Best Golf Polos

It’s not easy to find tall and large golf polos. You won’t want to wear it somewhere if it’s too tight or too short since it can make you look like you stole it from your little brother’s closet!

We’ll review everything you need to know about choosing the best golf polos for bigger guys.

These shirts will make you feel and look fantastic while out on the fairways, enabling you to concentrate on your game and give it you’re all.

So let’s dive in.

Why is Breathable Fabric Important? 

Beneficial For Delicate Skin

Sensitive skin can easily develop rashes or other skin conditions. Bad clothing choices are the main culprit behind most of these issues. This is why choosing a breathable fabric that is comfortable and healthy for your skin is important.

Most skin rashes are caused by clothing. To be safe, make sure you read the label before buying clothes. This is especially true for infants. To protect their delicate skin, they need light and breathable fabric.


Breathable fabric is a great choice because it offers comfort. Comfortable clothes should be loosely fitted and breathable. Cotton fabric is the best choice for breathable clothing. Cotton clothing is not only comfortable but also very good for your skin.

Comfortable clothes can increase confidence. Because one doesn’t need to worry about their clothes all the time, this is important. It doesn’t matter if you wear comfortable, breathable clothes.

This makes you look fashionable. There are many high-quality options for clothes. You only need to choose fashionable wear made from a comfortable material.

Less Sweater

The problem with wearing tight-fitting, low-quality clothes is sweat. The air cannot pass through tight clothing, which causes excessive sweating. This can lead to a person becoming soiled, making it embarrassing for others. Breathable fabric is best to avoid discomfort and embarrassment.

Air can easily pass through breathable fabrics like cotton. This keeps your body cool and sweat-free. It is especially important to wear breathable clothing during summer.

Less Dangerous Substances

Unfortunately, many people don’t know that traditional clothing fabrics contain harmful pesticides or cyanide. These chemicals can cause skin problems. For example, eczema. This is why organic, breathable fabric is the best choice. 

Organic clothes can be used to treat skin conditions such as eczema. Although organic clothes can be costly, they are well worth the investment.

Complete More Work

Wearing loose, breathable clothing will make you feel more comfortable, increasing your productivity. This is especially true for office workers who must get dressed up in the morning. Perfectly breathable fabric is better for office workers. They can do more work and don’t feel rushed.

Many women make this mistake. They often wear tight clothes because they want to look good. This can cause them discomfort all day. Soft, durable, breathable fabric is the best way to avoid these problems.

What Are the Best Golf Polos For Bigger Guys?

Product name Price Specification
Cutter & Buck Men’s Big & Tall Drytec Genre Polo Shirt $32 A self-fabric collar on a solid pattern polo shirt.Three-button collar.

A light design is visible on the polyester fabric.

Callaway Men’s Big & Tall Golf Performance Short Sleeve Polo Shirt $28.14 – $126.22 Stretch fabric makes up the men’s polo shirt.It combines style and tradition in one.

Sun protection technology.

Harbor Bay by DXL Big and Tall Golf Polo Shirt $40.00 Available in tall sizes as well as sizes up to 8XL.There are 14 colors available.

This golf shirt looks classy.

YATTA GOLF Standout Performance Golf Shirts $39 Offers sizes up to 4XL.There are 12 colorful, dazzling looks to choose from.

3 buttons for added comfort.

KingSize Men’s Big & Tall Lightweight Golf Shirt $29 Big and tall sizes up to 9XL are available.17 different color and style variations are available.

The breathable cotton-blend fabric keeps you cool.

Real Essentials Men’s Quick-Dry Short Sleeve Athletic Performance Golf Shirt $23 100% Polyester.Offers sizes up to 5XL.

10 fashionable colors are available.

1. Cutter & Buck Men’s Big & Tall Drytec Genre Polo Shirt

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Cutter & Buck Men's Big & Tall Polo Shirt

Cutter & Buck, a well-known brand in golf apparel, is sold worldwide by pro shops. You can find a wide range of polo shirts.

