best golf shorts for big thighs

One of the most challenging items of clothing to locate is the perfect golf shorts for large and thigh-highs. The reason is the fact that most women who are curvy like golf shorts but don’t feel comfortable enough wearing these shorts.

Additionally, they complain that they are uncomfortable since, most of the time, they’re too tight or loose.

It allows you to move thanks freely to elastic and moisture-wicking fabric characteristics. A good set of golf shorts can be a wise investment. How you dress creates the right conditions for playing your best performance.

If you’re a fan of wearing golf shorts and have big thighs, you’re probably aware of the issue with not enough room so that your hips can be accessible in your golf shorts unless you’re wearing the best golf shorts.

In this article, I’ll guide you through the best golf shorts for big thighs. These will aid you in your search for the perfect golf shorts adventure, no matter where you’d like to purchase the item or what you’re willing to pay.

The struggle of finding shorts that fit if you have big thighs

Simply the idea of wearing shorts all the time is a nightmare for many. If you want to find shorts that can fit your thighs without restricting your circulation, you must take a step up; that is not a good idea.

The shorts are acceptable, but as usual, you should have ordered a size up because they let your legs breathe for so long.

The larger the thighs, the more difficult it will be to cross your legs. This is the biggest thigh squabble. If you can stretch your legs out, the chances are that you’re not feeling comfortable.

The main issue is when you’re trying to cross your legs, but a barrier stops you from doing it because you have to raise your leg above that surface. It’s also a matter of deciding which way to use your legs in the job interview.

If you purchase shorts, you must be prepared for how shorter they’ll appear when you put them on, and you’ll spend too often taking them off and looking uncomfortable to enjoy them.

Why are excellent golf shorts so important?

  • Sweat-wicking properties help keep you dry rather than feeling uncomfortable because you’re sweating during the hot summer temperatures.
  • The elastic waistband and the stretch fabric will let you bend your body while swinging and putting. This will ensure that your clothes don’t hinder you from having a good time playing.
  • Golf shorts with pockets provide storage space and simple access to things like golf pins.
  • Fabrics should be lightweight to ensure maximum comfort.
  • A collection of various colors lets you choose shorts that complement your outfit or style.

How to find the perfect golf shorts for big thighs

Find the perfect golf shorts that are suitable to wear daily by keeping these points in your head.

  1. Fabrics: It is possible to get gold shorts in various materials, including nylon, cotton, and polyester. They are usually made with either spandex or elastane blends to provide excellent stretch. Pick the fabric according to your preferences.
  2. Comfort: Because golf involves walking a long distance, it is vital that you can be worn comfortably and able to wick sweat away.
  3. Length: When you purchase golf shorts, make sure their size is longer than the knee.
  4. Stretchability: As the shorts are used for golf, ensure they’re stretchable.
What Does “E” Mean In Golf? – An In-Depth Analysis For Golfers

The 9 best golf shorts for big thighs

Product name Price Specification
Under Armour Men’s Tech Golf Shorts  $39.19   $42.92
  • The cloth has a 4-way stretch
  • Numerous pockets
  • Cools you off
Amazon Essentials Men’s Classic-Fit Stretch Golf Short $15.85   $30.60
  • Smoothed, wrinkle-resistant styles
  • Inexpensive, excellent, and robust
PGA TOUR Men’s Flat Front Golf Short $26.89 $48.00
  • With an invisible ankle strap
  • Enabling you to find the ideal fit
Travis Mathew Beck Shorts  $54.99 $115.23
  • Lightweight design
  • Drying quickly and wicking away moisture
Nike Men’s Flex Core Golf Shorts $59.95   $124.98
  • Dri-FIT technology keeps you dry
  • Brushed textile
IZOD Men’s 9.5″ Micro Twill Flat Front Golf Short $22.48 $73.44
  • Fast-drying fabric
  • Keeping you dry and comfortable
Dry Fit Cargo Golf Shorts 

$56.95 $58.95
  • Both sides have cargo pockets with zippers
  • Four-way stretch material
  • Moisture will be wicked away by dri-fit shorts
PUMA GOLF Men’s Jackpot 1.0 Short, 10.5″ $40.77 $126.81
  • Mobility freedom when playing
  • Pocket bags with floral prints
J Lindeberg Active Argyle Golf Shorts  
  • 91% Polyester, 9% Elastane
  • Water-repellent clothing
  • Finished back pockets

1. Under Armour Men’s Tech Golf Shorts

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Under Armour Men's Tech Golf Shorts



  • Multiple hues
  • Reduces sweat
  • 4-way pockets


  • Most customers need to purchase a size larger

The golf shorts are brimming with all the attributes that make them a significant investment in your game. From being elastic to featuring pockets, even professional players are sure to love these shorts.

Golfers love that these shorts stop heat from getting caught in the body. It keeps you cool during the 18 or 9 holes. Even though they are lightweight, the shorts are durable enough to be worn for an extended time.

