach I’m to your golf cart Bluetooth speaker.

The speaker is very lightweight; it weighs only 15 ounces, so you can take it with you very comfortably. The speaker offers 360 degrees of sound and covers a 100-foot range area clearly.

The speaker can connect with two devices at a time.

The speaker can be used for multiple purposes. As it’s a waterproof speaker, UE is very popular for poolside music.


  • Waterproof and dust resistance
  • 360-degree and immersive soundstage
  • Incredible portable service


  • The only flaw of UE Wonderboom is its lack of low bass

2. JBL Charge 4

JBL Charge 4 

Brand  JBL
Color Black 
Model  JBL Charge 4 Black
Item Dimensions  3.5 x 8.5 x 3.4 inches
Speaker Type  Smart Speaker 
Cover  30 feet Bluetooth work range 

JBL Charge 4 is a fantastic Bluetooth speaker to attach to your golf cart for your tailgate rides. The speaker offers a 20-hour battery life that is huge, and you won’t have to worry about the charge anymore. With that battery life, you can go on playing without any tension. It will be by your side when even when you play a glorious 36-hole day match. 

The JBL Charge 4 Bluetooth speaker is made with a waterproof fabric. So you can take it out with you even in bad weather and enjoy songs. A nice feature that JBL Charge 4 has is that it connects two devices simultaneously. That allows you and your partner to play the music you guys like.

What makes JBL Charge 4 different and outstanding from others is you can charge your device through the speaker. For example, if your phone goes dead in the middle of the game and you can’t find hope by using GPS, then don’t worry. The speaker will charge your phone to bring it back online.

The Charge 4 JBL speaker is made with a single driver over dual drivers and has a low-solid end for its sound. All the speaker’s features are beneficial for using it on tailgate rides with a golf cart. However, using the JBL Charge 4 in a barn, yard, or garage may drop the sound’s bass emphasis a little.

JBL produces different colors of speakers for their customers. The Charger 4 comes in ten different colors, so you can choose as you like.


  • Incredible battery life performance
  • Very well-balanced mid-range of sound quality
  • Lightweight and easy to move with


  • It struggles to produce a low-bass sound

3. Bushnell Wingman Golf GPS Speaker

Bushnell Wingman Golf GPS Speaker

Brand  Bushnell
Color Black 
Model  Wingman GPS Speaker
Item Dimensions  8.58 x 4.21 x 3.7 inches
Speaker Type  GPS Golf Speaker 
Cover  10 feet Bluetooth work range 

Bushnell literally shocked every when they first launched Bushnell Wingman Golf GPS Speaker. That was their first golf-based Bluetooth speaker. All the features in it make the golf course more accessible and enjoyable.

Besides, like all other speakers, it has high-quality sound and music systems. What makes the speaker best is its top-of-the-line GPS and it’s the reason I liked the speaker most among all the other 10 Best Golf Cart Bluetooth Speakers for your tailgate rides.

So, what exactly the course GPS does? The speaker tells you the exact yardage of your next shot, and distances to the front, back, and center of each green.

The wingman golf GPS Bluetooth speaker comes with BITE magnetic technology. Because of the magnetic technology, you can easily attach the speaker to the golf cart. With other speakers, it’s not easy to set the speaker with the golf cart.

The battery runs for more than 10 hours without charge. That’s not much compared to other speakers; however, it’s plenty of time for playing two 18-hole rounds of golf. You can use the speaker to charge your cell phone.

Bushnell Wingman Golf GPS speaker has two different modes. One is the music mode; this mode has all the music features. And another one is golf mode. By turning on the golf course mode, you can get all information about the course.

The outstanding sound quality of the Wingman speaker allows golfers to listen to clear music and route guide. There is a voice change feature available too. The speaker can talk in dozens of different local voices; all sound pretty robotic, but still, it’s fun.


  • Crystal clear sound quality for music & verbal distance
  • Powerful magnet to attach the speaker to the cart


  • Some may find the setup quite annoying

4. JBL Clip 3

JBL Clip 3 

Brand  JBL
Color Black 
Model  JBL CLIP 3 – Black
Item Dimensions  ‎2.17 x 4.33 x 4.3 inches
Speaker Type  Outdoors
Cover  10 meters Bluetooth work range 

JBL Clip 3 offers the golfer the best sound quality speaker on the market at the most reasonable price. The JBL Clip 3 speaker is a tiny size Bluetooth speaker which you can bring pretty much everywhere.