This shirt features a classic golf polo design. The shirt features a button-front placket and side vents at its bottom hem. It also has forward shoulders, open jackets, and an untangled neckline. This shirt is 100% polyester.

This fabric is moisture-wicking away from the body and then distributing it quickly. This is especially helpful for big men who may sweat a lot while on the course.


  • They have excellent breathing.
  • It is quite long and fits properly.
  • Plenty of shoulder space.


  • Need every time ironing.

Sizes up to 5XL are available and never go out of style.

This shirt combines the best aspects of a golf shirt with a brand that is focused on quality golf apparel. You can also check out their other large and tall polos.

2. Callaway Men’s Big & Tall Golf Performance Short Sleeve Polo Shirt

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Callaway Men's Big & Tall Golf Performance Stripe Short Sleeve Polo Shirt

Callaway is a brand you will recognize if you’re familiar with golf. They make equipment and offer a wide selection of golf apparel, including tall and short golf shirts.


  • Offering maximum breathability.
  • Quite cozy on days with high temperatures.
  • Adequate room to play golf.


  • Buttons appear cheap.

This shirt features a flat knit collar and a button-front placket. The Callaway logo can be found at the top of the back. This shirt is 100% polyester.

This shirt can pull sweat away from the body. Natural evaporation can help draw heat from your body by wicking moisture. This is a great thing for large men.

This polo shirt for big guys is loosely fitted so that it won’t pinch against the skin. It allows you to move freely and swing.

Available in sizes up to 4XL for some styles.

3. Harbor Bay by DXL Big and Tall Golf Polo Shirt

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Harbor Bay by DXL Big and Tall Golf Polo Shirt

DXL is a popular brand for tall and big men. Harbor Bay is DXL’s private-label brand. They make clothing that suits the needs of larger men. They also make a popular golf shirt.


  • Quite comfortable in hot weather.
  • It fits flawlessly and looks fantastic.


  • The pricing seemed a little excessive.

The fabric used to make this shirt is a mix of cotton and polyester. This shirt has a 4-button front placket, longer than tennis shirts. For freedom of movement, open jackets and a vented waist allow for maximum mobility.

Designed to allow you to move freely. Fit is designed to be larger for men. You won’t rub your neck while swinging with a tagless neckline.

Sizes up to 7XL are available for certain styles. (*Sizing may vary depending on availability). 

4. YATTA GOLF Standout Performance Golf Shirts

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YATTA GOLF Men Polo Shirt

12 fashionable and trendy designs make the YATTA Golf Standout Performance shirts stand out. The design covers the entire shirt from front to back. Even the collar is covered!

This shirt is made from 95% polyester and 5% spandex and is light and stretchy.


  • No more wrinkling or tight fabric.
  • The shirt is comfortable and cool.
  • Excellent value for the money.


  •  The collar is somewhat weak.

5. KingSize Men’s Big & Tall Lightweight Golf Shirt

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KingSize Men's Big & Tall Lightweight Pocket Golf Polo Shirt

There are many sizes and shapes of large men! KingSize Men’s Big & Tall Golf Shirt is available in sizes up to 9X. It also offers large and tall sizes.

This shirt is available in various sizes and comes in 17 different colors. You read that right, designs! Fashion for fat guys has advanced over the years.

You will love the stylish design and matching buttons. This shirt is great for all things golf! This polyester blend can be worn on a date, at work, or with friends.

The open jackets won’t rub against your arms if you’re tall and slender. The side vents will keep you cool. This golf shirt is not to be underestimated!


  • Shoulders with movement and comfort.
  • Pleasant weight and feel.
  • It looks sharp and feels wonderful on the skin.


  •  It is quite rough and rigid.

6. Real Essentials Men’s Quick-Dry Short Sleeve Athletic Performance Golf Shirt

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Men's Quick-Dry Short Sleeve Athletic Performance Polo Shirt

If you want 3 shirts for the price of one, the Real Essentials Men’s Quick-Dry golf shirts are a great budget-friendly option!