The players love the variety of available colors, which makes it simple to match it with your golf shirts of choice: Khaki, Gray, Blue, and Black variations are all available.

This is a pair of polyester and elastane; it comes with four pockets that can be used. Golfers also appreciate the cut and length. The correct team is about a half-inch above the knee. They’re spacious enough for ease of movement but not too bulky.

2. Amazon Essentials Men’s Classic-Fit Stretch Golf Short

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Amazon Essentials Men's Classic-Fit Stretch Golf Short


  • Machine-washable
  • A zipper and a button
  • Supple and stretchy material
  • Unwrinkled flex fabric
  • Integrated back pockets

These cargo shorts made by Amazon Essentials are made with a mix of 98 percent spandex and 2% polyester making them strong in their wear and comfortable.

The breathable and moisture-wicking golf shorts are designed to be comfortable for hours and are offered in various colors that will assist you in choosing a color that suits your style.

There are plenty of places to store your scorecard and tees, so you can easily access them when needed.

3. PGA TOUR Men’s Flat Front Golf Short

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PGA TOUR Men’s Flat Front Golf Short


  • elastic fastening
  • Automatic Wash
  • Increased Waistband
  • Sun protection

When we think of big legs, our thoughts turn immediately to females. However, men also have big thighs. This is why these pairs of golf shorts for males of the PGA TOUR made it to our list.

The above shorts, made of lightweight cotton, are perfect to wear for golf and weekend gatherings because they have performance attributes.

Moisture-wicking technology will help cool you down as your game heats by taking sweat off your skin to provide a clean outfit that keeps you dry and comfortable.

An elastic golf garment follows your every move to increase flexibility and flexion, as well as flexibility, whether you’re swinging the club or not.

4. Travis Mathew Beck Shorts

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Travis Mathew Beck Shorts


  • Possibilities for wicking moisture
  • Fabulous fashion and relaxed fit
  • Excellent comfort


  • A little more expensive designer choice

TravisMathew Beck golf shorts rank among the most stylish styles available today in terms of overall quality, mobility, and comfort for everyday use.

The fabric offers a significant amount of stretch and wicks away moisture, which makes them highly comfortable to wear all day long. This is easy to do due to the apparent flexibility available.

5. Nike Men’s Flex Core Golf Shorts

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Nike Men's Flex Core Golf Shorts


  • Dri-FIT innovation
  • permits a lot of movement
  • Back and front pockets
  • UPF 50+ protection
What Does “E” Mean In Golf? – An In-Depth Analysis For Golfers


  • Everyone does not love permanent wrinkles.

To achieve a more comfortable fit, Nike has upgraded a few features. There’s Spandex in the fabric to allow for stretching. The brushed fabric is soft and comfortable to the touch and is made so that you stay dry.

You can count on a reputable sports brand to understand what golfers require, and Nike flex fabric has it right in this style. Flex Core shorts are relaxed, but they’ll fit snugly around the waist due to the buttons that close.

The Nike golf shorts come with multiple pockets, which makes them practical. They also come with Dri-FIT technology to fit great; even the hottest or wet days can be enjoyable day to enjoy. The fabric is made up of 95 percent spandex and 5% polyester.

You can purchase them in lighter white or deeper blue.

6. IZOD Men’s 9.5″ Micro Twill Flat Front Golf Short

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IZOD Men's Micro Twill Flat Front Golf Short


  • Machine wash
  • UV protection of UPF-15
  • Using Cool FX technology, you can stay dry and cool.
  • Available in a variety of colors
  • Silicone gripper tape for shirt tucking on the stretch waistband


  • Those with thighs with a lot of muscle may not want this

These classic golf shorts of IZOD are made of 100% polyester and come with SwingFlex stretch, stretchy fabric with four ways that are both crosswise and lengthwise to provide maximum comfort and mobility across all directions.

The shorts are tucked in lower the waist and are straight throughout the leg. Furthermore, the fabric’s moisture-wicking feature ensures you stay dry by absorbing sweat that might hinder golfing enjoyment.

7. Dry Fit Cargo Golf Shorts

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Dry Fit Cargo Golf Shorts


  • Decent side pocket layout
  • Available in a variety of colors
  • Quick-dry and expandable
  • The material is comfortable


  • Readily reveals spots

The tech shorts are 10.5″ inches-inseam and made of fabric with 97 percent polyester and 33 percent spandex. You’ll stay cool with four ways of stretching and moisture-wicking technology, even in hot weather.

Another example of practical and comfortable shorts that are practical and comfortable. You’ll love the elastic waistband with moisture-wicking technology and a four-way stretch to keep you comfy. They’re also breathable and lightweight that further improving comfort.

This one has a top rating, thanks to its clever pockets. There are pockets for cargo with zip closures to keep things secure inside.

