Best Playcraft Foosball Table

If you’re considering purchasing the top foosball table from Playcraft, you’re in the right place.

We’ve examined a myriad of variables when forming an easy-to-use reference list that should assist you, and we’ve conducted extensive research and even read the reviews of table users to identify the top ones.

We’re also offering in-depth reviews of the 5 best Playcraft Foosball tables, as well as an extensive buying guide to help you understand the different features and help determine which products to consider in your search for the most suitable option for you.

So, slip on your foosball shoes and attempt to find the top foosball table in the world…

Product Name Specifications Price
Playcraft Sport 48″ Foosball Table
  • Unified leg panel design
  • Strong Chromium steel rods
  • Smooth rotation
Playcraft Extera Outdoor Foosball Table
  • Weatherproof outdoor foosball table
  • High-quality ABS players
  • Includes 4 balls and table cover
Playcraft Tournament Foosball Table, Cherry
  • High-end commercial quality and attractive styling
  • Ultimate strength
Playcraft Pitch Foosball Table
  • Quality bearings, deep-side aprons
  • Perfect choice of quality and value
Playcraft Milan – European Foosball Table
  • Adjustable leg levelers
  • Men factory molded around internal steel supports

1. Playcraft Sport 48″ Foosball Table

Playcraft Sport 48″ Foosball Table

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Brand Playcraft Sport
Sport Type Play
Material Wood
Product Dimensions 44.5 x 26.5 x 6.5 inches
Item Weight 60 Pounds
Color Red
Base Material Plastic, Engineered Wood, Alloy Steel
Top Material Abs, MDF

Additional Features

Do you want a top table for less than $200? If you’ve heard it for the first time, you might think it’s crazy. The Playcraft Sport foosball table is the perfect example of why there are tables of high quality that are available in this price bracket.

While it’s not made of top-quality materials, you can expect children and even adults who play casually to be able to take pleasure in this four feet table, with a weight of 63 lbs. It is constructed from 5/8 inch MDF and has ABS plastic corners that hold wall panels together. It also features chrome-plated leg levelers that allow for height adjustment and table alignment.

Anyone playing foosball understands that the secret to playing the excitement of the game is speed and smooth rod movement. The Playcraft Sport delivers that through its hollow steel rods chromium equipped with slide bearings.

It’s available in red or black, and both come with realistic soccer fields and crowd graphics. Two foosballs are included in the set. But, note that assembly could be difficult due to the number of components and the sloppy instructions.

If you have children who are foosball fans and the budget isn’t as big, Playcraft Sport is the ideal choice.


  • Great for children
  • Faster and smoother rod spin
  • Simple leveling
  • Complete accessories: two foosballs


  • Foosball is not counterbalanced
  • Instructions can take some time to comprehend

2. Playcraft Extera Outdoor Foosball Table

Playcraft Extera Outdoor Foosball Table

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Brand Playcraft
Sport Type Foosball
Material Aluminum
Product Dimensions 56″L x 30″W x 36″H
Item Weight 225 Pounds
Assembly Required Yeas
Color Silver
Top Material Aluminum

Additional Features

The Playcraft Extera is a very elegant table that pushes the boundaries of professional quality and can endure in all weather.

This table is large, measuring the size of 56″ by 30″. It doesn’t have any issues whatsoever with weatherproofing since it’s constructed of composite materials. Additionally, they are placed on ball bearings which can help in terms of power and gameplay.

The tables are completely balanced, which will delight advanced players The table comes with a useful cover in case you leave it outside in any weather. So it’s cleaner when you’re using it outside more frequently than inside the house, and the mechanics will be able to move freely.

This table has a well-designed leveling system that’s in keeping with its sturdy and heavy-duty construction. 

It’s a great design, a well-made and adaptable table you want to use indoors and out.


  • Weight is good at 225 lbs
  • 5-inch legs
  • Big leveling feet
  • Cover included


  • Aluminum rods

3. Playcraft Tournament Foosball Table, Cherry

Playcraft Tournament Foosball Table, Cherry

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Brand Playcraft
Sport Type Foosball
Material Alloy Steel, Acrylonitrile Butadiene Styrene
Product Dimensions 64 x 36 x 18 inches
Item Weight 220 Pounds
Color Silver
Base Material Alloy Steel
Top Material Laminate, Stainless Steel

Additional Features

The Playcraft tournament foosball table not leaving any stone unturned to increase the playing experience. For instance, strong chrome-plated rods have side bearings. The rods may be thin, but they are sufficiently robust. Additionally, slide bearings permit rods to move quickly and smoothly.

It is possible to grip the rubber handles and easily control players. The table is 64 36 inches x 18 inches. It’s neither a full-size nor a large-sized table. It is a great combination of both to entertain youngsters and young adults.

Everybody, whether tall or short, will be able to play foosball. You can easily alter the table’s height to allow for their height. If your children are playing, you can make the table lower. When the adults are playing, you can alter it at that time, too.

Overall, the build quality of this table is excellent. It is distinct and is packed with exciting features as well as the essential accessories you’d consider before purchasing foosball tables.