You can hang the speaker anywhere as it comes with a little clip attached to the top of it. You can mount the speaker on a golf bag, on a cooler, or in the cup holder of a golf cart.

JBL Clip 3 provides a 10-hour battery life service. You can play more than three rounds, and it will still go on playing music for you. So, the battery serves as per the advertisement. The speaker is made with waterproof fabric, so don’t freak out when it is a heavy rainstorm down at course.

There are three buttons on the top speaker. One plays and pause the music, and two others control the volume. The best thing about the JBL Clip 3 is its outstanding sound quality. It may look smaller but don’t let it make you fool.

It actually has bass and is loud enough for what you expect in a golf course. You can’t identify the sound difference between JBL Clip 3 and other Bose option speakers that cost 3 or 4 times more. With JBL, customers get the sounds of 200$+ speakers for only 50$.

From my suggestion of the 10 Best Golf Cart Bluetooth speakers for your tailgate rides, there is no better deal than JBL, if you are looking for a cheap, lightweight, loud golf cart Bluetooth speaker for your tailgate rides.


  • Incredibly fantastic sound quality
  • Very reasonable price
  • Durable


  • Not designed to be put on the table or on a flat surface

5. Rokform G-rok Golf Speaker

Rokform G-rok Golf Speaker

Brand  Rokform
Color Black 
Model  G-ROK
Item Dimensions  ‎‎3.1 x 1.7 x 6.5 inches
Speaker Type  Outdoors
Cover  30 feet Bluetooth work range 

For those who like to avoid annoying mounting work and want a heavy, durable Bluetooth speaker for their golf cart tailgate rides, Rokform G-rok Golf Speaker is a perfect choice for them. The speaker is built with a fantastic magnetic feature.

You just attached the speaker with the golf cart; no more spending time trying to tie up the speaker with a golf cart. Plus, the magnet is very powerful, so you can take any rough road and not worry that the speaker may fall. Moreover, the speaker isn’t made with any cheap fragile plastic. It’s more like a brick and very durable, so even if it falls on the ground, you won’t see any scratches.

Golfer founds the speaker very attractive cause of the battery life. The G-Rock golf speaker can run a whole 24 hours on one full charge. So you can play as long as you want without thinking the speaker may die. The speakers come with waterproof and dustproof features, so you can go on golfing with it at any time of the year.

The Rokform G-rok Golf Speaker also has an internal SD card slot. Its storage can hold more than 5000 songs. So you won’t need to bring your phone every time you go golfing, and that’s a relief for those who don’t like to bring the phone with them.


  • 24-hour battery life service
  • Powerful magnetic back to attach the speaker to the golf cart
  • Internal SD card slot


  • Bulky and heavier compared to other Bluetooth speakers

6. AmpCaddy Version 3 Pro Golf Bluetooth Speaker

AmpCaddy Version 3 Pro Golf Bluetooth Speaker 

Brand  Ampcaddy
Color Black 
Model  Version 3 Pro
Item Dimensions  11.26 x 9.37 x 3.7 inches
Speaker Type  Subwoofer
Cover  180° Directional Audio Swivel and 100 foot Bluetooth work range 

AmpCaddy golf bluetooth speaker became very popular on the course in a very short time. The speaker is developed by a PGA golfer, so its producers know what a music-lover golfer wants from a Bluetooth speaker on the course.

If you like music on the course, then AmpCaddy Version 3 Pro Golf Bluetooth Speaker can be beneficial. You can listen to crystal-clear music or your favorite podcast show on the green course. The operating system of the AmpCaddy Version 3 Pro is very simple, and one can easily set up the whole thing with the golf cart.

Some speaker doesn’t sound quite well when you bring them into the green zone cause of all space. However, in the case of AmpCaddy V3 Pro, it gives you great dynamic sound everywhere on the course as the speaker is made with subwoofer bass projects.

AmpCaddy V3 Pro speaker became a very popular one cause of its long-lasting battery life too. It can run straight for 20 hours on one single charge. The speaker is waterproof and shockproof.

One of the great advantages of having AmpCaddy Version 3 Pro Golf Bluetooth Speaker is you can add your own logo on the speakers. You won’t get that service from the other 10 Best Golf Cart Bluetooth Speakers for your tailgate rides product suggestions.