8. PUMA GOLF Men’s Jackpot 1.0 Short, 10.5″

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PUMA GOLF Men's Jackpot short


  • Entirely polyester fabric
  • Twenty-six color variations are available.
  • Machine-washable
  • large pockets


  • The size may be enormous

The jackpot shorts for men are among the top shorts designed by Puma to date. They’re made from advanced textile and Drycell technology. It can draw water off your body while keeping it dry and comfortable.

The upgraded mesh waistband comes with a gripper tape with silicone which keeps your shirt neatly at a comfortable length, and floral-themed pockets and pockets on the seam helps to carry additional accessories.

9. J Lindeberg Active Argyle Golf Shorts

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J Lindeberg Active Argyle Golf Shorts


  • Very trendy shorts
  • Zip-lock back pockets to store small items


  • The cross design might put some off

J.Lindeberg is among the largest and most reliable suppliers of top-quality golf apparel, and the shorts they offer reflect their reputation as an organization. They’re distinctive shorts for golf and have the traditional Argyle design that pays homage to the past and tradition of golf.

They are made of lightweight, technical material with a range of motion and the ability to breathe, allowing you to keep calm even on the hottest days out on the course.

Features to Consider When Buying Golf Shorts


At the core, playing golf is a pleasure, and you’ll not have much fun when you’re uncomfortable. Golf shorts for men should have a good fit with ample space to stretch your muscles. You might also want to choose a soft material for the most comfort.

Lightweight & Breathable

Golf is played most often in hot temperatures for prolonged durations. So it is essential to select breathable and moisture-wicking shorts to keep your body cool and dry. The purchase of a light pair of shorts is also a great choice. They tend to offer more excellent airflow.


As we mentioned, the most prestigious golf shorts must have a custom shape. However, they should be elastic. You’ll feel a little restricted when swinging your club if they’re not.

What Does “E” Mean In Golf? – An In-Depth Analysis For Golfers

You could be able to tear your shorts around the seams in time or immediately following huge swings. The stretchy fit may be even more important when you choose the fitting golf pants.


The top golf shorts for men are available in various colors and styles, so pick a few you love the most. This provides you with an extensive range of options to choose from the next time you go to the golf course.


In the same way, there are budget-friendly options, from basic options to high-end options, to choose from. Consider your comfort level with spending and the things essential to you. Some prefer shorts that offer the most value for money, While others look for the top men’s golf shorts for maximum performance and comfort.

Final Words

Finding the best golf shorts for big thighs need not be difficult. From the above, you can choose one of the best golf shorts.

If you’ve played golf in summer, you’re aware that wearing anything but shorts will not be enough to accomplish the task. Golf requires specific actions, particularly swinging your shoulders and hips to hit the golf clubs.

The most comfortable golf shorts have been designed to allow these movements but not hinder your game.

How can I look dapper in golf shorts?

  • Set a budget for clothing.
  • Look for coupon codes
  • New clothes over accessories
  • The man’s feet make him.
  • Think about developing facial hair
  • Obtain a chic haircut.
  • Purchase a good jacket.
  • Adopt a fondness for secondhand shops
  • Practice manners
  • Only you know how spiffy you feel.

What kind of golf shorts will stay comfortable all day?

  • Golf Shorts, Under Armour Showdown
  • Puma Shorts Jackpot
  • Golf shorts with a royal and fabulous pattern

What are the best colors for golf shorts?

White and black with navy, grey, or tan always look great. Avoid mixing primary colors with neons or pastels, as it’s headache-inducing. Navy and blue tones are great now. If you include a pop of bright colors like green, yellow, orange, or red to your basic trousers that are navy and black, it will always be a fantastic combination.

What are the best materials for golf shorts?

If you are looking for the best golf shorts for women, you will find different styles, like shorts for those who play golf with cargo pockets and customized golf shorts. The golf shorts tailored to your specifications are constructed of chino-style materials with a traditional waistband with belt loops and hip pockets instead of cargo or patch pockets.

What types of shorts suit big thighs?

There are two significant elements that we must take into consideration: the style and the materials. For the design, we suggest more athletic ones. As for the materials, if you have large thighs, shorts must contain technical fabrics or elastic that allows for the stretch that is needed to enable you to be able to move freely.

What Shorts Are Best For Big Thighs?

The best shorts for big legs provide plenty of space so that your legs can slide comfortably without compromising the waistband’s fit. This is a tale as old as time for those with thick thighs. Find the ideal piece of clothing, test them on, and two things happen:

  1. They perfectly fit your thighs, but they’re huge at the waist.
  2. They are perfect for your waistline; however, they are tight and restricting on your thighs.

The battle is real! Some unicorns can flatter large thighs and fit well. Let’s look at the items to look for when you are looking to purchase shorts for your workout to fit your body shape.

What are the best features of golf shorts?

  1. Add ventilation for increased airflow
  2. Regulating moisture to remove sweat from the skin
  3. Providing easy storage and a clean look
  4. Most comfortable, versatile shorts
  5. A comfortable amount of weight

What are the best brands for golf shorts?

  • Adidas
  • Bonobos
  • FootJoy
  • Nike
  • Matthew Travis

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