  • Durable and well-built
  • Foosball table with a budget-friendly price for any interest and children
  • It’s a mobile foosball table that can be moved around
  • It is a great game for families to play


  • Assembly instructions might be more precise

4. Playcraft Pitch Foosball Table

Playcraft Pitch Foosball Table

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Brand Playcraft
Sport Type Foosball
Material Alloy Steel, Metal
Product Dimensions 56.25″L x 29.75″W x 34.25″H
Item Weight 123.5 Pounds
Color Brown, Green
Base Material Metal, Alloy Steel
Top Material Metal

Additional Features

A table your kids will love is in fourth place on our top five list that includes The Playcraft Pitch foosball table. It’s everything it appears to be: no extravagant promises, but just basic solid features that will provide endless hours of foosball entertainment.

The table is well-constructed, sturdy, and comes with a lot of features. It’s quite enjoyable and fairly priced. I’m sure you’ll be able to enjoy a wonderful foosball experience.

Your kids will be delighted by the table’s built-in features. The score can be easily tabulated by using the slide scorers manual, and every goal is stored by the ball’s internal retrieval system.

The compact design of the device provides the greatest mobility, allowing you the ability to use it on any hard surface and to store it when not in use.


  • The excitement of a crowded field is cheered by the players
  • Mid-level players also enjoy playing with it
  • It comes with chrome-plated rods for guaranteed rods’ stability


  • cannot withstand the intense stress of the competition

5. Playcraft Milan – European Foosball Table, Light Maple

Playcraft Milan - European Foosball Table, Light Maple

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Brand Playcraft
Color Light Maple
Material Alloy Steel
Product Dimensions 57.3 x 35.5 x 29.5 inches
Item Weight 128 Pounds
Assembly Required Yes
Base Material Maple Wood, Metal, Alloy Steel

Additional Features

To conclude our Foosball table selection and complete the lineup, we present the Playcraft Milan. The foosball table is a straightforward and elegant table that can improve the appearance of your game or living room. It will offer an excellent game despite its basic style.

The table for foosball is extremely robust when compared to the cost. It can withstand moderately high pressures of rapid playing. Since the manufacturer creates this table foosball for family games with no hesitation, we can say that it’s a robust foosball table that is ideal for family games.

This table features rods that are telescoping, which assures the long-term durability of the rod. Additionally, the rods are easy to turn. The grips for the handle are comfy to hold, and children love using it.

If you think the foosball table must be brightly colored with flashing lights, you’ll be convinced to reconsider your mind. You’ll enjoy a wonderful foosball experience playing at the table.

The Playcraft Milan Foosball Table is perfect for your home or any professional playing surface. Its unique design and high-end quality are worth every cent you pay.


  • Light construction
  • affordable price point
  • The counter-balanced men are robot-style


  • It could be too short for adults

Features to Look For Best Playcraft Foosball Table

No matter if you’re a new purchase or planning to upgrade your table, it’s important to understand the factors you should take into consideration before making a choice.


It is the primary material used for the construction of foosball tables. If it’s 1 inch thick, it’s solid and sturdy enough. Although they are cheap, tables made of particle board are not stable and lack toughness.

If you’re looking for a traditional look, choose solid wood tables. But they are also expensive and heavy. Metal tables are regarded as the most durable and easiest to clean and maintain.

In the case of steel rods, you have the option to select from three kinds of rods: hollow, solid, or telescoping tubular rods.

Hollow rods are the tiniest and ideal for experienced players who prefer to play at a higher speed. They are mid-range in quality and use solid steel, while the top ones come with telescoping tubular rods made of steel that don’t appear to be sticking out on the opposite side.


If you’re looking for faster action, avoid wooden surfaces, which can slow down playing. Whatever material you choose, pick the one with a greater thickness for the most level and durable table. Opt for laminated tables instead of stick-on styles, as they tend to wear faster.

Adjustable Legs

In foosball, a level table is essential to ensure fair play. Choose a table with legs that can be adjusted to let you play flat on a floor that is uneven. Tables with legs that can be adjusted can be used by multiple users that are fixed at 36-inch height.

Counterweighted Men

The little foosball men are made from either metal or plastic, with the latter being more powerful with each shot. There are tables with counter-weighted guys that stay on the ground and away from the way when you’re shooting.

Final Shot

I believe the information above about the features will be sufficient to help you decide. If you’re looking for a great featured foosball table at a reasonable price, these best Playcraft Foosball Tables will be the best choice for you since you’ll find a high-quality soccer table at a low cost and will be a blast with your whole family.

If you look at its quality compared to the most popular brands of foosball tables, you’ll see that they don’t provide this kind of selection at this cost. Therefore, ultimately, we can say that this table will be worth the price.

There are always professional foosball players in bars and arcades. It’s a good method to pass your time relaxing and unwinding. So why not purchase one for yourself and take on your friends and family to play a game of wits?

We hope that our post helped you in your search. We also give you the necessary details regarding the top full-size foosball games. Be sure to consider these elements before buying one!


Is a Playcraft foosball table made from wood?

Yes, it’s made from MDF combined with resin and wood.

Is this table brittle or strong?

Yes, the foosball table is extremely robust. If you pay attention, you will get it to last for longer.

Which is the best age bracket for you?

Anyone can play. However, the minimum age is 5 years old.

Is this table too small for adults?

Although it’s not a complete foosball table, it’s a great option for adults and older family members. is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for us to earn commissions by linking to and affiliated sites. See full affiliate disclosure here.

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