  • Long-lasting battery life with an incredible sound system
  • Comes with mount systems, so it’s easy to set with a golf cart
  • Available personalization options


  • Had to keep the phone close while using the speaker

7. Treblab FX100 Bluetooth Speaker

Treblab FX100 Bluetooth Speaker


Color Black 
Model  FX100 
Item Dimensions  ‎2.8 x 2.8 x 7.1 inches
Speaker Type  Outdoors 
Cover  33 feet Bluetooth work range 

In case of battery life, Treblab Fx100 Bluetooth Speaker is arguably the best Bluetooth speaker on the market. The speaker charge lasts around 35 hours at a time. You can play a round of golf each day for the weekend and not worry about charging it.

The speaker is weatherproof, shockproof, and IPX4 waterproof, so you can use it for any adventure and in any sport, and nothing will be able to reach any harm. Because of the unique outdoor design, you can take the speaker pool or beach or ride it on a boat, bike, or motorcycle.

Treblab FX100 is built with a 7200 mAh power bank, which allows you to charge your phone instantly. The sound quality is very well; you can listen to music crystal clear. You can also listen to FM radio with the speaker. The speaker can pair with another Bluetooth speaker and creates an epic sound experience for music lovers.

The speaker is built with carabiner features that allow you to attach the speaker to the golf bag. It also comes with unique options by which you can receive phone calls through the speaker.

The sound systems of Treblab FX100 are excellent, as it boasts a full 360 degrees of surround sound. The bass hits of FX100 are extremely good compared to other Bluetooth speakers.


  • 35 hours of playtime in one single charge
  • You can receive calls and listen to the local radio
  • Can charge your cell phone

8. Upside Golf Bluetooth Speaker

Upside Golf Bluetooth Speaker

Brand  Upside Golf
Color Black 
Item Dimensions  ‎‎5 x 1.8 x 4 inches
Speaker Type  Outdoors 
Cover  200+ foot Bluetooth work range 

The PGA Professional golfer developed the Upside Golf Bluetooth Speaker that contains all the necessary features you need on the golf cart for your tailgate rides. You can mark that speaker from the other 10 Best Golf Cart Bluetooth Speakers for your tailgate rides suggestions cause of outstanding features.

With other speakers, one of the most annoying things is losing the Bluetooth connection. You go a little far from the cart, and the speaker starts making noise. Well, with Upside Golf Bluetooth Speaker, the Bluetooth range is 200 feet. So that allows you to walk around the golf course without fear of losing your Bluetooth connection.

The shape of the speaker is quite different than all other speakers available on the market. It has a square shape, and the unit is made with a high-powered magnet. Cause of the magnet, you can easily latch the speaker onto any bar of the golf cart.

One of the significant advantages of having an Upside Golf Bluetooth speaker is that it doesn’t take much time to charge. The speaker takes only two hours to charge fully. With one full charge, it will run for 15 hours.

While making the golf speaker, the manufacturer’s first priority was to ensure the speaker’s durability. They made the speaker waterproof, and it can survive in any adverse golf course conditions.


  • Strong magnetic body to easily mount with the golf cart
  • Bluetooth goes over 200 feet
  • The great sound quality in both high and low volume


  • At full volumes, the bass gets slightly distorted

9. Bose SoundLink Micro

Bose SoundLink Micro

Brand  Bose
Color Black 
Model  SoundLink Micro
Item Dimensions  ‎‎‎1.4 x 3.9 x 3.9 inches
Speaker Type  Outdoors 
Cover  30 Feet Bluetooth work range 

Bose SoundLink Micro has a very friendly budget and is specially designed for outdoor music. The speaker is lightweight and travel-friendly. The portable Bluetooth speaker provides crystal-clear sound, which is many portable speakers seem to forget. The speaker has an elastic strap that can loop around to attach the speaker to a golf cart for your tailgate rides.

Bose SoundLink Micro golf speaker has three different colors. Its soft-touch rubberized finish makes the speaker holding easy and also ensure its safety in a bad environment.

It’s a waterproof speaker, but it doesn’t float. The speaker continues playing music even underwater. It has google voice assistance and can make and receive calls for you. However, Google Assistant won’t work while it submerged underwater.

You can run Bose SoundLink Micro speaker through the Bose sound apps. Through apps, you can change the speaker’s mood to party, travel, or other moods. With the apps, you can set an auto-off timer, virtual volume controls, and more.