These shirts go up to size 5X and have 10 color packs. Each pack has a basic black jersey and two others with big and tall options.

They are made with 100% polyester dry-fit material, so no more embarrassing sweat stains! 


  • High quality and proper fit.
  • They feel soft and silky.
  • Well built.


  •  It’s also quite lengthy.

Their tag-free design is great for those who get an itchy neck from bulky added tags, and the breathable design only adds to their comfort.

These shirts are great when paired with khakis or jeans for a non-sporty outing.

What Colors Does Golf Polo Come in?

Every detail is crucial regarding setting your goals and achieving them in all areas of life. And out on the green, it’s the same.

This is a matter as simple as golf clubs, gloves, tees and outerwear accessories, and a polo jersey. When expressing yourself in front of the nine, a plain shirt can be a good substitute for a simple performance!

Black blue, navy blue, green grey, pink, purple, yellow, white, and red, among others! Golf polos are available in many colors, and you’ll find it difficult to choose a color that matches your fashion and golf shoes!

Characteristics of a Great Golf Polo Shirt


Golf shirts naturally have breathability carefully built into them, courtesy of their moisture-wicking fabric.

Intricate capillary networks are meticulously constructed into the fibers, drawing sweat upwards and away from your body. This means the jersey is quick-drying and has enhanced ventilation.


Their high-quality material, superior build, and intelligent design make golf shirts feel as light as a feather when worn compared to standard cotton-made shirts.


The durable and robust fabric used in golf polos is also highly flexible and allows for a complete range of motion while you’re in full swing.

UV protection

With reactive thermoregulation technology, important UV protection built into the fibers, and an anti-curl collar that stays firm and protects your neck when the heat is on. You’ll be positively assured while wearing your golf jersey in the great outdoors.

How Do I Care For My Golf Polo?

Machine Wash

  • You can wash the polo with any detergent.
  • For all future washes, and before you wear it for the first, do a quick cycle at 30deg.
  • Is your polo white? You will avoid color bleeding by choosing a wash similar to your skin tone.
  • Do not add fabric softener to your polo. It will not give you any suppleness and may even cause damage to the fibers.
  • Hand washing is not recommended as it doesn’t allow you to control the temperature, wash time, or detergent concentration. This can cause damage to your polo jersey.

Simple Drying

  • Place your polo jersey over a dryer rack or clothesline from just below the jacket.
  • To save time ironing, hang your polo on a hanger (preferably made of plastic to prevent shoulder deformation).
  • Avoid clothing pegs that may stretch, deform, or mark an item of clothing.
  • Your polo shirt does not enjoy being machine dried. Time and money are wasted using the tumble dryer.

Careful Ironing

  • You’ll enjoy the ease of donning a spotless, silky polo.
  • Follow the drying instructions above to avoid ironing your polo jersey.
  • If you prefer to iron your polo jersey while it is still warm, heat your iron at a low to medium temperature.
  • To minimize any white marks, iron your polo jersey inside out.

How to Choose the Right Polo Shirt


While playing golf, If you notice your shirt being a bit loose and your belly begins to show, you need to consider a big and tall polo shirt. This way, it stays snugly tucked during the round and beyond.


Do you prefer a loose-fitting polo or one that is more athletic in shape? Skinny fit or long sleeve? Most polos are available in various sizes, so be cautious about purchasing a garment that isn’t right for you.


It may not seem that important; however, a polo with too long or short a jacket could be a nuisance. They should fall to the mid-section of the upper arms, and the seam must be in alignment with the shoulder’s middle.


Do you prefer a loose-fitting knit polo or one that is more athletic in shape? Slim fit or classic? Most polos are available in various sizes, so be cautious about purchasing a garment that isn’t right for you.


Most brands produce golf shirts that feature technology to aid in many ways. For instance, many assist with sweat management and moisture drainage, which helps keep your body cool and dry. They also provide UV protection and anti-microbial qualities, so it’s important to consider what you value for yourself. Of course, many of the above models have been developed with these aspects in their minds.