The speaker can produce enough loud sound for you on the golf course. Yet, it’s not entirely perfect for a big party, but it surely can handle intimate gatherings.


  • Can pair two different devices at a time
  • Friendly budget, lightweight, suitable to travel with
  • Has an elastic strap to attach the speaker to anything


  • Sounds aren’t so loud
  • Battery life serves only 6 hours

10. Sonos Roam Bluetooth Speaker

Sonos Roam Bluetooth Speaker 

Brand  Sonos
Color Black
Model  Roam
Item Dimensions  3.94 x 0.79 x 1.06 inches
Speaker Type  Multi-room 
Cover  240 Meters Bluetooth work range 

Sonos Roam is a top-rated speaker among the home speaker user community. Every audiophile knows about the sound quality of Sonos and its reputation. Well, I wanted to take it outside to see how well this thing can fit in the outdoors with golf carts for tailgate rides. The results are very satisfying.

The speaker’s smart features work incredibly well. Its google assistant voice is absolutely mind-blowing—the speakers with both Bluetooth and wifi connectivity.

The small rounded-off triangle shape speakers come with Shadow Black, Lunar White, Sunset, Wave, and Olive colors. It weighs 429g, which is easy to take with you on the golf course. The speaker has an IP67 rating, which means it’s suitable for use at the beach or poolside. It’s pretty hard, too. It won’t break even if it falls on a hard surface.

The setup of Sonos Roam is pretty easy; you can control it via manual settings or through the apps. The Sonos apps will provide you with so many features that will make your golfing time more accessible and enjoyable. All other mentioned speakers from the list of 10 Best Golf Cart Bluetooth Speakers for your tailgate rides are mainly designed for outdoor or travel use. However, Sonos Roam can be used for both outside and inside purposes.


  • Incredible smart features service
  • Syncs perfectly with other existing Sonos technology
  • Small, lightweight, durable, and easily portable


  • Only suitable for the occasional golfer
  • Audiophiles may notice the lack of bass

Things to Check Before Buying a Bluetooth Speaker For Your Golf Cart

Sound Quality

The first thing to check while buying Bluetooth speakers for your golf cart is sound quality. That’s the most important factor for any speaker, and as you are going to use it outdoors, you must ensure the quality.

To ensure sound quality, learn about how the speaker’s bass work in low and high volume frequency. Learn about the waves of the speaker. Check out if the speaker’s sound provides in directional or omnidirectional mode. For golf courses, omnidirectional models are good. They provide more consistent and immersive sound performance.

Battery Life

The next important thing is battery life; golfers play and move around with their golf carts for hours. And while playing golf, you don’t want your music suddenly goes off. So make sure your speakers can last at least six hours.

However, most of the speakers serve 10 hours with sole charge. You can find golf cart Bluetooth speakers for tailgate rides with 20+ hours of battery life.


Always look for the size before buying the speaker cause it may take up too much space in your golf cart, or you may find it annoying carrying a large odd-looking speaker. There are different shapes of speakers available on the market. You can choose a round, square or triangle-looking speaker.


After buying the Bluetooth speaker, you may find it hard to attach it to the golf cart. Some speakers come with mount features. The mount features could be magnetic or elastic strapped. These will eliminate your trouble of attaching the speakers to the golf cart.


Having music on the golf course improves the performance of the golfer. Music makes the sport and your time more enjoyable. It’s just not music; the speaker gives you directions for the course too. Above I have mentioned the 10 best golf cart Bluetooth speakers for your tailgate rides. Among them, the Bushnell Wingman Golf GPS Speaker is my favorite. The GPS service makes it unique among all of them. If you have questions, let us know in the comment box.


Is it okay to use Bluetooth speakers on the golf course?

Umm, to be honest, there is no definite answer to your question. Some golfers think using a speaker on the course violates the spirit of the game. At the same time, some other golfers believe it’s completely a personal matter whether you want music on the course or not.

But do check the rules of the tournament cause some competitions may prohibit using speakers on the course.

Where to mount Bluetooth speaker to the golf cart?

There is plenty of places where you can mount the speakers to the golf cart. You could set the speakers on the roof, with the slides, or in the cart bar. If you have a small speaker, then set it in the vertical position, and with a big speaker, go for the horizontal position for better sound projection.

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