Striped? Floral? A full-on print? The days of boring and boring golf styles, and most golf manufacturers go all out. The wide variety of golf polos that we selected above illustrates this clearly. Whatever fashion style you prefer, there is the best polo.


Of course, the cost is something to consider. These models have great value; however, more high-end models are available for those looking to pay a bit more. Simply put, there’s something to suit all.

How Do I Know If a Golf Polo Will Fit Me?

It’s important not to be too big or too small. This may sound absurdly simple, but it’s not uncommon for people to get it wrong. You should dress smartly and comfortably while on the course. You don’t have to make things complicated.

Overall Fit

The golf polo should fit comfortably and hug the body while leaving enough room for the swing.

Golf pique polo should be so easy that you can play 18 holes with no problem and intelligent enough that you can easily move into the clubhouse for a well-deserved beverage afterward. If you are a large man, you should choose overall big and tall clothing.

Collar & Neck Opening

Most brands make standard golf polo collars, so don’t worry about it. The neck opening is another matter. Unbuttoning two buttons is a terrific method to frame your face.

You want to allow lots of movement, so ensure your neck opening doesn’t feel too tight. The end of your last button should not be lower than your armpit. Any lower and your neck opening will drop down to form a deep V-neck.

The collar should not be too low against your chest. This can flatten your pectoral area.

Shoulders and Covers

A big no-no for jackets that fall below the shoulders is also a problem. The shoulder seams of the polo should be at your shoulder bone and not halfway down your bicep.

Your jacket should reach about halfway down your bicep. It should hug your arms comfortably. Too tight can make your arms appear thin and restrict your swing.

The jacket should hug a well-toned bicep in a perfect world. Consider a polo with a ribbed band at its end to help your bicep close if you have naturally slim arms.

Don’t make the tightening too restrictive for those with larger arms or biceps. This will cause discomfort and hinder your ability to swing. A polo should feel comfortable across the chest, shoulders, and arms. The jackets can be slightly tailored if needed.

Length and Torso

The polo should be just below the waistband. However, it shouldn’t go beyond the mid-crotch and the top of the fly.

Remember that a golf shirt should be slightly longer than a normal jersey. You must tie it into your pants or shorts and ensure it stays. If your polo is too tight, it could untuck itself as soon as you put up the putt.

Age can cause a little extra weight to the midriff. This can make it look unflattering. This is why you need a polo that allows you to move freely and doesn’t feel tight around your torso. Choose a polo shirt that can be pulled up to 1 to 2 inches from your stomach for the best results.

Where Can I Buy a Golf Polo?

You can buy the best polo shirts for men at

What is the difference between a polo shirt and a golf shirt?

The major difference between a typical Polo shirt and one that is a golf shirt is in the fabric used to construct it.

Most polos are made of linen and cotton, and golf polos are constructed using a mix of materials like spandex polyester and cotton. In the end, the golf polo must be stretchable and cope with the athletic movements of the golf swing.

What Makes a Good Golf Polo?

A quality golf polo can do many things. It must be lightweight, breathable, and help sweat out and shield you from the sun while also allowing you to feel comfortable. Do not forget to look stylish. We believe the most effective designs can be adapted to wear anywhere.

Are Golf Polos Wrinkle-resistant?

Yes, Golf shirts are wrinkle-resistant. It is due to the polyester material. Polyester is a sturdy and durable material that can retain color and resist wrinkles.

Are Golf Polos Stain-resistant?

Yes, golf polos are stain-resistant. The premium material is soft on the skin and offers stain resistance. It also comes with the benefit of being simple to take care of without any special cleaning requirements and requiring very little or no ironing.

Are Golf Polos Odor-resistant?

Because of Merino wool, men’s polo shirts are odor-resistant. The ability to resist odor Merino wool is a natural capacity to resist the growth of bacteria. So your clothes will not smell bad even after being worn many times without washing.


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